Fun Facts You Never Knew About Locksmiths in Adelaide

Most people rely on locksmiths to get them out of trouble in Adelaide. Whether they’re locked out of their home or vehicle, locksmiths race to their need and get them back inside. However, much thought is not given to their industry as a whole. When you investigate further you find that locksmithing is an extremely interesting craft. If you don’t believe it, take a look for yourselves at some interesting facts about locksmiths.
A talented locksmith can duplicate almost any key

Many lock companies like to advertise the fact that their keys cannot be duplicated. While this fills most homeowners with a sense of security, the fact is if you lose your key you will need someone to duplicate it. In reality, a professional locksmith has the skills to replicate almost any key. I mean lets face it, that’s their job. Next time you find yourself locked out and are pondering whether your key that claims it cannot be duplicated will be penetrable, call an experienced locksmith. In no time they will get you back into your home, car or commercial property. 

Famous magician was previously a locksmith
When you consider the role of a locksmith, it really doesn’t surprise you that one of the world’s most famous magicians use to be one. Hungarian born, Harry Houdini, started working as a locksmith at the tender age of 11. It wasn’t long until he was utilizing what he learnt in his professional life into his magic act. Renowned as a master escapologist, he wowed audience across the world with daring acts of escape from locks. With the talent to escape from any lock he became the president of the Society of American Magicians and is well revered even to this day.

Lock picking championship 

Have you ever wanted to master the art of lock picking? It may have been to open your sisters locked diary. Perhaps it was to gain access to your friend’s locker at school to pull a prank. Maybe it was even for a more sinister reason. Whatever the motivation, you would have quickly discovered it’s not easy. For those unsure, lock picking is considered quite an art and is the practice of opening a lock without using the key. To be performed properly, the lock must not also have any damage or be broken. A number of different tools are utilised to perform this trick. Funnily enough, the art of lock picking is so popular that there is even a Dutch Open for lock picking experts. Since 2002, lock pickers have been pitted against each other to be crowned the winner of the lock picking championship. 

Smartphones are taking the place of keys

The stranglehold smartphones have on our lives looks set to continue with the devices now taking the place of keys. How it works is the phone sends a signal to a door know or a dead bolt box through the internet and a converted box. This new method of locks is being utilised not only in homes but also hotels and commercial building. Even General Motors is exploring the use of the system to unlock car doors.

Next time you need a locksmith you are sure to respect their trade more after reading our fun facts. In the event you require help from Locksmiths in Adelaide, be sure to visit Marion Locksmith’s website.

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