When is it time to call an electrician at Newport?

It’s important to be vigilant and know when the right time is to call an electrician to your Newport property. Next time your experience any of the following make sure you pick up your phone and give a professional electrician a call. It could be the difference between your family’s safety and a horrible incident.

Have you every gone to wash your hands in the bathroom and got a strange tingle sensation when you touch the taps? I could be you get the same feeling when you touch any other metal fitting in your home. If the answer is yes, then there is a problem. This type of issue indicates an issue with your house’s electrics and should be investigated by a Professional Electrician Newport immediately. 

Experiencing a tingle or a shock when using an electrical appliance of power tool is a problem. This type of issue should never be ignored because it suggests a bigger problem. The best thing to do is to immediately stop using the appliance or tool and disconnect it from the power. Then call the manufacturer of the product for further information. For peace of mind, you can also call an electrician to get them to check over your electrics, as well as the appliance or too.

Electrician Newport

Lighting changes
Over time you will become accustomed to the brightness or dullness to your indoor lighting. That’s why when you notice a change or inconsistencies in the brightness to your lighting; this should act as a light bulb moment, figuratively speaking. It’s important not to confuse changes in your lighting’s brightness with dips associated with start-up motors or heat pumps. If you have noticed that your lighting is inconsistent and always changing, be sure to contract a professional electrician to investigate the situation.

Fittings that are melted, cracked or discoloured?
At the first sign of noticing any damage to your light fittings or power points it’s crucial you call an experience electrician. These type of problems reveal an overheating problem with your electrical systems that can be dangerous. It’s important not to put your family at risk and get the issue investigated as soon as possible. 

Light switches or power points that make a sparking noise
It is typical for a power point or light switch to make a tiny flash when they are turned off, however, be vigilant about any noises that are also emitted. As parking noise shows a problem is present so at the first sign call an electrician to have a look. 

Blown fuses
There’s nothing more annoying that being in the middle of something only to have the electrical fuse or circuit breaker blow. If this type of event starts happening regularly, it’s time to call an electrician. Continual blown fuses could be indicative of a larger problem that needs to be urgently fixed to ensure your and your family’s safety.

Decreased efficiency with your appliances
If you’ve noticed that you’re waiting a lot longer for your kettle to boil or perhaps your toast to pop, there could be a problem with your electrics. When your appliances start taking longer to work, it usually signals an issue that needs to be addressed by a professional electrician

Earth wire check
Did you know that any stray electrical is conducted safely to the ground by earthing wires? This is to enhance your home’s safety and to stop any risks of electrocution. For this reason, it is very important to have your earthing wires check by a professional if you start noticing problems. For those in an older house, keeping an eye of your earthing wires is crucial. Also, if you have had any plumbing work or anything else that may have disturbed your earth performed, ensure an electrician has another look over it to make sure it’s working up to scratch. Another sign to look out for is if you notice a broken or damaged bare copper wire or green insulated wire stray on your property. 

If you would like to find out more about electrical hazards, call a professional electrician today from Electricians on Call in Newport. You can also visit their website for more information at http://electriciansoncall.com.au

Your Neighbours Will Love You for Your Colorbond Fence

This durable, attractive and functional material has become an icon within the Australian building industry. More and more residents are enquiring about Colorbond, and this popularity comes from word of mouth from other customers. It is no wonder that famous Colorbond fencing products in Adelaide are one of the best-selling fencing items on the market. Colorbond fencing has a vast array of unique features which make it perfectly tailored for use between Australian homes.

Part of the Australian family upbringing is being friendly with the neighbours. This idea of ‘mateship’ is central to our Australian identity, and translates into backyard barbeques with the people over the fence, bringing around a cake when someone new moves in, or simply having a chat when you go to fetch a stray ball. The fence is both a barrier and a point of contact. It offers privacy but also a way in to converse with your neighbours. Colorbond Fencing is a solid material, with no gaps which would decrease privacy. That being said, it is not too high so as to be unable to have a conversation over the top.

There can be any number of rifts that occur between neighbours when it comes to erecting a fence. It is rare that there are two fence styles back to back; instead, there is often a compromise with a single material that matches both aesthetics. Of course, paying money towards something that is not what you would have chosen is where much of the tension sources from. The beauty of a Colorbond is in its versatility. People appreciate the muted, flora inspired hues and subtle design which help it blend right in to the garden.

Colorbond Fencing Adelaide

Colorbond fencing does not have a preferred side. There are many fencing options, such as a timber paling fence which have a distinct front and a back, with the back showing more of the joins and structure. This can be especially problematic when it comes to building a shared fence, as someone would have to have the ugly side facing their property. Colorbond by contrast looks fantastic from any angle. It is absolutely perfect for neighbouring fences.

The decision to choose Colorbond is a simple one and even better considering the minimal maintenance required. Colorbond is designed, manufactured and tested in Australia, meaning that customers can be certain that it will last under our specific conditions. It will not need repainting, coating, or upkeep of any kind unlike many other fencing options. There will be no feuds over chores between neighbours because there are no chores to be done.

When it comes to these joint decisions, you quickly find out what your neighbours value most. Colorbond is the clear choice for those that want a durable and lasting solution that is highly practical, and is environmentally responsible. It is a little known fact that Colorbond fencing is 100% recyclable, and modular fencing systems have minimised scrap production during installation. As an added benefit, it is manufactured by BlueScope Steel, meaning that any issues or questions can be dealt with locally in person. This peace of mind is something that goes a long way in the event of a neighbouring tiff.

Colorbond comes protected by a ten year performance warranty, so that your fence will last for at least the lifespan of your acquaintance with your neighbours. It is durable against weather conditions, and knocks and bumps so that growing families can enjoy it at all life stages. To get in touch with the informative Colorbond fencing consultants in Adelaide at Fencing World, please visit our site at http://fencingworld.com.au/.


Has Your Adelaide Home Got a Grout Cleaning Schedule?

There comes a time in every Adelaide household’s life when they have to tackle the horrible job of grout cleaning. It’s a job that is universally renowned for being unpleasant, owing to the elbow grease you have to provide. Fortunately, the good news is, it’s not really as bad as you think. Plus, if you hate grout cleaning that much you can actually hire professionals to do it for you. That way, you can just sit back and relax, whilst enjoying a beautiful, flawless bathroom. 

 Lightly stained grout

The good thing about lightly stained grout is you’ve managed to catch the problem just at the start. This will generally happen when you live in a brand new home and have had it for about six months. When you notice the grout stains you may be a little upset, seeing as your perfect new home is seemingly a little imperfect now. However, the good news is, light starts are very easy to fix. All you need to do is purchase a strong bleach solution.

A good measure is around ¾ of a cup of bleach to a gallon of water. Using a toothbrush, apply the mixture to the grout and scrub. While it can be tempting, it’s important not to scrub too hard, as you could end up damaging the grout itself. When you’re performing this type of a clean with bleach, it’s important to protect yourself. Make sure you wear gloves and also protect your eyes with goggles to stop the bleach splashing in your eye. Another good tip is to carry out the clean is a well-ventilated area.

