Roof Leaks is One of The Main Reasons For Roof Repair in Vermont

Roof leaks are one of the main reasons for roof repair in Vermont. At the first sign of a leaking roof it is vital you hire a professional to solve the problem. While a bit of water dripping from your ceiling may not seem like a bid deal, leaving it can result in major problems. Your roof can store a lot of water and not having it fixed properly can end up with your ceiling caving in. So you can stay alert, we have outlined three of the main causes of roof leaks below.

Cracked flashing
One of the main causes of Roof Leaks for Homeowners in Melbourne is cracked flashing. For those who don’t know, flashings are applied to the roof joints to create a water-resistant barrier. They are installed beneath the shingles and can either be hidden or visible. Flashings are crafted from thin pieces of metal and when exposed they look like long runs of sheet metal. Alternatively, if the flashing is concealed they are fitted with a rubberized coating on top. One telltale sign of broken flashing is big cracks. 

Flashings are prone to cracking as they are often sealed with tar, which has the potential to corrode over time. For homes that feature exposed flashing, it can become damaged from wild weather like rain and wind and become cracked over time. The lucky thing is, professional roof repairers can easily repair this type of problem. All they need to do is locate the entry point of water and then remove the segment of the cracked flashing. Once removed, a new run of flashing is installed and the shingles are replaced. To finish it off, a coat of roofing sealant is applied to the nail heads and then it’s all done.

Broken Shingles

While to most of us shingles sound like a medical condition you don’t want to get, in the roofing world they refer to the exterior layer of your roof. It’s pretty easy to spot a missing or broken shingle, as it will show up on your roof as a different coloured patch. Another obvious sign is if you find a shingle in your backyard, most likely following a big storm. The main reasons shingles become broken are weather related, which is why it’s important to stay vigilant to leaks during wild weather.   

When a experienced roof repairer tends to your broken shingles they will lift the damaged shingle by sliding a pry bar under it. Once the shingle is lifted the nails are removed and then they simply replace it with a new one.

Valleys are not sealed properly

The valley of the roof is the point where two panes of roof come together. Often the roof is slopped in this area, so it can be easy for rainwater to get inside the roof if it is not sealed adequately. Usually a sign of a rook leak caused by an unsealed valley will be a wet spot trickling down the seam of your roof. There are a number of different reasons why a problem like this can develop. It could be that when someone is inspecting your roof they have stepped on it and cracked the seal. Another reason could be it may not have been sealed properly in the first place. It could even be due to excess water and ice eroding the sealing.

For this type of repair job it is highly recommended to hire a roof repair professional, as it can be quite tricky. The general process is to lay a new barrier along the valley and shingling overtop, which should sufficiently fix the leak.
 At the first sign of a Roof Leak Repair in Your Vermont Home, be sure to contact professionals to carry out roof repair. For an experienced team you can trust, contact Coghlan Roofing Melbourne.

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