Decorating Your Pergola

A pergola is classically different from a standard gazebo or other type of outdoor structure in that its latticed roof is often covered in plants. Incorporating plant life in and around your pergola is important so that it perfectly blends into its surroundings and becomes a quaint and serene place in which to relax. Learn more excellent Adelaide pergolas tips for decorating.

Pergolas were originally designed to shelter guests from full sun, providing instead a dappled light and a cool breeze. The beauty of it is that in sheltering the people beneath from the sun’s rays, it is placing any creepers on the roof lattice in a perfect sunny spot. A creeper such the Chinese Star Jasmine can be a fantastic choice here. Not only is it incredibly resilient, being able to be placed anywhere from full sun to full shade, but it also flowers year round. This creeper has the added benefit of a beautiful scent. Involving all of the senses in a garden oasis can really help to transport your mind to a place of calm. Of course there is the visual aspect of drinking in a palette of vibrant colour, but you should also think about involving some differing textures and finally selecting complementary scents.

A creeper is an essential part of any picturesque pergola, but the downside is that it can take a few years to get some good coverage, and after that you will need to keep trimming it so it does not become overbearing. In the meantime, hanging plants can be a fantastic instant boost. Choose a bright flower that will spill out over the pot and droop. Flowers such as impatiens can do the trick, and they grow well in the shade which is a factor to consider, depending where under your pergola they will be hanging. Hanging baskets provide a great, dynamic alternative to planter boxes which can take up a lot of the small amount of space available.

Adelaide Pergolas

Flowers are nice, but many people who build a pergola are looking for a more relaxed vibe. Ferns are the perfect solution. You can create a miniature rainforest under the confines of your pergola where you can relax with a book or entertain a few friends with a bottle of wine. These plants do tend to need a bit more watering than usual, and here in Adelaide our rainfall alone cannot be relied upon. Opt for a mixture of hanging and ground standing ferns that will catch the most water possible. For the quirky pergola owner, some clever topiary work can look simply stunning. Plant life under your pergola does not have to be a confusing jumble of colours, and sometimes it is the simple shades of green that look best. If you are worried about getting around to watering your plants, then you cannot go wrong with resilient succulents.

Finally, you may like to think about how your plants in your pergola can offer more than one function. Obviously they are there to look pretty, but how else can you use them to your advantage? A grape vine instead of a flowering climbing vine can be a fantastic choice. Pick the grapes when they are ripe, and you can pair them with a nice glass of red. Alternatively, dwarf fruit trees can be a good choice for nearby, but make sure they don’t block the afternoon sun.

There are even some plants that can help to repel pesky mosquitoes on summer nights. Citronella, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass and peppermint are all Mother Nature’s answer. These plants all share an exquisite aroma, which is far preferable to pungent mosquito spray. Of course, the most important part of decorating a pergola is in beginning with a beautiful pergola design in the first place. To browse a range of Stunning Adelaide Pergolas, visit Pergolarific.

Creative Water Storage For Tight Spaces

A mammoth rain water tank in Adelaide is an effective, Eco-friendly choice for water harvesting. Unfortunately, it has a few downsides, one of which is its enormous size. The good news is that in the last few years, designers have been flexing their creative muscles in an effort to create more appealing, space saving solutions that can be marketed to a broader range of customers.

Slimline Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

Slimline tanks have been around for a while now, and they are still as popular as ever for their sleek design that fits on almost any property. They are often slotted down the side of a house so that they are barely visible and using space that was previously wasted. Remember, it is the roof space that actually captures your water, not the surface area of the tank itself. So long as you have roof space to spare, there is no reason why a slimline tank would be a compromise. Keep in mind that some council areas have restrictions in place concerning how close a rainwater tank can be to a neighbour’s fence.

All properties are different in their amount and shape of outdoor space available. In many cases, a property has a square patch free but the owner assumes that it is too small for a tank. There are new round models that are extra thin and tall which are perfect for these scenarios. They have a domed top for extra strength, as otherwise the weight of the water inside would be too much for the design. Obviously these cannot come in as great a capacity as standard or even slimline tanks, however they can suit some situations. They are fantastic especially if you are looking for rainwater just for use in the garden or to minimise your reliance on mains in summer.

In some instances, a regular large tank would be ideal but the problem is with access to the site. A rainwater tank is a huge item and so you can imagine rolling or lifting it into place would regularly generate some problems. Most of the time, these situations can be rectified with a built on site solution. Instead of craning in a prefabricated tank, some qualified professionals can come to your home and assemble the much smaller pieces for you. This is essentially what they usually do at the factory, just on your property. Talk to your local tank supplier about whether this is an option that might be possible for you. If so, they should send someone to conduct a site visit and confirm that a build on site can take place.

The search for space on a property has become more and more important. Water rates are rising and so people are scrambling for any way that they can collect their own water and avoid the steady rise. Houses are taking up more of the property space, and people who do have a bit of a yard like to cover it with decking or verandahs so that they can entertain outdoors. Have you ever thought about using this to your advantage? There now exists a special water storage bladder that can be installed under a deck or under a house. This material balloon can lay flat in any space under your home, and slowly is filled. After a little while, you will completely forget that you have one, except for when you are pleasantly surprised by your water bill every quarter.

Please visit the Taylor Made Tanks website if you would like to learn more detailed rain water tank information in Adelaide.