Deeply stained grout

Has it gotten to the point where your grout is deeply stained? If so, don’t beat yourself up about it. It can happen to the best of us and even when we are performing regular bathroom cleans. Unfortunately grout does have the tendency to grab onto dirt and with it being placed in high traffic areas like the shower, it can stain very easily. In the instance when your grout has gone passed the point of revival, the best thing to do is replace it.

Luckily, removing and replacing grout it actually pretty simple. You’ll have to head down to the hardware shop to either rent or purchase some tools. Once you’ve got the tolls, all you need to do is run the tool along the grout. As you do this it’s very important to move slowly and carefully so you don’t damage the surrounding tiles. When you’ve removed the grout, clean the space between the tiles with a strong bleach solution before reapplying the new grout. When using the bleach make sure you do not drop any on the surrounding tiles, as it can discolour porcelain tiles.  

New tiles and grout  

If you’re lucky enough to have bought a brand new home or live in one, the most important rule when it comes to bathroom cleaning is grout prevention. Unfortunately owing to its porous nature grout is going to attract grime. This is why it is crucial that grout is sealed 10 to 14 days following it being cured. From then on, take immense care to clean your tiles and grout. Prevention is the best method to stop grout from staining beyond repair. 

If you would prefer to leave your Grout Cleaning in the Hands of the professionals in Adelaide


Interesting Roofing Facts You Never Knew in Hawthorn

If you live at Hawthorn and rarely gaze up to take a look at your roofing, it’s time to extend your mindset. Roofing can actually be quite interesting, which is why we’ve shared some fact that you should know. 

  • When some roofers say a roof will last the test of time, sometimes you’ve just got to believe them. It’s difficult to comprehend but some roofs have actually lasted for over 1,000 years. These types of roofs are made out of clay and as you can imagine are extremely sturdy.  

  • If you love the environment, you will love this next fact. If you have been searching for an eco friendly roof option, you will be interested to know that you can purchase a coated steel roof that is manufactured using a staggering 65 per cent recycled materials. 

  • Did you know when it comes to roofing it’s important to read the fine print? While a roofer may offer you a 30 year warranty of an asphalt shingle roof, you need to dig a bit further. While you may want to trust your roof, it’s important to understand that the warranty doesn’t necessary mean that roof will actually last for the guaranteed time frame. 

  • If you like the look of a wooden roof but are concerned about the fire hazard it offers, they there is another alternative. You can enjoy the traditional look of timber that is very visually pleasing, with no fire risks, thanks to concrete roof tiles. These tiles are specially manufactured so they look like wood shakes. They are the perfect option for those who want the look of wood without the fire hazard. 

  • Do you need a new roof but don’t like the idea of having your home without a roof for an extended period? The great news is, you don’t have to rip off your old roof in order to get a new one. Talented roofers can simply build the new roof right over the existing one. That is great for those who don’t want to be inconvenienced during the roof build. 

  • Have you been thinking of replacing your roof’s shingles with tiles? This can be a great trade but you need to keep in mind that you will have to hire out a structural engineer. This should set you back around $600 and they will help you ensure your roof is safe. They look at the structure and determine if any additional reinforcement is required. It’s important to remember that your roof will be holding extra weight, which is why you want to make sure it can safely take the heavier load.

  • Has your roof sprung a leak and you can’t work out what’s going on? Often the biggest mistake people make is blaming their tiles for a roofing problem. However, most times it’s actually the underlayment that is causing the problem. Underlayment should be replaced every 8 to 20 years to ensure your roof operate to its best efficiency.

  • Did you know that your choice in roofing can change your insurance cover? While wooden roofing can really enhance the visual appeal of your home, it is considered a fire hazard. Therefore, there are some insurance companies that will actually charge you more for a wood-shake roof owing to this risk. In some instances, some insurance companies won’t insure your wooden roof at all.   

Now that you know a bit more on the roofing topic, it’s time to start paying your roof in Hawthorn a bit more attention. If you would like to have your Roofing Examined in Hawthorn, contact the professional team at Coghlan Roofing.

If You’re Ready to Buy Winter Shoes Online, You Must Be Ready to Protect Them Against The Cold Weather

When summer turns to autumn, you will find most women at the ready to buy shoes online. It’s a known fact that the change in season gives us girls the green light to do a bit of damage on the credit card because we of course need new shoes. If you are singing in my chorus, you are sure to want to know how to protect these special investments against the elements. Below I have outlined a cleaning schedule every shoe lover should abide strictly by when the weather turns cold.

At the start of the season, it’s important to get all your boots out and give them a good clean. During the colder months, your shoes can take quite a beating. For those who live in snowy conditions, you can experience cracks of salt around the bottom of your boot, as well as those annoying salt rings. Alternatively, your boots could just be marked with regular dirt from the hectic bustle of city life.

In terms of general dirt marks on your shoes, you can rejuvenate them using saddle soap, a cloth and water. All you need to do is dampen the rag and wipe off any dirt. Next, rub some saddle soap into the cloth and lather it up across your boot. Leave it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with the damp cloth. Not only will the saddle soap help remove the marks but it will assist with waterproofing.

When it comes to cleaning boots that are salt stained from snowy weather, then you will have to try a different method. Instead, you will need to raid your pantry for a bottle of white vinegar and then just water and a cloth. Simply mix the water and white vinegar in equal parts, and then using a cloth apply it to the salt stains. Once you’ve applied the mixture, leave the boot to dry and to finish use a cloth to buff it.

Removing scuff marks
There’s nothing more annoying that scuffing your shoe. The good news is, it’s very easy to fix and with things you can find in your pantry. Simply grab some baking soda and a wet cloth and dab the powder onto the scuff market. You should just touch it gently until the mark vanishes. Once you see the scuff go, give the boot a wide down and then to finish give it a quick buff with the cloth.

Prevention is key
Investing in a protective spray is key to keeping your boots in good condition. Make sure you are proactive and spray your boots at the start of each season and also as it comes to a close. This will provide an adequate barrier against the winter weather. Many protective sprays on the market will waterproof your boots and help stop those annoying salt marks in their tracks.

Storing your shoes
When you get your boots wet the first thing to pop into your head is drying them in front of a heater. It seems like a good idea, however, you should actually avoid it. While a bit of heat is good, direct heat can actually result in damaging your boots. In the case of leather boots, the heat can cause them to crack in the future. Instead, dry your boots out in a warm area that is not in direct heat.

Now you know how to protect your shoes against the cold weather, it’s time to begin hunting for the perfect pair. If you want to buy quality shoes online, visit the Shoe Shed website at http://shoeshed.com.au.

The Tips And Tricks of an Adelaide Locksmith Exposed

There are many secrets and tricks an Adelaide locksmith holds dear to their chest. Today, we have exposed their secrets to help you handle the locksmith world. Make sure you read each carefully and utilise them next time you need a locksmith. 

