Want To Grow Your Hair? Nourish Your Hair With Wella Hair Products

For years on end I had beautiful long hair that I use to treat with my favourite Wella hair products. It came down to my waist and I absolutely loved it. However, just like most stories I hear, when I reached 20 I made the decision to chop it all off into a bob. I still don’t know what prompted me to do it. I think after having long hair my whole life I decided to do a bit of rebilling. Unfortunately, once my hair was cut and after the novelty of a different look wore off I hated it and desperately wanted my long hair back. So, for all those who have been in the same boat as me, I found the following things really worked. If it makes you feel better, I followed these rules and my hair is now a couple of inches off my goal length.

Anyone who’s ever tried to grow their hair before will know that maintenance is the key. Getting long hair is not just about promoting hair growth but also protecting the ends to ensure they don’t snap off. You will find if you start treating your hair well, you will need less trips to the hairdresser to trim off those annoying split ends. One good way to prevent any breakage is to put your heat appliances down. For many, this tip will send shockwaves to their core but I’m sorry to say it but it will make a dramatic difference. By cutting down on hair drying, straightening and curling with heated appliances, your hair will thank you by growing a hell of a lot more. Another way to help is to treat your tresses to a hair mask. The Wella range has many amazing products that will inject moisture into your hair and help it get healthier. These sorts of masks should be used once a week and left on for at least 10 to 20 minutes to ensure the soak right in to the hair.

Wella Hair Products Diet
Your diet plays a big part in hair growth. Having a well balanced diet will not only make your hair grow but also your fingernail. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want beautiful hair and long nails to boot? When you consider that hair is made from protein, it really highlights the importance of getting more of it into your diet. Having a protein packed diet will promote hair growth. If your diet is lacking protein, the good news is it’s very easy to incorporate into your regular meals. Good sources of protein include red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and nuts. It’s important to remember that eating healthy not only makes you feel good inside but reflects it to the outside.

Who knew Marcia Brady was on to something when she use to sit and brush her hair 100 times a night before she went to bed? While we don’t advise anything so over the top, a good brush morning and night will encourage hair growth. However, there’s no need to do 100 strokes, a good 1 to 2 minutes of light brushing should do the trick. Why it works is, the brushing stimulates circulation in your scalp. This healthy blood circulation enhances the functioning of hair follicles, making new hair grow. It’s important to remember that brushing hard will not make your circulation improve any more. All it will do is rip your hair and that’s definitely not what you want. Instead employ gently stokes that detangle your hair. You’ll also find the brushing helps spread the natural oils your hair produces around the scalp, which is great for your hair.

By following these tips you should enjoy increased hair growth. I also found it extremely beneficial to nurture your hair with Wella Hair Products. They really did the trick for me and now my hair is nearly back to when before I cut it.

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