Your child will fly with the wide range of dancing classes in Brighton

If you’re thinking of dancing classes in Brighton for your child, the first question you should ask yourself is, what kind of dance class is best for my child? Dancing provides a wide range of benefits for children, including fun physical activity, socialising, and improved co-ordination and rhythm. To help you and your child decide which dancing classes in Brighton which may be the right dance class for them, here are is a list of the most common and suitable dance classes for kids.

Dancing Classes Brighton


Ballet is one of the more traditional dancing forms, however it varies wildly in style and discipline. Ballet teaches children how to learn specific moves that will develop strength and fitness in the body, while encouraging discipline of the mind. In recent years, ballet has become one of the most popular dancing classes in Brighton for girls as well as boys.


Tap dancing has Scottish, Irish, and African influences, however, the version we know today comes from 19th century America. Tap is fun, high-energy, and often improvisational with dramatic expression, and helps children to develop a strong sense of rhythm and co-ordination as they tap their feet in time to the music.


As the name suggests, jazz draws on the rhythms of American jazz music, combined with African American vernacular dance and traditional Caribbean dance. Jazz is considered slightly more advanced than tap, however, it also allows for a lot more creative freedom like contemporary dance. Jazz is also considered a much looser form of dance than ballet, it is a great introduction for children who are just starting dancing classes in Brighton.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop celebrates modern urban music, combining funk, jazz as well as movements, expressions and style from both African American and Latin American cultures. There are many forms of hip hop, and while choreography can be quite complex and contains many gymnastic moves, many children love it because it often coincides with break dancing.


Contemporary is generally used to describe several forms of classical dance such as lyrical, modern and contemporary, mixed with modern dance and classical ballet. Contemporary is viewed as having the most creative freedom.

Ballroom or Latin

If you envision that ballroom dancing is for mature people, you could be mistaken. Ballroom or Latin dancing encompasses a range of dance styles including the foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba, salsa, and the mambo, which all require a partner in order to be performed. Young children love the colourful costumes and the cultural appreciation of the music, and this style of dance can be taken by children to a more competitive level.
Whether you have a budding ballerina or a child that would prefer to cut a rug with contemporary dance, you will find a wide range of dance dancing classes in Brighton. 

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