Look out for scammers

Unfortunately, when it comes to the locksmith industry there is always a bad egg that spoils it for the rest. Recently it has been discovered that scam artists pose as locksmiths online to earn a quick bucks. The service all seems above board until these individuals reach your home and claim that your lock is a special sort that cannot be picked. They then proceed to drill your lock open and then replace it with a cheap lock purchased from a hardware shop for $25. The whole process will probably end up costing you a couple of hundred dollars. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, listen to the alarm bells ringing in your head and ask the locksmith to leave. Make sure you do not allow them to work on your home. 
Locksmiths charge based on situation

You may thing all is equal in Locksmith services and no discrimination occurs, however, this is not the case. If a locksmith receives an early morning call from a drunk guy outside a strippers, chances are their call out free is going to triple. Customers like this obviously have enough money to spend at a strip club, so are going to have plenty of money to pay for a emergency locksmith. 
Cheap locks should be avoided

If anything sounds too good to be true, it often is. If a hardware store is offering cheap locks for sale that promise you to protect you against any intruder, take it with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, these manufacturers are set on flogging cheap locks that don’t actually stand the test of time. They often are crafted to very low standards and don’t do much protecting. It’s important when purchasing locks to choose one that is at least a grade 2 standard. This will ensure it actually does what it says. 
A dead bolt is ideal

If you want to maximize your security for peace of mind, a dead bolt is the best choice. A proper deadlock will feature a strike side, as well as a one-inch throw. The dead bolt should be screwed at least three inches into the door’s wood frame and be fitted with a security plate and screws. 
Window security

While your door may be dead bolted shut, if it’s near a window with a thumb-turn dead bolt then it’s really not going to do much. All an intruder will do to gain entry is knock out the glass and then turn the handle. Instead, fit your window with a double cylinder lock, which needs a key in order to be opened. This will heighten your security and give you peace of mind. 
Do not duplicate

If you’ve been shy about duplicating your key that tells you not to then give yourself a break. Keys featuring this stamp are duplicated on a constant basis. Just ignore the sign and go ahead and do it because just about everyone else does so. 

Next time you need a Adelaide locksmith, give the renowned team a call at Marion Locksmith.


Want To Grow Your Hair? Nourish Your Hair With Wella Hair Products

For years on end I had beautiful long hair that I use to treat with my favourite Wella hair products. It came down to my waist and I absolutely loved it. However, just like most stories I hear, when I reached 20 I made the decision to chop it all off into a bob. I still don’t know what prompted me to do it. I think after having long hair my whole life I decided to do a bit of rebilling. Unfortunately, once my hair was cut and after the novelty of a different look wore off I hated it and desperately wanted my long hair back. So, for all those who have been in the same boat as me, I found the following things really worked. If it makes you feel better, I followed these rules and my hair is now a couple of inches off my goal length.

Anyone who’s ever tried to grow their hair before will know that maintenance is the key. Getting long hair is not just about promoting hair growth but also protecting the ends to ensure they don’t snap off. You will find if you start treating your hair well, you will need less trips to the hairdresser to trim off those annoying split ends. One good way to prevent any breakage is to put your heat appliances down. For many, this tip will send shockwaves to their core but I’m sorry to say it but it will make a dramatic difference. By cutting down on hair drying, straightening and curling with heated appliances, your hair will thank you by growing a hell of a lot more. Another way to help is to treat your tresses to a hair mask. The Wella range has many amazing products that will inject moisture into your hair and help it get healthier. These sorts of masks should be used once a week and left on for at least 10 to 20 minutes to ensure the soak right in to the hair.

Wella Hair Products Diet
Your diet plays a big part in hair growth. Having a well balanced diet will not only make your hair grow but also your fingernail. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want beautiful hair and long nails to boot? When you consider that hair is made from protein, it really highlights the importance of getting more of it into your diet. Having a protein packed diet will promote hair growth. If your diet is lacking protein, the good news is it’s very easy to incorporate into your regular meals. Good sources of protein include red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and nuts. It’s important to remember that eating healthy not only makes you feel good inside but reflects it to the outside.

Who knew Marcia Brady was on to something when she use to sit and brush her hair 100 times a night before she went to bed? While we don’t advise anything so over the top, a good brush morning and night will encourage hair growth. However, there’s no need to do 100 strokes, a good 1 to 2 minutes of light brushing should do the trick. Why it works is, the brushing stimulates circulation in your scalp. This healthy blood circulation enhances the functioning of hair follicles, making new hair grow. It’s important to remember that brushing hard will not make your circulation improve any more. All it will do is rip your hair and that’s definitely not what you want. Instead employ gently stokes that detangle your hair. You’ll also find the brushing helps spread the natural oils your hair produces around the scalp, which is great for your hair.

By following these tips you should enjoy increased hair growth. I also found it extremely beneficial to nurture your hair with Wella Hair Products. They really did the trick for me and now my hair is nearly back to when before I cut it.

Visit Beauty and Bronze or check out their website at www.beautyandbronze.com.au to find out more about the Wella product range.


Enhance The Value of Your Adelaide Home With High Quality Decking

Building decking in your Adelaide home is a very smart investment. Decking is highly sought after by many families. Not only is it visually pleasing but it is also highly functional and creates extra useable space. For many families, there comes a time in their lives when they outgrow a home. While there may be enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone to use, more entertaining space is required when your kids grow up and want to bring their friends over. A deck is a simple way to solve this problem, as it creates an additional entertaining area that can be enjoyed. It is the cheapest way to make more out of your home and will add tremendous value to your home.

In addition to adding value, decking really enhances your lifestyle. There’s no better way to relax on a warm, summers night than sitting out on your deck and breathing in the fresh air, preferably with a beer. It’s a good time to enjoy your beautiful back yard and make the most of the warm weather. In winter, you can also enjoy your deck with the help of heaters.

A deck is ultimately the perfect place to entertain. It creates a fun and lively place for you and your friends to enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors. Barbecues are a must when you have a deck and should be a prerequisite to owning one.

Decking Adelaide

Decking styles
Decking has immense visual appeal and can enhance an outdoor area. Not only does it serve a purpose, but also sweeping Decking in Your Adelaide Home looks amazing. The great thing about timber decking is there are so many styles to choose from you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes and property. From a variety of different timbers and hardwoods to choose from, you can really make your deck your own. Patterns are also changeable and there’s an array of different stains and varnishes to choose from. You can even select your own style of fastener including hidden options and visible options, which include steel and galvanized ones.

Building a deck on your property will transform your social life. In summer the deck is the perfect place to host a barbecue or enjoy a few drinks under the glow of the sun. You will find outdoor entertaining has never been better when your new deck is installed. With so much fun to be had outdoors, why not deck out your deck, so to speak? Bring the indoors, outdoors with outdoor heating that will make your deck the perfect place to entertain all year round. Lighting is also a necessary addition to make night time entertaining possible. It can also be used to set a mood and to create visual appeal. Another popular addition is screens. Screens not only block out the sun but also provide privacy. A screen also allows you to create borders within your decking and separate spaces. There is of course the need for furniture and benches to make the place suitable for dinning. To bring a bit of colour, planters can also be used.

If you have been considering building a deck in your outdoor area and would like to learn more, talk to the professionals at Pergolarific. Visit their website for more information at http://pergolarific.com.au.


Avoid Calling an Electrician to Your Port Melbourne Home By Avoiding These 6 Common Electrical Hazards

Any electrician in Port Melbourne will tell you that the modern home is full of potential electrical safety hazards. It is important to eliminate these dangers as much as you can to ensure you and your family is safe. Below we have outlined the six most common electrical hazards around the home and how you can prevent them.

