Fun Facts You Never Knew About Locksmiths in Adelaide

Most people rely on locksmiths to get them out of trouble in Adelaide. Whether they’re locked out of their home or vehicle, locksmiths race to their need and get them back inside. However, much thought is not given to their industry as a whole. When you investigate further you find that locksmithing is an extremely interesting craft. If you don’t believe it, take a look for yourselves at some interesting facts about locksmiths.
A talented locksmith can duplicate almost any key

Many lock companies like to advertise the fact that their keys cannot be duplicated. While this fills most homeowners with a sense of security, the fact is if you lose your key you will need someone to duplicate it. In reality, a professional locksmith has the skills to replicate almost any key. I mean lets face it, that’s their job. Next time you find yourself locked out and are pondering whether your key that claims it cannot be duplicated will be penetrable, call an experienced locksmith. In no time they will get you back into your home, car or commercial property. 

Famous magician was previously a locksmith
When you consider the role of a locksmith, it really doesn’t surprise you that one of the world’s most famous magicians use to be one. Hungarian born, Harry Houdini, started working as a locksmith at the tender age of 11. It wasn’t long until he was utilizing what he learnt in his professional life into his magic act. Renowned as a master escapologist, he wowed audience across the world with daring acts of escape from locks. With the talent to escape from any lock he became the president of the Society of American Magicians and is well revered even to this day.

Lock picking championship 

Have you ever wanted to master the art of lock picking? It may have been to open your sisters locked diary. Perhaps it was to gain access to your friend’s locker at school to pull a prank. Maybe it was even for a more sinister reason. Whatever the motivation, you would have quickly discovered it’s not easy. For those unsure, lock picking is considered quite an art and is the practice of opening a lock without using the key. To be performed properly, the lock must not also have any damage or be broken. A number of different tools are utilised to perform this trick. Funnily enough, the art of lock picking is so popular that there is even a Dutch Open for lock picking experts. Since 2002, lock pickers have been pitted against each other to be crowned the winner of the lock picking championship. 

Smartphones are taking the place of keys

The stranglehold smartphones have on our lives looks set to continue with the devices now taking the place of keys. How it works is the phone sends a signal to a door know or a dead bolt box through the internet and a converted box. This new method of locks is being utilised not only in homes but also hotels and commercial building. Even General Motors is exploring the use of the system to unlock car doors.

Next time you need a locksmith you are sure to respect their trade more after reading our fun facts. In the event you require help from Locksmiths in Adelaide, be sure to visit Marion Locksmith’s website.

The Benefits of Installing Window Film in Melbourne

Countless homes across Melbourne have been enjoying the benefits created by barley-there window film. If you’ve never heard of window film, it’s not surprising, as the product is pretty hard to notice. It’s a self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to glass surfaces to help minimize the negative effects of the sun. Window film is not only utilised in home but can be installed in cars, and also in commercial properties. 

The way it works is, the window films acts as a protective barrier against UV lights and shields the occupants and property within. If you have been considering heighten your sun protection, check out below the many benefits of installing window film in your Melbourne home.

Heat reduction and energy savings

Not matter what the weather is like some homes are just always hot and stuffy. To combat the problem homeowners constantly run the air conditioner just to be comfortable. If this problem sounds familiar, installing window film in your home could be the solution. Window tint can considerably decrease your home’s inside temperature, which will allow you to stop relying on the air conditioning to cool down your home.
Protects possessions
Have you noticed your furniture is beginning to look old and faded? Over time furniture that is exposed to UV light from the sun begins to fade, which really brings down the look of your interior. If you want to protect your furniture against UV light, install window film. Window film has the potential to block out 99 per cent of UV rays, which is ensure your furniture gets looking great.  

Sun protection

The sun can be very damaging to the skin owing to the UV light it transmits. With UV being one of the leading causes of skin cancer, it is important to protect your skin against its harm. Many people would be surprised to know that even if your indoors the sun can penetrate its UV inside through the window. If you are concerned about your skin, protect your windows with quality window film. This will greatly reduce your chance of being affected by UV light.

