Tips for Cleaning your Deck with a Pressure Sprayer

If your deck is looking a bit shabby, the fastest and safest way to clean it is with a high pressure sprayer. When you use a high pressure sprayer, you can remove even the toughest dirt and stains. How do you do it? All the tips you need for cleaning your deck with a pressure sprayer are right here.

Preparation is key
Before you start cleaning your deck with a high pressure sprayer, you need to do some preparation. While your deck is dry, sweep up any leaves and larger objects. Spray your deck with water so the cleaning chemicals will work better. It’s also a good idea to protect your plants and any vegetables growing around your deck by hosing them with water (helps the soap to slide off), or cover with plastic.

Get tough with stains
To ensure that your Pressure Sprayer can clean your toughest stains, you need to make sure you are using the right chemicals for the job. You can make an adequate cleaner for a range of different stains with just a few simple ingredients. 
Basic stains: Mix either 2 cups of white vinegar or 3/4 cup of oxygen bleach or 1 cup of powdered laundry detergent, with 3 and a half litres of water.
Tough stains: If you require a heavy duty cleaner, mix 12 cups of water with 1 cup of oxygen bleach and 1 cup of Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). Mix really well together and spray onto the stain. Scrub with a stiff, synthetic bristled broom for a few minutes, leave for about 10 minutes before you scrub again.

pressure sprayer

Mould stains: If you want to get rid of mould instead of just tough stains, mix 12 cups of water, 1 cup of oxygen bleach and a 3/4 cup of liquid dish washing detergent. With this mix, follow the dame directions as you would for the tough stains.
Grease stains: To get rid of grease stains, apply powdered laundry detergent onto the grease stain using a brush or broom, leave for a few minutes and then rinse. When using water for the chemicals, choose a water temperature that is quite warm, but not so hot that you wouldn’t be able to rest your hand in it. You should ensure that you wash away the chemicals before they dry. If they start to dry, you can spray with a bit of water during the resting period.

Give it a good scrub
After you have used the solution in a pressure sprayer that is best suited to your needs, it’s time to give your deck a good scrub with a synthetic bristled broom. Once your deck is scrubbed, you can give it a rinse. Rinse by sweeping the water across the deck from the house side out, and keep the same pressure.

Once you have completed spraying the deck, you can put your equipment away as you allow the deck to dry. Green Gorilla spray systems are ideal for cleaning any deck. For the very pressure sprayer on the market, visit visit Green-gorilla.com.au or phone 0433 703 134.

How Hard Rubbish Removal Can Help Clean up Your Melbourne Backyard

When your Melbourne backyard has gone to the dogs, it’s time to organise hard rubbish removal. If your yard is not a place where you can rest and relax, then it’s time to clean up! Cleaning your yard can be time-consuming even for the most patient home owner. Yet there are some hard rubbish removal strategies that can help you to tackle your Melbourne backyard with confidence, and turn it back into a paradise.

Preparation is key

When it comes to hard rubbish removal from your Melbourne backyard, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally, after all, it is a big job ahead! So, make sure you have eaten, or have plenty of snacks on hand, and that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after. Especially on summer days, make sure you pace yourself, and take a break if temperatures get too high.

Cover yourself

Speaking of summer, if it’s an extremely hot or sunny day when you are tackling your Hard Rubbish Removal in Melbourne, make sure you wear appropriate protective clothing. This includes a lightweight and breathable long-sleeved shirt, hat, sunglasses, boots, and sunscreen. You may also need to wear mosquito and bug repellent.

Hard Rubbish Removal Melbourne

Have a plan of attack

If you stand back and think to yourself that hard rubbish removal in Melbourne is hard work, well, you would be right. This is why you need to plan your attack. It’s a good idea to start with the large rubbish first. This includes large pieces of debris and green waste. It’s a good idea to separate your waste into two piles, green waste and rubbish waste. Smaller bits of rubbish can go into garbage bags to be collected with any other hard rubbish. You might even discover some bits and pieces that can be recycled or reused. Try and be conscious about the environment, however, if big items are just rubbish, you can organise for hard rubbish removal from your Melbourne home.