Poor wiring and defective electric wires
It is paramount to ensure your home is fitted with quality wiring by a professional electrician. While it may be tempting to skimp on the price and pay a novice a lot less to perform the job, you are playing with your family’s life. Electrical wires that are improperly fitted are a major hazard that can result in a range of problems including electrocution, power surges and fire. Furthermore, wiring that is damaged, worn or corroded dramatically increases the risk of an electrical accident. Therefore, it is extremely important to be vigilant and have a professional electrician examine your wiring on a regular basis to make sure it is safe.

Outlets close to water
Areas like the kitchen and bathroom cannot function without electrical outlets. They are a hive of activity is any household with electronic devices constantly used in these rooms. The problem with these areas is they utilise water, which clearly does not mix with electricity. Therefore it is extremely important to have the outlets placed as far away as possible from the electrical outlets. If you are building a new home this is something you can talk to your builder about. For those who already live in a house, conduct yourself with caution when you use electrical products in these wet areas. By doing so you will dramatically decrease your chances of getting an electric shock.

Electrician Port Melbourne

Most people think lightbulbs are harmless and for the majority of time they are. However, problems arise when lightbulbs are placed near flammable materials. It is often overlooked that while lightbulbs cast light, they also generate heat. While the heat is not enough to warm a house up, it can be enough to start a fire, if left near flammable material for extended periods of time. Be vigilant with lightbulbs around plastic, curtains, upholstery and beds.

Covered electrical cords and wires
Electrical cords and wires are known to radiate heat. While often the heat is not enough to cause a problem, when these cords and wires are covered, a potential fire hazard is created. Avoid heavy covering, or covering at all, that is placed over cords and wires. To be extra safe, keep all cords and wires away from any flammable items.

Water and electrical fires
When a fire breaks out in your home, your first reaction is to get water and lots of it. However, this can actually make the problem ten times worse if it is an electrical fire. By pouring water on an electrical fire the flames actually worsen. Instead a fire extinguisher is much more effective, not to mention safer. For this very reason, it is important for all homes to be prepared and equip themselves with a fire extinguisher. It’s easy to purchase mini fire extinguishers that can be kept in an easy to reach place in your kitchen.

Inquisitive little kids
With so many new and exciting things to experience, toddlers and young children love to explore around your home. While this can be a great time as you watch their faces light up when they learn new things, it can be a little scary. As kids don’t know the dangers of electricity there are no boundaries in their explorations. This is why it is extremely important to be tentative and proactive about electrical dangers. Protect electrical outlets with plastic closures, as these are usually in the eye line of young kids and something they will want to play with. The protective devices will stop any little fingers or objects being shoved into the outlet.

If you would like to learn more about Making Your Home in Port Melbourne Electrically Safe, talk to an electrician from Electricians on Call today.

Alternatively you can check out their services by visiting their website at http://electriciansoncall.com.au.


Should You Install a Shower Wall or Hang a curtain?

Combination showers are a great way to save space in the bathroom. These designs use the base of a bath, and fit a shower feature at one end. The big choice is whether to get a curtain or glass shower screens in Adelaide.

A shower curtain is a cost saving choice. These items can be purchased in a store anywhere from $20 right up to designer items. They can be easily hung yourself and will need replacing every few years as they wear out. One of the most frequently cited issues with shower curtains is that they can trap moisture which then grows into mould. They need to be cleaned regularly and left to air out on the outside of the tub so that this does not happen. A benefit however is that it only takes a minute to thoroughly clean them, whereas glass showers can be much more stubborn.

Shower curtains don’t have to look average. In fact, you can be more daring in choosing a pattern or bold colour as they are cheap to replace. Shower curtains can get a bad reputation as being tacky and unappealing visually, but this does not have to be the case. There exist all sorts of variations and improvements in design of the humble shower curtain. More durable or quick drying materials can be used, and some people have even installed a track device along which their solid curtain rides. Curtains are also the way to go in extremely tight spaces, as they can be swept aside rather than needing an arc of space to open into. But then again, those concerned about space probably wouldn’t have a bathtub in the first place.

Shower Screens Adelaide

Unfortunately, Curtains can sometimes leak water into the bathroom, and thus prove to be an inefficient enclosure. Modern curved shower rods can solve this problem to some degree, but not entirely. It is often after months or years of putting up with the faults of a shower curtain that people give up and invest in a screen. They are more expensive upfront, although they will most likely last a lot longer while still looking nice. A glass shower panel will no doubt add a contemporary feel to your bathroom. You can keep it understated, perhaps with a frosted finish, or go bolder with a tinted glass or original shape. These textured surfaces will hide the water marks which are one of the main reasons people avoid glass in the bathroom. Just clean it as often as you clean the rest of the bathroom, rather than after every single shower.

Both curtains and screens can offer their fair share of risks when it comes to slips in the bathroom. A curtain looks like a wall, and even though you know it is not secure, you may be tempted to lean against it or hang onto it for support in the shower. Commonly, people grab the material when they’ve had a minor slip, but this extra weight is enough to rip the curtain from its hooks and end in disaster. Shower screens are made of glass, and glass can shatter if bumped into. However, what many people do not realise is that shower screens are reinforced or made of shatter resistant glass to avoid any disasters. Obviously, glass mixed with a wet and slippery floor is not ideal which is why steps have been taken to reduce the risk.

Whether you need a replacement or installation of Premium Shower Screens Products in Adelaide.

Know Your Vacuum Cleaners Attachments And Your Adelaide Home Will Shine

Did you know vacuum cleaners are the most versatile cleaning tool you can find in your Adelaide home? While most people just utilise its cleaning prowess on their carpets, the vacuum can dominate on many different surfaces from upholstery to even walls. If you want to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner but don’t know how, it’s all in the attachments. Below we outline the different attachments that will revitalize your cleaning schedule.    
 Extension wand

Have you ever noticed dust building up on the top of your curtains? Perhaps you’ve spotted a spider web in the corner of your high ceilings. Whatever the problem area is, it can be impossible to rectify the situation with just your traditional vacuum hose. When you need to clean an out of reach area, all you need to do is attach the extension wand. This attachment is easy to spot and it is long and has a pinched end.

Dusting brush

When it comes time to clean your furniture’s upholstery or curtains, switch to the dusting brush. This attachment is easy to spot, as it’s the one that has the brush feature. It is softer on the upholstery and perfectly manages to suck up all the dust, while giving it a good brush. This attachment is ideal for curtains, chairs and leather couches.

Floor brush

If you want to give your polished or wax floors a good clean then use the floor brush attachment. This is the attachment that appears like a squashed oval, most often with little bristles. In addition to using it our hard surfaces, you can use it on some carpeting, especially those that have thicker fibres that can be troublesome to clean.

