Throw Away Your Mascara Forever in Melbourne by Trying Out Professional Eyelash Extensions

If you’re sick of dealing with messy, sticky mascara every morning in Melbourne, professional eyelash extensions could be a solution. Like most women, I have a love/hat relationship with mascara. Since I was 15 I have been relying on this beauty product to give me the confidence to step out of the house. Ten years on and it is now very much a crucial part of my daily routine and to be honest I would feel lost without it.

I do resent having to apply mascara though. Let’s be honest, it looks easy but it can be really tricky to get your mascara just right. My sister is a pro at making her lashes looking long and lashes with just mascara but I am not so blessed. While I no longer make them look like clumped spiders legs, I am guilty of getting black marks on my eyelids and also on my nose or cheek if I’m not careful. It’s always when I’m in a rush that I manage smearing mascara right across my face, just as I’m putting the final touches on my makeup.

It has always been a dream to wake up sans mascara and look back at dark, long lashes in the mirror. However, unfortunately I look more like a gremlin that needs more sleep. I never thought this dream was possible until my best friend let me into a secret that changed my beauty routine forever. By getting professional eye lash extensions, you can actually wake up with lashes like Kim K. Before you argue and say that’s not possible, trust me.
Eyelash Extensions in Melbourne
Just like you, I was dubious to begin with. Maybe the eyelash extensions wouldn’t work for me. It always seems these sorts of things are too good to be true. I decided rather than googling eyelash extension reviews all  night and scouring through the hundreds I found online, I would just bite the bullet and see for myself. Let me see for myself if the impossible is actually possible.

On my best friend’s recommendations I visited Beauty and Bronze to get the procedure done. I really didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. All I had to do was like on my back on this comfy table, while the technician individually attached the false lashes to my natural lashes. The procedure took around 45 minutes and was incredibly relaxing. To be honest, I drifted off at one point. By the end of the appointment though, I couldn’t wait to wake up and check out my new lashes.

Upon staring at my new false lashes I was beyond excited. They looked so natural, yet so long and luscious. I couldn’t stop staring at myself. What was even better was the next morning when I woke they still looked amazing. There was no need to touch them up with mascara and give them a little curl with an eyelash curl. I didn’t even have to bother with eyeliner because the technician did this cool trick where she put three different lash lengths going from my inner to outer corners of my eye.

If you are like my and have an unhealthy obsession with mascara that you want to break, try eyelash extensions. I am totally involve with the look and adore not having to spend my morning messing around with mascara. While you do have to go to a lash appointment about once a week, it is completely relaxing and a good excuse to take a little nap. I highly recommend visiting Beauty and Bronze in Melbourne for your eyelash extensions. If you want to check out more about their services, jump on to their website at www.beautyandbronze.com.au.

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