Time to tackle the garden

Once you have done majority of the hard rubbish removal in your Melbourne backyard, you can get stuck into tidying your garden. Start by tidying your overgrown trees and shrubs, trimming off smaller and overhanging branches. You can collect your smaller green waste, or use a leave blower or rake to put it into the green waste pile. You should also take the time to mow your lawn, and whipper snip around the edges. You can use the grass as compost or mulch for your garden. If you don’t have a garden, the grass can also go in garbage bags to be removed with your green waste.

Once your backyard is all tidy, you can remove the rubbish yourself, or for convenience (and a hard earned rest), you can organise a professional to take care of it for you. Must Collect Rubbish provide rubbish removal for every situation. For a quote on hard rubbish removal in Melbourne, visit Mustcollectrubbish.com.au or phone (03) 9773 0636.


The Biggest Mistakes People Make With Their Balustrades in Adelaide

Balustrades are a wonderful and safe addition to any Adelaide home, yet many people make some very simple mistakes when choosing balustrading for their properties. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes people make with their balustrades in Adelaide, so you can avoid making the same ones in your home.

Choosing fashionable over functional and safe balustrading

Balustrades can add real beauty and sophistication to your Adelaide home, yet a balustrade that doesn’t meet all the Australian safety standards could cause harm to your family, or possible damage to your home. It is really important to choose an attractive balustrade that is also compliant with all regulations.

Do your homework and research a range of balustrades

As with any home renovation, it’s important that you do your research. You need to take a lot of elements into consideration when researching Balustrades for your Adelaide Home including safety regulations (first and foremost), the aesthetics of what you are looking for in balustrades or what you want to achieve, potential up-keep, and installation issues. There are plenty of styles available on the market, so you should weigh up the pros and cons of each type when you are considering if you like the look of them or if they will fit with the design of your home. Having done your homework should give you plenty to mull over while deciding you are deciding on your final choice.

Balustrades Adelaide

Compare companies, quotes and prices

This is an interesting conundrum. You don’t want to spend a fortune on replacing your balustrades in your Adelaide home, however, if you go for the cheapest quote you could end up with exactly what you paid for. Before you even ask for a quote, do a bit of research on a few different balustrade companies. Make sure you have satisfactory answers to questions such as how reliable are they? Are they registered builders? Do their balustrades meet all Australian Standards? Ask around, do they have a strong reputation in the industry, and can you take a look at satisfied customer reviews or testimonials. Once you have the sorted out the better and more experienced companies from the rest, you can start asking for quotes. When you do approach companies for quotes, make sure you ask questions such as what the quote includes? What are the estimated installation times? Is there a warranty? And, do all products meet standards and building codes? By asking the right questions, you can make an informed decision on what is best for your home.

Don’t cut corners

While it can be tempting to skip the formalities and just install your balustrade yourself, you could cause yourself further dramas. When you install it yourself, you aren’t covered by insurance or the warranties that you would if you had an expert install the balustrades for you. You also risk not making your balustrades 100% compliant. Just imagine if your family or friends had an accident because of an unsafe balustrade? You could risk hefty fines or much worse! It’s not worth the risk, always make sure you have a professional install your balustrades for you.

For all your professional installations of balustrades in Adelaide, visit www.fencingworld.com.au or phone the friendly team on (08) 8281 9773.


What Your Electrician in Point Cook Can Tell You About LED Lighting

Your electrician in Point Cook knows a lot about how to fix your electrical problems in your home or business, but they also know a lot about LED lighting. Growing in popularity, a lot of people have questions about LED Lighting, and your local electrician in Point Cook is here to answer the most commonly asked questions for you now.

What is LED Lighting?

Electrician Point Cook: LED or ‘Light Emitting Diode’ lighting is the very latest in energy efficient lighting technology. Once upon a time, LEDs were commonly used as indicator lights in our common electronic devices, however, now they are replacing the humble lightbulb in our homes and businesses. In fact, you are probably looking at LED lighting right now, as they are used in world famous buildings, bridges, retail shops, television studios, theatres, hotels, casinos, hospitals, restaurants, and many more places around the world.

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

Electrician Point Cook: LED lighting has become such a popular choice because it is energy efficient and has a much longer lifespan compared to traditional lightbulbs. LED lights use around 85% less energy than other lights such as halogen or incandescent, and 30% less energy than CFL lights. LED lighting is a great choice if you want to save money on your electricity bills. Reaching their brightness instantly, LED lighting emits zero UV rays or infrared radiation, and operates at much cooler temperatures. Unlike traditional lightbulbs, LEDs contain no mercury or lead, which make them safe for your family, and because they cut greenhouse gas emissions they are much better for the environment. LEDs also have an extremely long lifespan, between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, so even though they are a bit more expensive to purchase, they end up saving you money on your electricity bills, and not as many will end up in landfill.