Crevice tools

There are a range of hard to reach places in your home that are impossible to clean with your normal vacuum cleaner. Similar to the extension wand, there is another attachment with a pinched end that lets you reach into tight places. Areas that need extra attention are carpet edges, behind the fridge, tracks of sliding doors and in the couch cracks. You can even have a go using this attachment to get the dirt out of dresser drawers and wardrobes.
Vacuum bags

These days there are a range of vacuum cleaners that don’t even use vacuum bags.  Instead they feature a removable container that after a couple of cleans you simply remove and through the contents in the bin. For those with vacuums with disposable bags, however, it’s vital to keep a close eye on dirt building up. When a bag has reached capacity, the vacuum’s ability to perform decreases. A great idea is so always have additional bags at the ready if you need to do a swap over. 

Now that you know the capacity of your Different vacuum cleaner extensions, make sure you own a powerful vacuum. It’s important when purchasing a vacuum to look at its strength. You should also look at the warranty and compare different models. It’s a good idea to select a company that offers a local authorized dealer and repair facility, just in case of any problems.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new machine, do yourself a favour and check out the Vacuum Cleaners on Offer at Adelaide Cleaning Supplies

Unblock Your Drains in Adelaide Without Harsh Chemicals Or The Help From Plumbing Professional Plumbers

We’ve all been there before, our drain has clogged and rather than calling professional Adelaide plumbers, we grab a bottle of drain cleaning from the local shop and whack it down the drain. While these sorts of cleaners usually do the job, have you ever considered what you are actually pouring down your drain? Drain cleaners are renowned for being the most concentrated and dangerous cleaning product on the market for homes. You may notice that many extra-strength drain cleaners are actually labeled as poison, as they contain potent ingredients like lye, caustic potash and bleach. 
Adelaide Plumbing

Home remedy  

For this drain cleaning exercise you’ll need to raid your pantry from baking soda and vinegar. The process is very simple and should get rid of your annoying blockage. All you need to do is simply sprinkle about half a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by half a cup of vinegar. The two ingredients will mix together in your drain and create air bubbles, so it’s important to quickly plug your drain with a cloth, while this process starts as it can spurt up out of the drain like opening a bottle of shaken soft drink. Let the bubbles subside for a few minutes and you can then unplug it. Leave the mixture to settle inside the drain for around half an hour. Next, pour a whole kettle’s worth of boiling water down the drain to get the mixture going. The carbon dioxide air bubbles that have been created should clean the inner pipe; while the expanding air produced helps push the blockage away. 
Bacterial cleaners  

This next method works well in the kitchen sink, rather than the bathroom sink, as it breaks down fat. There comes a time in most households, where the sink will block owing to the fatty liquids that have been poured down it. Instead of putting dangerous chemicals down the sink, why not try yogurt? You many scoff and question how yoghurt will work but just think about it. Many people eat yoghurt when they themselves are feeling a little backed up, as it contains probiotics that help break down bacteria and enzymes in your stomach. The same method words for your drain, so next time you notice a blockage, pour some yoghurt down the drain. 
Air cleaners 

For a drain that is completely clogged and won’t get rid of any water, a good idea is an air cleaner. The air cleaners utilizes compressed air to blast the clog away. All you need to do is secure it around your drain and turn it on. Air should shoot down your drain and into the pipe, dislodging the blockage. 
Utilising these simple techniques will ensure you remove your drain’s clogs in an environmentally friendly way. Prevention is of course also a major step and one simple step that has worked wonders in  my household is avoiding brushing my hair over the sink. I use to always carless comb my hair through over the sink and because I usually wear my hair pulled back lots of the trapped hair that would normally fall out during the day, shed into my sink. I have found simple taking a step back from the sink ensures my hair doesn’t block my drains. It’s also a real eye opener as you see how much hair you’ve been letting fall into your drain. 

In instances where these methods don’t work and you don’t want to use harsh chemicals, you can Call Professional Plumbers in Adelaide

They will quickly and efficiently solve any drainage blockages, so you won’t have to worry. For Reliable Adelaide Plumbers call Premier Gas


The Best Timber for Your Decking Project

A timber deck is a beautiful aesthetic and functional addition to any home which has the space. However, creating a result which complements your home, stands the test of time and fits within your budget can be a tricky balance. Discover which timber decking advantages in Adelaide best suit your plans.

One of the most obvious divisions in timber is that of hardwood and softwood. It may come as no surprise that hardwood timber is far more expensive, and this is because it stands up very well in extreme weather conditions over long periods of time. This common knowledge is often enough to convince builders to choose a hardwood, as a little extra expense at this stage is seen as being worth it for many more years of enjoyment. There are some other differences between hardwoods and softwoods which are not as commonly known. For example, hardwoods are much harder to work with during the building stage. These trees take longer to grow, and this slow speed results in a very dense timber. You may encounter difficulty in cutting these timbers without state of the art industry machinery. A professional may be the best person to talk to about hardwood decking, while DIY projects may steer towards softwoods.

Decking Adelaide

Some of the hardwoods that professionals recommend include Kapur and Swan River Red. Kapur is imported from Indonesia, and is therefore of excellent value for money. This timber is popular for its pale brown hue with a red tinge. The timber has a freckled, very grainy texture which adds subtle character to a deck. Swan River Red is a more striking timber featuring stunning deep reds for a bold statement. The texture is distinctly of streaks and swirls blended across the surface. This is a popular choice for those who are looking to include a number of timber accents throughout the property, because it is a popular choice equally for decking and gates or fencing. There are over a hundred different species of hardwood, and without a clear idea in mind it can be a little overwhelming. Softwoods offer plenty of variation but certainly narrow down the options to a manageable selection. Softwoods are also much easier to season, which leads us to the next point.

Seasoning your wood, and doing it properly, is crucial for a lasting timber deck. Green or unseasoned material will gradually lose its natural moisture, and this process causes the wood to warp and shrink. For DIYers, it is a good idea to have your timber professionally seasoned or buy it ready done. Drying the wood too quickly in a kiln will make it unstable and even dangerous, especially as a flooring option. Timber can season naturally if left outside to dry, although needs to be stacked properly to allow the warmth of the air to circulate evenly. This is also a time consuming job, taking six to nine months.

Because timbers vary so widely, they are rated to give buyers a good idea of their usability and preferred conditions. An H or Hazard rating categorises timbers into how susceptible they are to threats such as infestations and moulds or fungi. Anything of a H3 rating or higher (H4, H5 or H6) is suitable for outdoor decking. H3 is specifically resistant to moderate decay, as well as termites and borers. If your timber is in direct contact with the earth, choose an H4, or with a water supply, choose H5. As well as Hazard ratings, timber carries a natural durability rating. There are four classes, with Class 1 being the most durable. Timber decking and especially footings should be as durable as possible, so Class 1 or Class 2. For a Professional Decking Consultation in Adelaide.

FAQs About Fencing in Adelaide

Fencing is an extremely integral part of all Adelaide properties. It sets boundaries, protects, and provides you with privacy. However, fencing can be the root of disputes. If you’ve ever tuned into Today Tonight or A Current Affair you will know only too well how bad some disagreements with neighbours can get. To avoid these types of problems it’s important to know what your rights are with fencing. To help you out, we have outlined some frequently asked questions about fencing in Adelaide.

