How to Install New Frameless Shower Screens in your Adelaide Home

Have you thought about frameless shower screens for your Adelaide home? Frameless shower screens have become the go to choice for home owners that have small bathrooms, or those that want to arouse a feeling of luxury. Believe it or not, you can also install shower screens in your Adelaide bathroom yourself. Here is everything you need to know to install your own shower screens.

Tools of the trade :
Here is what you need in order to install your frameless shower screens in Adelaide:

  • Shower screen and brackets
  • Electric drill with ceramic drill bit
  • Skeleton caulking gun
  • Polyfilla clear kitchen and bathroom
  • Spirit level Felt-tip penTape measure
  • Retracting safety knife
  • Glass lifting or leather riggers gloves
  • Plastic wall plugs
  • Silicone spatula
  • Edge-lock painters tape

For Installing Frameless Shower Screens in Adelaide

You need to mark out the centreline of each shower screen on the floor using the tape measure, and marking the vertical centrelines up the wall using a spirit level. Make sure that your Shower Screen in Adelaide will sit inside the lip of your shower base. You need to measure 2000mm high, and mark the spots for the brackets up the wall and along the floor according the the recommended spacing for your shower screens.

Shower Screens Adelaide

Attaching the brackets for frameless shower screens in Adelaide

Using the ceramic drill bit, drill about 30mm into the marked holes. You are best do this by applying even pressure at a low speed setting. Insert the plastic wall plugs and trim any excess with the safety knife. Attach the wall and floor brackets that come with the shower screen, and loosen the screws that will hold the glass. Wearing gloves, lift the shower screen into the floor brackets (make sure you have help to do this or alternatively use rubber blocks), and slide into the wall brackets, tightening the screws. Do the same with the hinge panel, ensuring that the door opening is 6mm wider than the door panel. The gaps between the walls and the panels also shouldn’t exceed 12mm. Once in place, tighten the screws.

Tips for sealing the gaps of a shower screen

Now you need to apply silicone with the caulking gun and polyfilla clear for kitchen and bathroom. After you have applied the silicone along the gaps between the panels and wall, use a silicone spatula to fill in the gaps, scraping away excess and smoothing the surface to create rounded corners. Alternatively, you can lay down edge-lock painters tape before applying silicone to help keep it straight. Simply peel away once the silicone is done. Make sure you apply the silicone between the floor and panels after the door has been installed. Also give your silicone time to cure before you use the shower.

Attaching the shower screen door panel

Once you have secured the hinges to the recesses in the hinge panel, lift the door onto the blocks and attach the hinges. Ensure all gaps are even and tighten the screws. 

When looking for stunning shower screens in Adelaide for your bathroom, be sure to visit Qglassandglazingadelaide.com.au or phone the friendly team on (08) 8370 8373.