Electrician Point cook

Do I get the same amount of light with an LED?

Electrician Point Cook: LED lights are actually much brighter than incandescent or halogen light bulbs, however, they are not available in high wattages. You might also be interested to know that LEDs come in a wide range of colours including purples and reds. Most homeowners choose to go with more traditional colours including warm white, soft white, and bright white. Warm and soft whites are reminiscent of incandescent lights, while bright white is similar to daylight, and are commonly used in retail stores.

Are there government incentives to switch to LEDs?

Electrician Point Cook: Great question! The VEET scheme was implemented by the Victorian Government and is designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable while reducing greenhouse gasses. Through the VEET scheme, participating businesses provide discounts and offers on selected energy saving products and appliances. This means you get a discount when you upgrade your current lights to LEDs. Electricians on Call are authorised LED resellers, which means we can provide customers with VEET scheme approved and LED class leading products.

If you have more questions for your Electrician in Point Cook, call Electricians On Call on 1800 815 278.

Why you should invest in roof cleaning Melbourne

You worry about the inside of your roof, but most people don’t worry about taking care of their outside roof cleaning Melbourne. Believe it or not, you can give your entire home a new lease on life, just by taking care of roof cleaning Melbourne. Here’s some great reasons why you should take care of your roof cleaning Melbourne today.

A good roof cleaning in Melbourne will stop damage in its tracks

There are plenty of nasties that grow on your roof such as mould, algae, lichens, and moss, so cleaning your roof will stop them eating through your roof and causing damage. Mould is also a health risk, so getting it out off your roof will help protect your family.

A clean roof looks fantastic

When a roof looks dingy, it does absolutely nothing for your curb appeal. If you spend time and effort to make the rest of your house look lovely, you’ll be doing yourself a big disadvantage if you ignore the roof. A thorough and professional clean will not only get rid of stains, it will bring your roof back to as-new condition. The biodegradable chemicals you use in your roof clean will also help to keep your roof cleaner for longer.

Roof Cleaning Melbourne

A clean roof is a happy roof (and happy family)

By cleaning your roof, your home will not only look gorgeous, but you’ll be protecting it from premature aging. A regular clean also means that your roof is in tip-top condition, so you won’t have to do any repairs or have your whole roof replaced. Cleaning your roof is only a fraction of the cost it takes to repair or replace your entire roof.

A clean roof can cut your electricity bill

If you have solar panels you know the importance of having clean solar panels, but if you don’t, you might not think a clean roof is all that important. If your roof is dirty or covered in mould, algae, lichens, or moss, your roof won’t efficiently reflect sunlight, meaning your roof becomes super-hot. This may be tolerable in winter, but come summer, you’ll be pumping the air-conditioning to help your home keep its cool; and unfortunately you will find this could raise your electricity bills by hundreds of dollars each quarter.

Gutter out of here

While taking care of your roof cleaning Melbourne, you can also take care of your roof gutters. When roof gutters become blocked with debris, it can cause corrosion to the guttering or the roof itself. Blocked gutters are also a breeding ground for mosquitos and other bugs, and during summer, gutters can actually become a major fire hazard for at risk suburbs in Melbourne. When you are cleaning your roof, take the time and effort to clean your gutters at the same time.

When it comes to the people that know roofs, you should call C&L Coghlan Roofing. For information on Roof Cleaning Melbourne or call us at (03) 9873 0963.


Common Problems with Roofing Mitcham

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, and because it provides shelter for your family, the last thing you want is a problem with your roofing in Mitcham. Unfortunately, problems are inevitable as the roof ages. Without proper and routine maintenance, these minor problems can even become catastrophic. Let’s take a look at the frequent roofing problems that may affect your home so your can do your very best to circumvent the most common problems associated with roofing Mitcham.

