Unblock Your Drains in Adelaide Without Harsh Chemicals Or The Help From Plumbing Professional Plumbers

We’ve all been there before, our drain has clogged and rather than calling professional Adelaide plumbers, we grab a bottle of drain cleaning from the local shop and whack it down the drain. While these sorts of cleaners usually do the job, have you ever considered what you are actually pouring down your drain? Drain cleaners are renowned for being the most concentrated and dangerous cleaning product on the market for homes. You may notice that many extra-strength drain cleaners are actually labeled as poison, as they contain potent ingredients like lye, caustic potash and bleach. 
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Home remedy  

For this drain cleaning exercise you’ll need to raid your pantry from baking soda and vinegar. The process is very simple and should get rid of your annoying blockage. All you need to do is simply sprinkle about half a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by half a cup of vinegar. The two ingredients will mix together in your drain and create air bubbles, so it’s important to quickly plug your drain with a cloth, while this process starts as it can spurt up out of the drain like opening a bottle of shaken soft drink. Let the bubbles subside for a few minutes and you can then unplug it. Leave the mixture to settle inside the drain for around half an hour. Next, pour a whole kettle’s worth of boiling water down the drain to get the mixture going. The carbon dioxide air bubbles that have been created should clean the inner pipe; while the expanding air produced helps push the blockage away. 
Bacterial cleaners  

This next method works well in the kitchen sink, rather than the bathroom sink, as it breaks down fat. There comes a time in most households, where the sink will block owing to the fatty liquids that have been poured down it. Instead of putting dangerous chemicals down the sink, why not try yogurt? You many scoff and question how yoghurt will work but just think about it. Many people eat yoghurt when they themselves are feeling a little backed up, as it contains probiotics that help break down bacteria and enzymes in your stomach. The same method words for your drain, so next time you notice a blockage, pour some yoghurt down the drain. 
Air cleaners 

For a drain that is completely clogged and won’t get rid of any water, a good idea is an air cleaner. The air cleaners utilizes compressed air to blast the clog away. All you need to do is secure it around your drain and turn it on. Air should shoot down your drain and into the pipe, dislodging the blockage. 
Utilising these simple techniques will ensure you remove your drain’s clogs in an environmentally friendly way. Prevention is of course also a major step and one simple step that has worked wonders in  my household is avoiding brushing my hair over the sink. I use to always carless comb my hair through over the sink and because I usually wear my hair pulled back lots of the trapped hair that would normally fall out during the day, shed into my sink. I have found simple taking a step back from the sink ensures my hair doesn’t block my drains. It’s also a real eye opener as you see how much hair you’ve been letting fall into your drain. 

In instances where these methods don’t work and you don’t want to use harsh chemicals, you can Call Professional Plumbers in Adelaide

They will quickly and efficiently solve any drainage blockages, so you won’t have to worry. For Reliable Adelaide Plumbers call Premier Gas

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