Enhances your homes safety

Not only does window film block out damaging UV light but it also has further advantages. Some window films are made to be shatter-proof, which greatly improves the safety of your home. The purpose of the shatter-proof window shield is to provide a barrier between our home and the glass. It also stops people cutting themselves on broken glass, as the window film holds the shards of glass together.

Reduce glare on computer and TV screens  There’s nothing worse than watching TV only to be distracted by glare coming from the sun through your windows. Fortunately, there is a solution. Window film blocks out sunlight and prevent glare on screens. When choosing a film it’s important to note that lighter films provide a more natural view out of the window, while darker films enhance privacy and will assist more with glare.

Now that you know the bountiful benefits of installing window film on your home’s windows, it’s time to take action. If you want to minimize the cost of installation, you can actually apply the window film yourself. There are many DIY kits of the market that provide thorough instructions. However, if you want the job done 100 per cent correctly, there are professional applicators that can perform the job for you. If you would like to learn more about Window Film in Melbourne.

Choosing From Above Ground Rain Water Tanks in Adelaide Can Be Tricky

You only need to peek in backyards in Adelaide to discover the popularity of above ground rain water tanks. While there is the option to install your rain water tank underground or even beneath your house, above ground has always come out the winner. With a rainwater tank above the ground, it’s much easier to maintain. This is a big advantage if you are looking to use your Rain Water Tank in Adelaide as a source of water to drink.

With above ground rain water tanks so popular, there is a variety of different options to choose from, which we have explored below.

Above ground small plastic water tanks

If you live in a small property where there isn’t too much extra space, a small plastic tank is the perfect option. The tanks come in a range of different shapes including cylinder, square and round. With the capacity to hold about 2000 litres, you won’t be able to run your entire home’s water needs on this type of tank but it will be more than enough to water your garden. Another downfall of this type of tank is it does not have the longest lifespan. As it is manufactured from plastic, the UV can begin to damage the tank. Being proactive and keeping the tank out of the sun or even painting it can help reduce this problem.

Rain Water Tanks Adelaide

Above ground big plastic water tanks
For a home that is looking to substitute much of their mains water supply with rainwater, a big plastic water tank can be suffice. With the potential to hold up to 15k litres, it will definitely fulfill your household needs. As the tank is so large, it must be shipped to the property and must be placed on special sand based pads when installed. Once it is dropped into your property, it’s ready to go. With this type of tank also being manufactured from plastic, is also can degenerate when exposed to UV. They are also renowned for not standing up to bushfires.

Above ground metal water tanks
If you are in the market for a tank that is relatively inexpensive a metal water tank could be the rain water tank for you. Within the tank there are some internal treatments that decrease the effects of corrosion. The tank can hold up to a whopping 150k litres and is relatively inexpensive. However, with the metal acting in two roles as both the water lining and for structural purposes makes the tank vulnerable to breakdown if moved. To combat this problem, the tank is usually mounted on a frame to prevent movement. Another factor that can reduce the tanks lifespan is rusting.

Above ground concrete water tanks
In the instance where you need to access millions of litres of rainwater, an above ground concrete water tank is your answer. This inexpensive option is reinforced and often shaped like a box or a cylinder. There is no need to worry about rusting, however, do keep an eye out for settlement, which can cause cracks to your tank. It’s also important you think carefully about where you want the tank placed, as good luck moving it again in one piece.

Now that you know the difference between above ground tanks, it’s time to contact a professional that can help you make the important decision. We advice talking to the professional team at Greener Housing Solutions or checking out their website at http://www.greenerhousingsolutions.com.au.


Roof Leaks is One of The Main Reasons For Roof Repair in Vermont

Roof leaks are one of the main reasons for roof repair in Vermont. At the first sign of a leaking roof it is vital you hire a professional to solve the problem. While a bit of water dripping from your ceiling may not seem like a bid deal, leaving it can result in major problems. Your roof can store a lot of water and not having it fixed properly can end up with your ceiling caving in. So you can stay alert, we have outlined three of the main causes of roof leaks below.

