Tips for Cleaning your Couches Like a Professional

Whether we protect our lounge settings with covers or even never eat food near them, spills and stains inevitably happen. Guaranteeing that your couches will never come into contact with food and drink is impossible, and so at one point or another yo0u will no doubt find yourself looking at a stain and wondering how to attack it. The fact is, some attempts at cleaning can be hinder rather than help the situation, so it is imperative that you are educated in your effective upholstery cleaning methods in Adelaide.

There are two main types of cleaning when it comes to stains. First is the urgent spill. This is the kind of situation where you’ve just knocked your wine all over the seat, or a piece of greasy food escaped your plate and landed beside you. In this situation, time is of the essence. Be prepared, because that fifteen minutes of sifting through how to guides and calling your mum for her opinion could be the difference between lifting the damage and having a permanent spot. Before you run for the cleaning products, blot the area with absorbent paper towel.Do not rub, do not dab and do not use a wet sponge. You want to press the towel so it absorbs the stain. Water will only help the stain spread to the stuffing or deeper into the fabric.

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Once there is no more of the stain appearing on your towel, you have absorbed as much as you can. Now it is time to consult your cleaning products. Which product you use will obviously depend on the fabric of your couch. There should be a tag in some hidden place, perhaps at a seam on your couch. This will have a series of letters which are code for how they can be effectively cleaned. You will see either a W, S, WS or X. The first is for water based product, the second is for water free product such as dry cleaning solvent. The WS means either can work, and the dreaded X means it’s time to call in a professional.

If you are lucky enough to have several of your ideal product, then you should consult the bottle regarding examples of stains that it can be used on. Many food and beverage stains can be handled with two cups of cool water mixed with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. For notorious fruit stains, you can use a tablespoon of white vinegar and two thirds of a cup of rubbing alcohol. Finally, those greasy stains can be absorbed with corn starch or baking soda following the initial paper towel application, and vacuuming the area.

Long term stains are an entirely different situation. First and foremost, vacuum and brush down the couch. It is incredible how many people skip this step. You wouldn’t mop the floor before sweeping, as it would just create mud that is spread around the floor.

This is the same principle. Removing all the easily lifted dirt will make your job easier, and failing to do so could result in over wetting and you causing permanent damage.   If a) you are uncertain about your stains, b) know that you are dealing with a difficult stain such as red wine, c) have a delicate fabric such as silk or d) the above methods have failed, then it is time to admit defeat and call a stain expert. Expensive or family heirloom pieces are also best left to a professional. Masterclass Carpet Cleaning can offer an Exceptional Upholstery Cleaning Service in Adelaide affordably.

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