How to Prevent termites from Tearing Down Your Carport

Termites are small critters that can turn out to be a big problem. They are one of the most feared pests to the home and other property structures because of their ability to often go undetected until the damage is too great. To ensure New Carports in Adelaide stand the test of time, it is important to take some preventative measures. Building a timber carport directly beside your home is a risk in itself. If termites did happen to become a problem, then it is your whole house and not just your structure that is in danger. One alternative is to build it as a standalone structure; however with the right steps you can greatly reduce the risks of infestation in an attached carport.

First of all, it is essential to minimise moisture and warmth, as these two factors encourage termites to invade. Things such as mulch, old timber or junk that is lying around and wood chips are big mistakes. Leaking taps are also a bad idea, as these provide a constantly damp environment that will never dry out. Wood to earth contact is the ideal environment for termite nesting. Any wood that must have direct contact with the earth should be pressure treated. Perhaps one of the most common mistakes, particularly in the garage or carport, is that families use this undercover area as storage for their firewood. If this is the case, there must be a container or membrane of some sort between this moist timber which is a prime nesting environment, and the earth where termites live. Otherwise you are simply asking for trouble.

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Avoid erecting a carport directly beside trees. Aside from the roots potentially wreaking structural havoc, any termite infestation will spread like wildfire. We like to think that it’s reliable to simply keep an eye out for signs of damage, but in reality by the time weakness becomes apparent the infestation may have spread to nearby structures. AS much as it might look pretty, climbing vines and creepers which grow directly next to or around your carport will increase the risk of termite entry undetected. In fact, this common practice is one of the most frequent causes of termites, because homeowners barely even think about the risks.

A carport will likely breach any sort of underground termite barrier system already installed. If this is the case, you will have to maintain or restore the barrier to ensure protection. Any professional anti-termite service should be able to reapply this chemical barrier with minimal hassle. A concrete slab base is a great idea to stop termites in their tracks. Just remember that as time goes on, slabs can be prone to cracking, which has beenAdelaide Carports known to let in termites. You might like to consider heavy duty paving which spreads the weight of a vehicle more evenly and is less vulnerable to cracking.  You may also like to lay a physical termite barrier beneath any base material for added peace of mind.

Of course, termites are not a problem if you choose the right material in the first place. The simple solution is to choose a material which is not timber or cellulose based, and you will not have any hassles at all. Something such as steel or aluminium is a resilient choice which is not only termite resistant, but also survives harsh weather conditions more readily than timber. Timber has the reputation for having a quaint, softer appearance, but this can certainly be achieved with a clever metal design. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and design talent. To discuss your Adelaide Carports Plans with us.

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