Cracked flashing
One of the main causes of Roof Leaks for Homeowners in Melbourne is cracked flashing. For those who don’t know, flashings are applied to the roof joints to create a water-resistant barrier. They are installed beneath the shingles and can either be hidden or visible. Flashings are crafted from thin pieces of metal and when exposed they look like long runs of sheet metal. Alternatively, if the flashing is concealed they are fitted with a rubberized coating on top. One telltale sign of broken flashing is big cracks. 

Flashings are prone to cracking as they are often sealed with tar, which has the potential to corrode over time. For homes that feature exposed flashing, it can become damaged from wild weather like rain and wind and become cracked over time. The lucky thing is, professional roof repairers can easily repair this type of problem. All they need to do is locate the entry point of water and then remove the segment of the cracked flashing. Once removed, a new run of flashing is installed and the shingles are replaced. To finish it off, a coat of roofing sealant is applied to the nail heads and then it’s all done.

Broken Shingles

While to most of us shingles sound like a medical condition you don’t want to get, in the roofing world they refer to the exterior layer of your roof. It’s pretty easy to spot a missing or broken shingle, as it will show up on your roof as a different coloured patch. Another obvious sign is if you find a shingle in your backyard, most likely following a big storm. The main reasons shingles become broken are weather related, which is why it’s important to stay vigilant to leaks during wild weather.   

When a experienced roof repairer tends to your broken shingles they will lift the damaged shingle by sliding a pry bar under it. Once the shingle is lifted the nails are removed and then they simply replace it with a new one.

Valleys are not sealed properly

The valley of the roof is the point where two panes of roof come together. Often the roof is slopped in this area, so it can be easy for rainwater to get inside the roof if it is not sealed adequately. Usually a sign of a rook leak caused by an unsealed valley will be a wet spot trickling down the seam of your roof. There are a number of different reasons why a problem like this can develop. It could be that when someone is inspecting your roof they have stepped on it and cracked the seal. Another reason could be it may not have been sealed properly in the first place. It could even be due to excess water and ice eroding the sealing.

For this type of repair job it is highly recommended to hire a roof repair professional, as it can be quite tricky. The general process is to lay a new barrier along the valley and shingling overtop, which should sufficiently fix the leak.
 At the first sign of a Roof Leak Repair in Your Vermont Home, be sure to contact professionals to carry out roof repair. For an experienced team you can trust, contact Coghlan Roofing Melbourne.


Benefits of installing glass pool fencing in Adelaide

Installing glass pool fencing is the perfect option for those Adelaide homeowners concerned about the appearance of their outdoor area. Pool fencing has earned a bad name in the looks department. It is often labeled as ugly and most think it detracts from the overall look of the pool area. The trouble is pool fencing is mandatory in Adelaide and must be installed, even if it doesn’t look amazing.

If you are looking for pool fencing that does not ruin the look of your home, glass pool fencing is the perfect option for you in Adelaide. Below we have outlined the main six advantages of glass pool fencing.

Visual appeal
There’s something sleek and sophisticated about glass pool fencing that you just cannot beat. Most glass pool fencing is beautifully sculptured, featuring perfectly curved edges that look stunning. Unlike wooden or tubular fencing that blocks out the actual pool, glass fencing allows you to see into the pool directly. This not only heightens the visual appeal but ensures you can keep an eye on your children while the splash around. Glass pool fencing is the perfect way to ensure your pool area is safe, while not detracting away from the beauty of the outdoor landscape.

Feels more spacious
Glass pool fencing has the magnificent ability to make your outdoor area look and feel more spacious. With the fencing highlighting the beauty of the pool and allowing it to be fully viewable, it creates the feeling of a large space. Most pool owners will find that when they install conventional pool fencing, like tubular pool fencing, it makes the pool area look cluttered and can actually make the area look smaller. This is why glass pool fencing is preferred for those who are conscious of the appearance of their outdoor area.

Low maintenance
When you look at sparkling, clear glass pool fencing you often think it must take a lot of work to keep it looking so good. Surprisingly though, it is actually considered low maintenance. Unlike wooden and metal pool fencing that rusts and rots over time, you won’t have any trouble with glass fencing. All it needs is a quick clean with a cloth and glass cleaner and it will last a lifetime.

