The Tips And Tricks of an Adelaide Locksmith Exposed

There are many secrets and tricks an Adelaide locksmith holds dear to their chest. Today, we have exposed their secrets to help you handle the locksmith world. Make sure you read each carefully and utilise them next time you need a locksmith. 

Look out for scammers

Unfortunately, when it comes to the locksmith industry there is always a bad egg that spoils it for the rest. Recently it has been discovered that scam artists pose as locksmiths online to earn a quick bucks. The service all seems above board until these individuals reach your home and claim that your lock is a special sort that cannot be picked. They then proceed to drill your lock open and then replace it with a cheap lock purchased from a hardware shop for $25. The whole process will probably end up costing you a couple of hundred dollars. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, listen to the alarm bells ringing in your head and ask the locksmith to leave. Make sure you do not allow them to work on your home. 
Locksmiths charge based on situation

You may thing all is equal in Locksmith services and no discrimination occurs, however, this is not the case. If a locksmith receives an early morning call from a drunk guy outside a strippers, chances are their call out free is going to triple. Customers like this obviously have enough money to spend at a strip club, so are going to have plenty of money to pay for a emergency locksmith. 
Cheap locks should be avoided

If anything sounds too good to be true, it often is. If a hardware store is offering cheap locks for sale that promise you to protect you against any intruder, take it with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, these manufacturers are set on flogging cheap locks that don’t actually stand the test of time. They often are crafted to very low standards and don’t do much protecting. It’s important when purchasing locks to choose one that is at least a grade 2 standard. This will ensure it actually does what it says. 
A dead bolt is ideal

If you want to maximize your security for peace of mind, a dead bolt is the best choice. A proper deadlock will feature a strike side, as well as a one-inch throw. The dead bolt should be screwed at least three inches into the door’s wood frame and be fitted with a security plate and screws. 
Window security

While your door may be dead bolted shut, if it’s near a window with a thumb-turn dead bolt then it’s really not going to do much. All an intruder will do to gain entry is knock out the glass and then turn the handle. Instead, fit your window with a double cylinder lock, which needs a key in order to be opened. This will heighten your security and give you peace of mind. 
Do not duplicate

If you’ve been shy about duplicating your key that tells you not to then give yourself a break. Keys featuring this stamp are duplicated on a constant basis. Just ignore the sign and go ahead and do it because just about everyone else does so. 

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