Do I need to attain my neighbour’s consent when installing a new fence?
When you consider that the purpose of a fence is to separate two properties, it’s pretty clear that both you and your neighbour own the fence. If it helps, think about your fence as a joint asset you share between you and your neigbhours. It doesn’t matter if the neighbour hasn’t actually put any money towards it, this is just a given. Therefore, like any joint asset, you will have to consider your neighbours’ needs when making decisions.

In terms of existing fencing, you can’t just simple do what you want. You must either seek your neighbours permission or if that isn’t possible then a court order. If there is no fence on your property and you would like to erect on then you will have to discuss the matter with your neighour. They do have the right to object the fence if they way to. Even if you are offering to pay the entire cost, they still have a right to say.

What happens when you and your neighbor can’t agree on the fencing
If it comes to a point where you and your neighbor can’t come to an agreement about your Fencing in Adelaide then you then you will have to go a higher authority. South Australia has a dispute settlement centre that provides advice on fencing problems and offers  helpful resolution. There is also the possibility of serving your next door neighbor with a ‘Notice to Fence’ which is a legal document requesting they share the price of the fence with you. In the instance where your neighbor ignores your requests for more than 30 days then you have the option to take them to a magistrates court. It’s important to note that this can be an involved process and seek legal advice before taking your fencing problem to this step.

Fencing in Adelaide

Rental properties and fencing
If you are renting and are having trouble with your fencing, the good news is it is the responsibility of the owner of the property to deal with any disputes. However, in the case of a fence having to be repaired, if the tenant has caused the damage, then they will have to contribute to the cost. There are instances where tenants of more than five years having to help out with fencing costs in commercial situations, however, this are circumstance dependent.

The rules about things hanging over fences
If you have an annoying tree branch that is hanging over from your neighbours property and dropping leave and causing a nuisance, it is within your right to chop it off. By law, is it each property owner’s responsibility to ensure that they keep their property within their own land. If anything escapes, be it tree branches and roots, and finds itself into the neighbours yard, then you can do what you see fit. If there are branches hanging over into your backyard that you would prefer  not to be there, cut them off and place them over the fence back on your neighbors property. To avoid conflict, it’s probably best if you discuss this with your neighbor first. While you don’t need their approval, it’s just best to keep communications up so you have a good relationship with your neighbor.

If you would like to learn more About Fencing in Adelaide.


Rainwater Tanks in Bushfire Areas

Here in South Australia, bushfires can be a real threat during our long heatwaves. Residents living in particularly prone areas, such as the Adelaide Hills or in regional areas are well aware that Installing a Reliable Rainwater Tank in Adelaide can be lifesaving. However, there are particular considerations to put into effect in the event of an actual bushfire. 

Rain Water Tank Adelaide

Firstly, tanks can be a very handy source of water to help fight the fire for those who choose to stay. This is of course providing that your tank is fitted with a pressurised pump to ensure water flow to a hose. Electric pumps which take water from dams or bores will risk being cut off and cannot be relied upon.

If you do intend to fight as part of your bushfire plan, then authorities advise a 3.7kw portable diesel or petrol motor coupled with a 38mm centrifugal fire pump. Residents can only attempt to fight with a tank if it is made of Aquaplate or galvanised steel. Poly tanks or fibreglass materials are simply not equipped to deal with the extreme pressures. Not only will they damage, but that are considered combustible, making it extremely dangerous for anyone nearby. 

If the situation is not that dire, then authorities suggest installing a system which will easily and instantly disconnect your roof with the collection system. This is to prevent the ash and toxic debris from entering the water supply which you may have been carefully gathering for months. If you do not intend to fight the fire, or have alternate water supplies, then it is recommended that the disconnection be made at the first hint of threat. 

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

It is not just the ash that can contaminate your supply. Fire suppressant water dropped from planes can also be harmful.  Any burning of the pipes or tank itself is immediate cause for concern, and water should not be consumed or used indoors. The first priority is to have the water tested to ensure that you can begin cleaning the roof and reattaching the pipes. If it is not fit for drinking, then either use the water elsewhere, or drain it fully and have it professionally cleaned so that potable water can begin to be collected.

Now it is time to thoroughly check and clean the roof, providing no structural damage has occurred. All the ash and debris needs to be removed, and pipes and gutters cleaned. Unfortunately, finding dead animals on the roof is also a high possibility. Once a decent manual job is done, residents should complete a first flush. A first flush diverter is an absolute necessity in bushfire areas. This device was intended to rinse off the roof when the first rains fell, to prevent any build up over summer from interfering with the water. Once that first rinse is done, the water collects as normal. 

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of a great mesh filter, both over gutters and at the tank entrance. A good mesh will remain smooth so that leaves and debris slide over the edge while only letting in water. Mesh which is too coarse will trap leaves. Dry leaves and debris on the roof is large quantities is a huge bushfire hazard. Occasional cleaning may be necessary, but overall a good quality mesh product should do the job.   The sooner a tank is installed and set up responsibly, the sooner families can feel at ease about their bushfire safety. Please contact Taylor Made Tanks to arrange a Professional Rainwater Tank Consultation in Adelaide with our talented team.


Master the Perfect Cup of Tea with Help From an Enamel Teapot

If you love a good cup of tea, an enamel teapot should be on the top of your shopping list. Owing to the technology, an enamel teapot will keep your tea perfectly warmed so you can serve yourself or guests at a tea party for extended periods of time, without having to get up to make another brew.  

For those of you who can’t go a day without a tea fix, we’ve decided to share some secrets to the perfect cup of tea and break some myths.

How should you store tea?

Tea is often a pantry staple in most households. I have to say, when I visit a home and they offer coffee and don’t have tea, I’m a little shocked. For those happy houses that are in the majority and have teabags in their pantry, it’s very important to store it properly. Tea has the ability to absorb moisture and kitchen smells, which is of course something you want to avoid. The best want to prevent his from happening is to keep your teabags in a sealed tin or jar. This will stop any moisture or kitchen scents running the flavor of your beautiful tea.

How to perfect a cup of tea 

The first step to making the perfect cup of tea is to fill your kettle with fresh cold water. Tea is a big fan of oxygen and needs it to develop the flavor, which is why cold water freshly drawn is ideal. While your kettle is bubbling away, it’s time to get your teapot ready. It’s important to ensure your teapot is nice and clean before you begin brewing the tea. Then when the kettle has reached the boil, pour a little into your teapot and swirl it around the pot.  

The next step depends on the type of tea your are brewing. If it’s black tea you are brewing, you should only pour in freshly boiled water that is not over boiled. Alternatively, if you are preparing green tea, pour the water into the teapot just at the boil.
When it comes to measuring out the tea leaves, one teaspoon per person should be suffice. If you like a stronger brew though, you can strengthen is to your taste. In the instance where you are using teabags, go with the ratio of one teabag per person.
If you are using loose tea leaves, let them brew in the teapot for up to seven minutes before serving. Again, the brewing time does depend on the type of tea leaf being served. For larger tea leaves like Lady Grey and Early Grey, they should be left to sit for approximately 5 minutes. Alternatively, smaller varieties should only take around 4 minutes until they are ready to serve.