In accordance to South Australia law, all pools must be adequately fenced. The great thing about glass pool fencing is that it not only ensures you meet safety regulations but it also provides you with the best visibility possible to supervise your children. Rather than having to sit within the fencing, you can recline in the remaining outdoor area, while watching your kids swim. Furthermore, with Glass Pool Fencing in Adelaide there is a reduced risk of children gaining entry to the pool by climbing over the fencing. With tubular fencing for example, determined children can climb over using the twisting metal to grasp and pull themselves over. Conversely glass pool fencing is slippery and is very difficult to climb over.

Enhance your furnishings
For many homeowners the appearance of their outdoor area is very important. Many people spend a great deal of money making their outdoor area look good. After having a pool installed and the rest of the outdoor area landscaped, most people want fencing that will enhance the look. Glass pool fencing is the best way to compliment your outdoor area. It allows the natural beauty of your backyard to shine and doesn’t detract away from these visually appealing elements.

Many people worry that their glass pool fencing will break. With kids running in and out, it can be a worry but there’s no need to fear when it comes to glass pool fencing. The glass used in the pool fencing is specially treated and toughened to ensure it is an suitable thickness. The only way glass will break is if the glass is hit with extreme force, which is often very unlikely.

If you would like to install glass pool fencing at your Adelaide home, talk to the professional team at Q Glass. Visit their website to learn more at http://qglassandglazingadelaide.com.au.


Determine When You Need Help From Professional Plumbers in Adelaide

Many homeowners will call plumbers out to their Adelaide residence for the most minor plumbing problem. One common problem homeowners enlist plumbers to solve is a malfunctioning faucet. When they notice a leaking faucet they don’t know what to do and jump on the phone. In reality though, this is a problem that can be simply fixed without professional assistance. The most difficult thing about repairing your faucet is finding the right parts to replace the broken ones inside your faucet. However, this is not always necessary. By simply taking your tap apart, you will be able to find what is going on and hopefully fix the problem quickly.

When you notice a leaking faucet the first thing you will need to do is inspect it closely. It’s important to work out where the leaking water is coming form to determine the type of repair the faucet will require. For example, a leak at the end of the sprout will be treated differently compared to water leaking from the base of the sprout. 

Once the site of the leak has been determined, the water supply must be switched off. Most likely the shutoff valves will be located underneath the sink. If you are having trouble finding the valves, you will need to switch the main water valve off at your home. Now that they water is off it’s time to open the faucet. To release pressure, open the faucet in the centre position. Next, use a strainer or cloth to cover the drain hole in the sink so you don’t mislay and tiny plumbing parts into the drain.

It’s vital when you remove the different parts that you carefully take note of the order and location of the parts. It may be a good idea to set up a camera somewhere to record the steps so there’s no chance you will forget the order. Another handy tips are to put aside the parts in the order you removed them in. That way you will not forget.

Once you have removed all the parts, closely examine the inside of the valve. You should keep an eye out for mineral deposits or morsels of weakened deposits. If there are these type of issues present clean the surface with a cloth or try soaking with vinegar to make the mineral deposits budge.

A good way to remove any blockages that may be making the flow of water slow is to clean the body of the faucet out with a penknife or screwdriver. After you’ve had a poke around be sure to flush any remains out that have been dislodged during the examination and clean.  

When you’ve finished cleaning reassemble the faucet and return it to the middle position. Slowly allow the water back on by turning on the valve. Allow the water to flow so the air comes out and it begins to flow freely. If you notice the water is flowing slowly the aerator may need to be cleared out.

After following these simple steps you should manage to locate any problems and fix them easily. However, if these steps do not stop your faucet from leaking, you will have to call a professional. For talented plumbers you can rely upon to solve a range of Plumbing Issues in Your Adelaide Home, contact Premier Gas.


