Should You Install a Fire Safe Or a Regular Safe?

The answer to this question may at first seem obvious. If a fire safe is going to protect from fire as well as burglary, then that is certainly the better choice.  In reality, the decision might not be quite that simple, and it is worth talking to an honest locksmith operation in Adelaide before jumping to any conclusions.

First of all, many sources say that some fire proof safes have the sole goal of protecting your valuables from heat and fire damage, and are in fact rather easily penetrable when it comes to burglar attack. Too many buyers simply assume that the word ‘safe’ means that the device is going to offer protection from break in. The Diplomat Safe is a rare solution that carries an impressive fire rating as well as an electronic keypad for secure locking. 

Electronic and dial safes are much more secure, and the days when a simple lock and key were considered adequate protection are long behind us. Many brute force methods such as hitting the top of the safe to spring the latch are not effective against an electronic code. Electronic locks are also convenient and quick to open as the owner who knows the code. This ease of use means that you are more likely to regularly use the safe to store your more precious items.

So, there are some options out there that can combine the positive benefits of both fire and burglary protection. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases you are looking at one or the other. Some fire safes might offer some degree of burglary protection and vice versa. It really comes down to what you are most worried about.

As a general rule, fire safes are perfect for flammable items that are not going to necessarily be of interest to the average thief. These are usually paper documents, like signed wills and passports. These items are probably at more risk from fire than a burglar trying to look for things to resell undetected. Those items, like precious jewellery, cash and even electronics are best kept in a more secure safe that specifically keeps out burglars.

If you are concerned about the risk of fire in your building, then you would probably be looking at options that are fire resistant. Keep in mind that while some strategies such as building a safe into a concrete floor will largely protect valuables from extreme temperature, this is not the only danger a fire presents. 

It will either trigger sprinklers or in the worst case scenario the fire department and their heavy duty hoses. A safe in the floor could well let in water which would destroy documents and other delicate items. Most fire safes should be completely water tight, as they also need to keep humidity levels to a minimum, but it is certainly worth double checking with your locksmith.

Having a fire safe offers the added peace of mind that no one is going to risk their lives running back into a burning building to grab some valuables, as they are well protected. That being said, a regular burglary safe will protect your valuables so you will hopefully not endanger yourself in the presence of a burglar. This is clearly an individual decision and involves you weighing up your particular risk factors and situation. Remember that a fire safe is not ‘fireproof’ and a burglar safe is not ‘burglarproof’, but they do offer a much higher level of protection.

It may help to discuss your concerns with a Local Locksmith Professional in Adelaide who will be able to offer expert advice, so contact Marion Locksmiths.

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