If you are serving a teapot with teabags, the tea doesn’t have to brew for as long and should be left for around two to three minutes. In that time the tea will have had long enough to develop its flavor.
With the tea ready to serve, allow your guests to choose whether they would black tea or would like to add milk, lemon or sugar. Sugar is a bit of a controversial addition for some, as many believe it completely changes the taste of the tea. Others like the sweet note and wouldn’t want their tea any other way.
If you want to try making a perfect cup of tea for yourself, ensure you invest in the right equipment. Ardena Imports specialises in High Quality Enamel Teapots that will make your cup of tea taste delicious. 

Visit their online shop at  www.ardenaimports.com.au to purchase your own enamel teapot.

Bring your Dream Home to Life with The Help from Custom Home Builders in Adelaide

Choosing the right custom home builders in Adelaide can really make the difference between you living in your dream home. Building a new home is an extremely exciting time in anyone’s life. It’s the time you get to watch your vision turn to a reality in front of your very eyes. While custom home building is becoming more and more popular, there are some people who hum and haw about whether an old home already built is a better option. 

For those not sure of the decision, we have come up with four important benefits of Builders in Adelaide.   

Builders Adelaide

Customised to your likings 
There’s nothing like living in a home that has been customized specifically to your needs. When you build your own home every wish is your builder’s command. There’s no need to compromise and settle, you can decide exactly every feature of your home. There’s no need to put up with a flooring plan that doesn’t suit you or having to squeeze your kids in one bedroom, you get to make all the decision and choose a home that suits your specific needs. 
If you’ve always dreamed of having an extra long kitchen bench and an island, your builder will make it happen. If you need five large bedrooms for your kids, your wish is the builder’s command. If you want an ironing nock that perfectly stores your board and equipment then you better believe it will be in your home. Whatever you desire, a home builder can make it a reality. 
Energy efficient 

These days’ new homes are built to comply with the latest energy saving laws and strict building code standards. These new factors make new homes much more energy efficient, exceeding old homes greatly. Your new home may be twice the size to your next door neighbours 100 year old home, however, you could be paying a fraction of the price they are for energy owing to the way it was built. Energy saving features that are built into many new homes include energy efficient spacing on all framing, directed vent furnace and insulated overhead garage door. Furthermore, homes are fit with brand new energy efficient appliances. 
Custom Builders Adelaide

Government grants

Whether you’re building or buying, a new home is a big investment. It is most likely the most expensive thing you will ever purchase, which is why you have to be completely certain of your big guy. What’s great about building a new home is you can take advantage of some of the grants the government has on offer. If you are a first time home buyer you may be eligible to a first home buyers granter. There are some people who are also able to get stamp duty concessions that can dramatically reduce the cost of your new home. Make sure you speak to your builder to learn how you can save on the building fee. 
Less Maintenance

Unfortunately for those who buy old homes, they must resign themselves to the fact that problems are going to arise. Even though the home is new to you, the old hom will have already experienced a whole other family, which will put strain on certain features on your home. Older homes obviously will require more maintenance than new homes, which is why new homes are a more attractive option. They don’t require repairs and need little maintenance to keep them up and running. Rather than moving in and having to make a bunch of repairs, you can move straight in and enjoy yourself.  

Now you know the benefits of building your home from scratch, it’s time to talk to the Professional Custom Home Builders at Beechwood in Adelaide.

Ask an Electrician Before Installing Lighting in Your Werribee Home

A professional electrician can help you select the right lighting for your Werribee home. A sign of good lighting is when it simply fades into the background and does its job. Funnily enough though, it’s when lighting is bad that people notice it. If you want to ensure you pick the right lighting for your home to make it shine, follow the tips below.

Ask yourself what your lighting goals are
There is a range of different lighting options available, which is why it’s important to decide what the aim of your lighting is. Working out the function, as well as the mood you wish to create will dramatically help your lighting purchase. Perhaps, you are placing lighting in a place like the kitchen that requires direct or task lighting, which allows you to focus on the task at hand. Alternatively, there is ambient or indirect lighting that is used for the lighting of your entire home.

Exterior lighting for safety and security
 When selecting exterior lighting for your home it is important to consider the lighting your neighbourhood already utilises. This should provide good guidance for what is necessary and appropriate for your home. It is crucial you choose lighting that isn’t too dim but isn’t too bright. Bright exterior lighting is not only pricey but it can bother your neigbhours. Alternatively, dim lighting can be an invitation to intruders and allow them to enter your property without being caught. You should install flood lighting on the exterior corners of your property, which are motion activated so any burglars are put off from even approaching your home. It’s also a good idea to place lighting around the perimeter of your home, focusing upon the sidewalks and walkways.

Exterior lighting doesn’t have to just be functional
At nightfall, outdoor lighting can create a real feature for your home. Just think about the carloads of people who drive around every year in December, just to get a glimpse of outdoor Christmas lighting displays. If you want to add a decorative effect to your outdoor lighting and make it an attractive feature, try wall sconces. With a wall sconce, the light washed up against the outdoor walls, producing a beautiful look in the night time. You can even try installing directional sconces, which you can point in any position you like to create a focal point in your outdoor area. You may like to point the light towards an architectural feature or special plants around your backyard.

Don’t forget night lighting in your kid’s bedrooms
Now that you’re an adult it’s easy to forget kids have a fear of the dark. As a youngster I always liked my bedroom light to be dimmed because I was fearful of the unknown in the veil of darkness. Taking into consideration your children’s needs before you select lighting, will ensure you don’t endure sleepless nights. The ability to dim lighting is not only useful for scared children but it also allows you to navigate through a dark room, without waking up your child.

High ceilings are often an enviable feature in homes. They create a spacious feel and look very elegant. The only trouble about high ceilings is finding the perfect lighting. If you have a home with high ceilings and modern d├ęcor, recessed lighting is the way to go. This type of lighting is idea, as it doesn’t detract away from the gorgeous ceiling, as it snugs into the ceiling subtly. If required this type of lighting can be directional and can also be dimmed.

Once you have decided on the right lighting for your home, ensure you pick the right electrician. Electricians on Call is a company you can trust with your household lighting. If you would like to hire a Electrician at Your Werribee Home today.

A Pair of shoes for Every Day of The Week

When we look into our wardrobes to choose an outfit to face the day, we are undoubtedly influenced by our current mood, and the same goes when we turn our attention downwards towards our shoe collection. Your shoe wardrobe needs to accompany you through the thick and thin, the soaring highs and the depressing lows of the working week. An expansive collection of beautiful women’s shoes is essential to ensure you find the perfect choice every day.

Monday morning rolls around and you force yourself to crawl out of bed. Your feet are probably still aching from the weekend, and a lack of sleep rules out the possibility of maintaining any form of balance in tottering heels. But Monday is all about starting afresh, looking sharp and getting off to a good start, while still nursing your tender feet. Monday’s shoe is the sophisticated black flat. This choice can be cleverly cushioned with heel grips without looking sloppy. Subtle metallic accents are a nice touch, and a pointed toe gets extra style points.

Tuesday is about easing back into the daily grind. Tuesday is a day to put your head down and get things done. Try a kitten heel or three inch stacked heel for a bit of elegance without the discomfort. A Mary Jane ankle strap doesn’t go astray in terms of additional support. You’ll feel good about yourself, and comfortable confidence is the foundation for a work wardrobe. The Wednesday hump seems to rise and fall every week. The forced pep of the first few days has evaporated and you’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Wednesday is about just trying to get through, which means an emphasis on comfort. Flat boots are a great choice to get over those midweek blues and charge through the rest of the week.