Throw Away Your Mascara Forever in Melbourne by Trying Out Professional Eyelash Extensions

If you’re sick of dealing with messy, sticky mascara every morning in Melbourne, professional eyelash extensions could be a solution. Like most women, I have a love/hat relationship with mascara. Since I was 15 I have been relying on this beauty product to give me the confidence to step out of the house. Ten years on and it is now very much a crucial part of my daily routine and to be honest I would feel lost without it.

I do resent having to apply mascara though. Let’s be honest, it looks easy but it can be really tricky to get your mascara just right. My sister is a pro at making her lashes looking long and lashes with just mascara but I am not so blessed. While I no longer make them look like clumped spiders legs, I am guilty of getting black marks on my eyelids and also on my nose or cheek if I’m not careful. It’s always when I’m in a rush that I manage smearing mascara right across my face, just as I’m putting the final touches on my makeup.

It has always been a dream to wake up sans mascara and look back at dark, long lashes in the mirror. However, unfortunately I look more like a gremlin that needs more sleep. I never thought this dream was possible until my best friend let me into a secret that changed my beauty routine forever. By getting professional eye lash extensions, you can actually wake up with lashes like Kim K. Before you argue and say that’s not possible, trust me.
Eyelash Extensions in Melbourne
Just like you, I was dubious to begin with. Maybe the eyelash extensions wouldn’t work for me. It always seems these sorts of things are too good to be true. I decided rather than googling eyelash extension reviews all  night and scouring through the hundreds I found online, I would just bite the bullet and see for myself. Let me see for myself if the impossible is actually possible.

On my best friend’s recommendations I visited Beauty and Bronze to get the procedure done. I really didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. All I had to do was like on my back on this comfy table, while the technician individually attached the false lashes to my natural lashes. The procedure took around 45 minutes and was incredibly relaxing. To be honest, I drifted off at one point. By the end of the appointment though, I couldn’t wait to wake up and check out my new lashes.

Upon staring at my new false lashes I was beyond excited. They looked so natural, yet so long and luscious. I couldn’t stop staring at myself. What was even better was the next morning when I woke they still looked amazing. There was no need to touch them up with mascara and give them a little curl with an eyelash curl. I didn’t even have to bother with eyeliner because the technician did this cool trick where she put three different lash lengths going from my inner to outer corners of my eye.

If you are like my and have an unhealthy obsession with mascara that you want to break, try eyelash extensions. I am totally involve with the look and adore not having to spend my morning messing around with mascara. While you do have to go to a lash appointment about once a week, it is completely relaxing and a good excuse to take a little nap. I highly recommend visiting Beauty and Bronze in Melbourne for your eyelash extensions. If you want to check out more about their services, jump on to their website at www.beautyandbronze.com.au.


Which Capacity Rainwater Tank is For Your Situation?

When purchasing a suitable rain water tank model in Adelaide, no doubt one of the first topics to consider is the right size. One of the major factors that muddy this decision is salespeople trying to upsell. While opting for a slightly roomy tank is a wise choice, selecting a style that is grossly too big will be a complete waste of money and precious garden space. The goal is to capture the closest volume to what you comfortably use, with bigger not necessarily being better. So, here we will look at the factors that you should chat to your tank supplier about, as well as some more general size estimates.

Obviously, the rainfall in your area will determine the size. However, this is far from the only consideration, and some customers have been known to place far too weighty an emphasis on this element alone. Here in Adelaide we enjoy over 550 mL of rain on average per year. In short, this is a decent amount and certainly makes a solid harvesting effort worthwhile, but it is certainly not the most in Australia. 

Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

The next two factors are usually related. First of all, the area of your roof will limit how much of this water you could possibly hope to capture. There is no point in installing a huge tank in a heavy rainfall area to support a large family if they are all cramped under a little roof. A medium sized roof is considered to be around 150m², or 5m x 10m. When talking to a professional about your roof size, it is best to estimate or measure the length and the width and calculate an area. Of course, this can be difficult with roofs which jut out all over the place, but a rough estimate is better than blindly guessing.