Roofing Mitcham

Leaky roofing Mitcham

With Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, leaking roofs are a common occurrence. Leaks may occur from a number of factors. Sometimes tiles might crack allowing water to enter. If particular areas of the roof are not stooped enough, water can easily pool leading to rusting of metal roofs or rotting of wooden parts of a roof. Overhanging tree branches can cause a lot of problems for roofs, either wearing away the roofing over long periods of time, or branches can fall on the roof and in doing so cause damage to the roof. You can help protect your roof by trimming trees back regularly so they are as far away from the roof as possible, and no longer pose a threat to your home.

Inadequate installation of roofing in Mitcham
Unless there is a big gaping hole, it’s hard to tell if there was a shoddy installation or patch up job done on your roof until it’s too late. Unsatisfactory workmanship tends to be a common reason behind why a home owner has problems with their roofing Mitcham. If work is done on roofs using materials that aren’t intended for that application, it can cause further and long-term damage to roofs. Many roof builders think they can get away with it too because most home owners don’t have the skills or knowledge to get up on the roof and check it for themselves. Whenever you have your roof repaired, it always pays to choose a roofing contractor in Mitcham that knows exactly what they are doing, and will install or fix your roof properly the first time.

Homeowners don’t maintain their roof

Many people forget to take care of their roof. It’s a good idea to organise regular roofing inspections, and take care of any maintenance issues early to help avoid bigger roofing problems from developing. You should also avoid getting on the roof too often yourself, as too much foot traffic can actually cause further damage to your roof. Leave it to the professionals, and make sure they show you any images of pre-existing damage so you can make an informed decision on what your roofer suggests to fix the problem or maintenance issue.

Protect your family for many years to come with the best possible roofing Mitcham. The best roof starts with a dedicated roofing expert. C&L Coghlan Roofing have expertise in all areas of roofing in Mitcham, so to learn more visit www.coghlanroofingmelbourne.com.au or phone (03) 9873 0963. 


The Top Reasons Why Adelaide Needs More Carports

Adelaide has some beautiful homes, but they are really missing one important element, carports. Carports can often improve a home by providing much needed protection for vehicles, as well as being a great place to entertain. Adelaide homes can benefit hugely from installing carports in their homes, and here are the top reasons why you should install carports at your Adelaide home.

Carports are versatile

There is no building structure more versatile than a carport, in fact many people consider a carport more handy to have at your home than a garage. A carport can be utilised for a range of applications such as storing boats, trailers, caravans, gardening equipment and much more. Depending on what you wish to use your carport for, you can have it either open or enclosed.

Carports are inexpensive to erect

If you are comparing the cost between erecting a garage and a carport, a carport will win hands down. They can be purchased and installed for a small fraction of what it costs for a garage, and they are much cheaper than hiring a storage unit. Depending on what you need the space for and your budget, Adelaide Carports can be a long term and cost effective, storage and shelter solution.

Carports in Adelaide

Carports provide great shelter and protection

Carports aren’t just a place to store cars; more schools, sports clubs, and community groups in Adelaide are using carports for shelter from the sun and elements, while providing free flowing air and natural light. Carports come in a wide variety of sizes, and because they are generally open around the sides their applications are endless.

A carport will add value to your Adelaide home

Home buyers are always looking for a home that will provide them with extra value. With a carport, you not only have a safe space to store your car or bits and pieces, you have something that adds real curb appeal to your home. Future buyers might see the carport as a potential place to put their car, motorbike, or boat, instead of the street or backyard where those items otherwise won’t be properly protected from the weather. Potential buyers might also see the carport as a versatile space to relax, to entertain, or an area which can be converted into storage space or an extra room. If you don’t have a carport, this could detract people looking to possibly purchase your home, so putting in a carport could be an inexpensive investment.

Carports really do offer greater flexibility and they are much more affordable than other options. If you’re thinking that your Adelaide home could use a carport, Perfolarific has an attractive range of carports that can be customised to suit your needs. For a local Adelaide company that provides the very best carports at a great price, visit www.pergolarific.com.au today or phone (08) 8392 0419.


Your child will fly with the wide range of dancing classes in Brighton

If you’re thinking of dancing classes in Brighton for your child, the first question you should ask yourself is, what kind of dance class is best for my child? Dancing provides a wide range of benefits for children, including fun physical activity, socialising, and improved co-ordination and rhythm. To help you and your child decide which dancing classes in Brighton which may be the right dance class for them, here are is a list of the most common and suitable dance classes for kids.

Dancing Classes Brighton