Thursday feels like the end is in sight. You’re gearing up towards 5 o’clock on Friday and your wardrobe should follow suit. Wedges are the perfect step up for the penultimate weekday. You can go a little higher than you would usually dare at work, because the large ground contact surface greatly reduces the chance of a humiliating slip. Try a peep toe for a daring edge to the traditional work attire. You’ve made it to Friday and it’s time to celebrate. Friday is all about the patent stiletto. This classic chic style demands respect in the office but is also perfect to carry on through to after work drinks, whether it is at the pub or a trendy cocktail bar. They’re not the most practical if you’re planning to be on your feet all day, but it’s Friday so everyone knows you’re not going to get any actual work done anyway.

The weekend will no doubt hold at least four or five shoe transformations. On Saturday afternoon you’re super productive as you wait for your big event that night. You’re rushing around cleaning the house to get rid of all of your pent up energy. This is the opportunity for some me-time, whether it is a jog around the block or a yoga class. A good pair of supportive sneakers will help you do your best. Saturday night is time for the strappy heel to match your new party dress. Sunday morning is time for slippers but we’ll disregard that. The rest of your lazy Sunday is suited to sandals or flatforms perfect for brunching with girlfriends.

It’s Monday again, and everybody knowns you can’t be seen outfit repeating. It looks like you’ll need to stock up on your collection. Visit Shoe Shed at http://www.shoeshed.com.au/ to check out their fabulous women’s shoes range.


How to Prevent termites from Tearing Down Your Carport

Termites are small critters that can turn out to be a big problem. They are one of the most feared pests to the home and other property structures because of their ability to often go undetected until the damage is too great. To ensure New Carports in Adelaide stand the test of time, it is important to take some preventative measures. Building a timber carport directly beside your home is a risk in itself. If termites did happen to become a problem, then it is your whole house and not just your structure that is in danger. One alternative is to build it as a standalone structure; however with the right steps you can greatly reduce the risks of infestation in an attached carport.

First of all, it is essential to minimise moisture and warmth, as these two factors encourage termites to invade. Things such as mulch, old timber or junk that is lying around and wood chips are big mistakes. Leaking taps are also a bad idea, as these provide a constantly damp environment that will never dry out. Wood to earth contact is the ideal environment for termite nesting. Any wood that must have direct contact with the earth should be pressure treated. Perhaps one of the most common mistakes, particularly in the garage or carport, is that families use this undercover area as storage for their firewood. If this is the case, there must be a container or membrane of some sort between this moist timber which is a prime nesting environment, and the earth where termites live. Otherwise you are simply asking for trouble.

New Ccarports in Adelaide

Avoid erecting a carport directly beside trees. Aside from the roots potentially wreaking structural havoc, any termite infestation will spread like wildfire. We like to think that it’s reliable to simply keep an eye out for signs of damage, but in reality by the time weakness becomes apparent the infestation may have spread to nearby structures. AS much as it might look pretty, climbing vines and creepers which grow directly next to or around your carport will increase the risk of termite entry undetected. In fact, this common practice is one of the most frequent causes of termites, because homeowners barely even think about the risks.

A carport will likely breach any sort of underground termite barrier system already installed. If this is the case, you will have to maintain or restore the barrier to ensure protection. Any professional anti-termite service should be able to reapply this chemical barrier with minimal hassle. A concrete slab base is a great idea to stop termites in their tracks. Just remember that as time goes on, slabs can be prone to cracking, which has beenAdelaide Carports known to let in termites. You might like to consider heavy duty paving which spreads the weight of a vehicle more evenly and is less vulnerable to cracking.  You may also like to lay a physical termite barrier beneath any base material for added peace of mind.

Of course, termites are not a problem if you choose the right material in the first place. The simple solution is to choose a material which is not timber or cellulose based, and you will not have any hassles at all. Something such as steel or aluminium is a resilient choice which is not only termite resistant, but also survives harsh weather conditions more readily than timber. Timber has the reputation for having a quaint, softer appearance, but this can certainly be achieved with a clever metal design. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and design talent. To discuss your Adelaide Carports Plans with us.


How to Prevent Carpet Disasters


The trick to long lasting, soft carpet is in regular carpet cleaning methods in Adelaide and a few prevention tips. Lay rugs over high traffic areas of your carpet. First of all, these are much easier and cheaper to replace and change over compared to the cost of replacing carpet. That means while most people choose a beige or neutral carpet tone, you can afford to take greater risks in colour and pattern with your rugs. This trait makes rugs a very wise choice for the children’s bedrooms. During childhood and adolesceen your daughter decides she no longer likes her expensive new pink carpnce, tastes can change within months. 

Don’t find out this the hard way whet. Secondly, rugs are also obviously great for catching stains before they get to the more permanent carpet material. Once again, they are the prime candidate for kids’ rooms which are known for stains of all sorts, from food to craft experiments. Rugs can also be a renter’s best friend, and in the event of a spill, you’ll be glad for the forethought.  

On a similar note, make the most of doormats. These abrasive textures will help to trap any debris attached to your shoes and keep it off the carpet. In fact, if you have a tiled, timber or laminate entrance rather than directly onto carpet, this is handy. You could employ two doormats. The first is outside as normal, often made of cast iron with a round scrubbing surface. Then, inside the doorframe, will lay a less abrasive mat. The idea is that the larger particles will go first and be left on the outside mat, and smaller ones removed before stepping onto the floor. It’s best to keep the doors shut when you’re not physically walking through them. Leaving them open will allow a breeze to let in dust and even leaves that will settle on the carpet. Once walked on, this almost invisible dirt is being stamped into your Carpet Cleaning at Adelaide.

Sadly pets do not wipe their feet. What they do do, is drop food, fur and even lift a leg all around the house. One of the most elementary rules for keep your carpet in top condition is to leave the pets outside. Unfortunately there is no getting around the fact that regular cleaning helps to keep your carpet looking fresh for longer. It is necessary to continuously lift the dirt before it has time to become ingrained in the fabric. There is a reason why there are different nozzles that come with your vacuum cleaner. Carpet that goes right to a corner, or changes into timber flooring at the end of a hallway, cannot be properly cleaned using the standard head. Instead, change it over to the small nozzle used for car detailing. This will direct the suction so that it is stronger and also targets the exact spot you are aiming at.

As well as vacuuming, a professional or more through clean is a wise choice. Perhaps every 18 months to two years should be enough to keep your carpets coming up looking like new. Just remember, any water based treatment needs to be thoroughly vacuumed first, otherwise you are essentially going to turn your dirt into something worse: mud. It can be helpful to vacuum both vertically and horizontally across your carpet until you figure out the grain. Know your carpet. Before installation, pose questions about the material and best cleaning procedure. If you have just moved in and didn’t get a chance to ask these questions, then consult a professional for advice. 

Contact Master Class Carpet Cleaning for all of your professional carpet cleaning services in Adelaide.