Next to consider is the number of people who will be consuming the water. Helpfully, SA Water now offers statistics and comparisons on their quarterly water bill. You can look at the average usage for a family of your size. Many people who note that they are above average do not realise the extent, and so this can help you predict the amount of water that you would realistically use while being a little more sparing.  I say these two are usually related as there are some clear exceptions. Most importantly are two storey houses, particularly townhouses. Being built vertically on a tiny block, they can house a large number of people quite easily but the roof space is not proportionate.

Adelaide is certainly ahead of the curve when it comes to leading the charge on rainwater usage. An Impressive 49% of Adelaide homes use some rainwater, compared to only 26% nationally. This is almost double. Further, the rest of the state is also doing incredibly well. 83% of homes outside the capital city in our state use rainwater to some degree, compared with 37% nationwide.  In fact, if looking at a ten year average, South Australia was the top state in relying on rainwater.

A professional tank company will be able to perform some minor calculations and determine your ideal sized tank. As a guide, residential tanks generally vary anywhere between 1,400L and 14,000L. If you know for a fact you are at the top or the bottom of this spectrum, the choice is easy. The hard part is working out where in the middle majority your family sits. To help with this Important Rain Water Tank Decision in Adelaide, have a chat to the always honest Taylor Made Tanks.


Make the switch to the automatic spray system

For years agricultural industries have relied on manual pumping sprays for use on farms and crop. Unfortunately, there are some key issues with using a manual pump which can be easily addressed with Modern Agricultural Sprayers. With efficiency and profitability being as important as ever in the competitive and brutal farming game, there is no reason to remain in the past.

First of all, manual sprays require labour intensive pumping at intervals during use. This may not initially seem like a problem, but on an industry scale where you may be spraying hectares of land, this is certainly a complaint. Even for domestic users who are just spraying their back garden, enough work goes into digging, planting and cutting that you don’t want to be pumping your spray as well. The inconvenience of pumping has been one of the common complaints of farmers and agricultural professionals, who were consulted in the early stages of developing a convenient alternative.

This manual pumping is not only a pain, but it can also result in the spray being inconsistent. A steady, constant stream of spray is ideal, and is easily achieved with an automatic system. A patchy job would be highly inefficient, as some areas would be over sprayed while others could not receive enough of the desired chemicals. Furthermore, those plants or areas that were over sprayed may suffer damage after such exposure to certain products, and so the potential for financial loss is clear.

An auto-pressurised tank allows the sprayer to concentrate on the spraying itself, not the tiresome pumping. This way, you can be certain that all of your desired area receives the contents of your bottle in the correct amounts. While the tedious pumping once proved a problem for those looking to spray their residential gardens, newer systems are intuitive and incredibly simple to operate correctly.

It used to take many more hours to spray an entire field with older styles of sprayers. Nobody likes doing these mundane chores, and so you will be happy to learn that modern sprayers can shave off a significant percentage of the time due to the press and go nature of the pressurised tank. Modern sprayers are also informed by much research concerning the potential effect of agricultural chemicals on the environment. Small scale sprayers are highly advisable for use of pesticides and weed killers. Vehicle driven or aerial spraying of these potentially harmful chemicals could release more of the material into the surrounding environment, whereas automated tanks target the intended area directly and minimise drift. The latest designs have adjusted droplet size to minimise chemical evaporation into the air.

Guidelines for the use of pesticides also recommend using as little pressure as possible in order to protect surrounding areas. Manual pumping is not only inconsistent, but each time it is pumped up, the pressure is likely to be too high. In household settings, homeowners can be confident that any surrounding edible plants will be protected from their pesticide spraying, and industrial users can ensure that they are operating within their legal boundaries. Newer systems have retained all of the successful features of older systems. For example, they are able to be transferred simply between chemical tanks with no cross contamination. This adds to the speed with which the jobs can be completed.

It is clear that advancements in technology have made modern agricultural sprayers far more preferable to their ancient predecessors. Not only can they save users valuable time, they are also much more environmentally friendly; a growing concern in today’s day and age. Contact the knowledgeable agricultural sprayers experts at Green Gorilla on http://green-gorilla.com.au/ for all of your answers and advice.


Tips for Cleaning your Couches Like a Professional

Whether we protect our lounge settings with covers or even never eat food near them, spills and stains inevitably happen. Guaranteeing that your couches will never come into contact with food and drink is impossible, and so at one point or another yo0u will no doubt find yourself looking at a stain and wondering how to attack it. The fact is, some attempts at cleaning can be hinder rather than help the situation, so it is imperative that you are educated in your effective upholstery cleaning methods in Adelaide.

There are two main types of cleaning when it comes to stains. First is the urgent spill. This is the kind of situation where you’ve just knocked your wine all over the seat, or a piece of greasy food escaped your plate and landed beside you. In this situation, time is of the essence. Be prepared, because that fifteen minutes of sifting through how to guides and calling your mum for her opinion could be the difference between lifting the damage and having a permanent spot. Before you run for the cleaning products, blot the area with absorbent paper towel.Do not rub, do not dab and do not use a wet sponge. You want to press the towel so it absorbs the stain. Water will only help the stain spread to the stuffing or deeper into the fabric.

Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

Once there is no more of the stain appearing on your towel, you have absorbed as much as you can. Now it is time to consult your cleaning products. Which product you use will obviously depend on the fabric of your couch. There should be a tag in some hidden place, perhaps at a seam on your couch. This will have a series of letters which are code for how they can be effectively cleaned. You will see either a W, S, WS or X. The first is for water based product, the second is for water free product such as dry cleaning solvent. The WS means either can work, and the dreaded X means it’s time to call in a professional.

If you are lucky enough to have several of your ideal product, then you should consult the bottle regarding examples of stains that it can be used on. Many food and beverage stains can be handled with two cups of cool water mixed with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. For notorious fruit stains, you can use a tablespoon of white vinegar and two thirds of a cup of rubbing alcohol. Finally, those greasy stains can be absorbed with corn starch or baking soda following the initial paper towel application, and vacuuming the area.

Long term stains are an entirely different situation. First and foremost, vacuum and brush down the couch. It is incredible how many people skip this step. You wouldn’t mop the floor before sweeping, as it would just create mud that is spread around the floor.

This is the same principle. Removing all the easily lifted dirt will make your job easier, and failing to do so could result in over wetting and you causing permanent damage.   If a) you are uncertain about your stains, b) know that you are dealing with a difficult stain such as red wine, c) have a delicate fabric such as silk or d) the above methods have failed, then it is time to admit defeat and call a stain expert. Expensive or family heirloom pieces are also best left to a professional. Masterclass Carpet Cleaning can offer an Exceptional Upholstery Cleaning Service in Adelaide affordably.

What You Can Do Before Calling a Roofing Orofessional

Common roofing cracks and leaks often go undetected in the early stages, and by the time they are spotted it can be too late. There are some tips for a homeowner who is looking to determine when they might be in need of quick roof repairs in Melbourne. This amateur inspection technique is by no means an exhaustive search and certainly not equivalent to a professional assessment, but can still be worthwhile in confirming a suspicion.

As a general rule, wherever possible you should try to stay off of your roof. With no or little experience in walking on a roof you risk slipping, stepping on unsupported ground or even doing more damage. The pitch is often much steeper than what is perceived from the ground, and the tiles aren’t designed to add grip. Ladders alone are the cause of a great many deaths. In a report from Safe Work Australia, in the eight years between 2003 and 2011, 37 people died as a result of falling from a ladder, and 25 as a result of falling from a roof. A great many more suffered injuries, and so this hazard should be avoided wherever possible.
Enter your attic space and ensure you know which floors are supported. In fact, a general assessment can be completed standing at the entrance alone. Walking around risks not only treading on unsupported beams, but also compressing insulation under your weight and therefore reducing its effectiveness.

Many hints in your attic can alert you of a problem, although of course if a leak or crack has already penetrated to the attic it could have already caused some damage. Rusted nails, rotting wood or mould suggest moisture is present, and could indicate a leak. Observe the ceiling above any example of moisture, and also assess your ventilation. Ensure bathroom fans and whirlybirds are functioning correctly, as these assist with air flow throughout the attic space.

If you spot a problem or potential problem in the attic, then you will want to determine the extent of the damage. Assess interior ceilings beneath the attic for watermarks. Bubbling of wallpaper, yellowed stains and mould can all eventuate from a leak. Any observations of this sort can be offered to your roof inspector when they come to work on your roof. It will help them find the source more quickly.  If you have knowledge of a second layer to your roof, this could be a real help to your roof tradespeople. In order to save costs, reroofing is sometimes performed over the original layer of shingles, without removing them. This added weight can be supported, but it may also be the reason behind a buckling roof.

Try and observe what you can of the exterior from the ground using binoculars. Take a look from a distance and assess the general shape of your roof. Can you detect any sagging or asymmetry? Next make the most of any upper storey windows and balconies. From this vantage point, you may be able to get a close up look of some of your tiles and roofing materials. Popped nails, cracked tiles and also a granular, disintegrated surface are all some signs that homeowners can look out for.

Another thing that homeowners can do is regularly clean out their gutters. Blockages are not only frustrating; they can cause water to pool in areas of your roof. This added weight and moisture can be a disaster over a period of time. When using a ladder on the ground, always ensure the ground is flat, the mechanism locks in place and that you have a buddy spotting you. If you would prefer a more thorough Roof Repairs Inspection in Melbourne from the start, or have noted a cause for concern, then contact C & L Coghlan Roofing.


Should You Install a Fire Safe Or a Regular Safe?

The answer to this question may at first seem obvious. If a fire safe is going to protect from fire as well as burglary, then that is certainly the better choice.  In reality, the decision might not be quite that simple, and it is worth talking to an honest locksmith operation in Adelaide before jumping to any conclusions.

First of all, many sources say that some fire proof safes have the sole goal of protecting your valuables from heat and fire damage, and are in fact rather easily penetrable when it comes to burglar attack. Too many buyers simply assume that the word ‘safe’ means that the device is going to offer protection from break in. The Diplomat Safe is a rare solution that carries an impressive fire rating as well as an electronic keypad for secure locking. 

Electronic and dial safes are much more secure, and the days when a simple lock and key were considered adequate protection are long behind us. Many brute force methods such as hitting the top of the safe to spring the latch are not effective against an electronic code. Electronic locks are also convenient and quick to open as the owner who knows the code. This ease of use means that you are more likely to regularly use the safe to store your more precious items.

So, there are some options out there that can combine the positive benefits of both fire and burglary protection. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases you are looking at one or the other. Some fire safes might offer some degree of burglary protection and vice versa. It really comes down to what you are most worried about.

As a general rule, fire safes are perfect for flammable items that are not going to necessarily be of interest to the average thief. These are usually paper documents, like signed wills and passports. These items are probably at more risk from fire than a burglar trying to look for things to resell undetected. Those items, like precious jewellery, cash and even electronics are best kept in a more secure safe that specifically keeps out burglars.

If you are concerned about the risk of fire in your building, then you would probably be looking at options that are fire resistant. Keep in mind that while some strategies such as building a safe into a concrete floor will largely protect valuables from extreme temperature, this is not the only danger a fire presents. 

It will either trigger sprinklers or in the worst case scenario the fire department and their heavy duty hoses. A safe in the floor could well let in water which would destroy documents and other delicate items. Most fire safes should be completely water tight, as they also need to keep humidity levels to a minimum, but it is certainly worth double checking with your locksmith.

Having a fire safe offers the added peace of mind that no one is going to risk their lives running back into a burning building to grab some valuables, as they are well protected. That being said, a regular burglary safe will protect your valuables so you will hopefully not endanger yourself in the presence of a burglar. This is clearly an individual decision and involves you weighing up your particular risk factors and situation. Remember that a fire safe is not ‘fireproof’ and a burglar safe is not ‘burglarproof’, but they do offer a much higher level of protection.

It may help to discuss your concerns with a Local Locksmith Professional in Adelaide who will be able to offer expert advice, so contact Marion Locksmiths.