You Don’t Need An Electrician To Change A Light Bulb

Are you the type of girl that calls an electrician out to your Port Melbourne house when you need to change a lightbulb? If so, there’s no judgment coming from me. Every since I moved out of home I have been dreading the moment when my light bulbs go out. I have never changed a lightbulb myself and if I’m totally honest I’m kind of scared of the whole process. Unfortunately the moment finally happened last week. The lightbulb in my bathroom sadly faded and it was inevitable I had to replace it. Luckily for those like me, I have shared a step by step guide of how to change a light bulb for first timers.

Step 1:  The first step is ensuring the fixture is no longer live. At first I thought this just meant turning the switch off, however, this doesn’t guarantee the fixture is not live. In some old homes, the electrical workmanship is very bad and the neutral line to the fixture has been disconnected. This means live power is still coursing through and can electrocute you. Fortunately, for new home this isn’t much of a concern. So, in the instance where you are unsure of the quality of your electrics, it’s a good idea to have your live electricity checked by a professional electrician. If you don’t have time to call an electrician to get it all checked out, simply turn the fuse box off in your home. This will cut all electricity to your home that can easily be reinstated when you’re done changing the light bulb.

Step 2:  With the fixture off, wait a few minutes for the light bulb to cool down. While light bulbs don’t generate a huge amount of heat, they can be hot to touch when they have been burning for a long time. While the hot light bulb won’t harm you, it’s not fun to have burnt fingers.

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Step 3: This is the step things actually get real. It’s time to touch and twist the light bulb. Some scary things can actually happen during this process. One thing that is a common fear is that when you twist the light bulb the screw part gets stuck in the fixture. This is more something that commonly occurs outside the house or in particularly humid rooms in the house. Whilst twisting the bulb there is also the worry you may press too hard and end up making the bulb break in your hand. To avoid the chances of cuts, wear a thick rubber glove whilst twisting. It’s also crucial you don’t press too hard, as the glass is very thin.

Step 4:  When you have managed to twist the light bulb out, it’s time to replace it. You will need to find a replacement globe that has the right maximum power rating. Take a look at the old bulb to see what the rating is. It’s essential you don’t fit a bulb that exceeds the rating as it can actually go on to cause a fire.

Step 5:  With the right light bulb in hand, slowly twist the globe into place. Once it’s in, you are safe to turn the electricity back on. For those who turned the fuse box off, you are now able to reinstate power to your house. 

After my first light bulb change I realized it was pretty easy. However, if you are still concerned, it’s a good idea to talk to a Trusted Electrician in Port Melbourne. Give the team at Electricians on Call a phone call to discuss any worries.


Choosing A Commercial Cleaner For Your Business

Maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace is an essential part of being a good owner or manager. A clean workplace raises staff mood, improves efficiency and productivity, and of course promotes the highest possible level of safety. The main reason to hire a professional commercial cleaning company in Adelaide is to give customers a great first impression of your business.

When hiring a company, you will want to make sure that they are able to satisfy your business’s needs as best they can. Ideally, the company you choose would have had previous experience cleaning a similar site in terms of scale, and any specific problems to deal with. Cleaning a factory floor that comes into contact with grease and hot liquids for example, is going to require a very different approach to cleaning carpets in an office. The term commercial cleaning is very broad and can be applied to anything form retail to warehouse work. Make sure you hire a team that is comfortable and where necessary specifically qualified in your particular area.

A good cleaning company brings together a number of different aspects of their business. Cleaning isn’t just about floors or benchtops or walls, but a complete cleaning service. Does the business you are looking into employ specific professionals who specialise in each job? Certain flooring for example will require special machinery that can only be operated by people with training and perhaps a license. Then again, having a number of all-rounders can be good if you have a relatively small site that only needs one or two people present at a time.

SA Sweepers & Scrubbers

A cleaning company will need to be able to adapt to the situation at hand. Ask the company you are interviewing about how they can deal with an emergency or if they are flexible in their approach. For example, you might experience a major spill that puts employee safety at risk, and will need to have it taken care of immediately. Hopefully, a reliable cleaner would be able to prioritise this kind of job and find the time to come and offer a solution in your hour of need.

A self-sufficient cleaning service is best. It might be worth paying a little more if it means that your cleaner will appear each week will their own supplies and products. Companies in the industry go through so many litres of product that they are likely to buy in bulk or get discount deals from suppliers on their cleaning products. Presumably this saving will be passed on to you, the customer.

Do they have a website? An online presence these days can be a very important thing these days. If they do have a website, look for things like pricing estimates or the offer of a free quote for a specific service. This openness suggests that they are not going to try to charge you an inflated rate at the completion of the job. A careers section on their page also indicates that they are popular with candidates applying, and will be able to select the best to represent them.

Some cleaners will have a focus which can help if you are limited somehow. For example, a budget service will use lower quality products but still get the job done, perfect for small businesses that might have less disposable income. Others will have a concern for ethical and eco-friendly cleaning supplies which may be beneficial for particularly sensitive environments. Please get in touch with the renowned team at SA Sweepers & Scrubbers arrange a Convenient Commercial Cleaning Schedule in Adelaide.

Make A Bold Design Statement With A Central Glass Atrium

Modern glass in Adelaide homes is a key design element these days. We love to see homes embrace huge windows, balustrading and even skylights. What is less common, though looks spectacular when completed, is the inclusion of a central atrium in new designs.

Some may be surprised to know that the architectural concept of the atrium dates back to Roman times. It seems just like with so many other things, they were way ahead of their time on this one. An atrium is a central column which an open or glass roof which allows natural light to pour into the centre of the home. It forms a central courtyard at the ground floor. The walls of the atrium can be made of normal housing materials like brick, which holes or windows to allow the light in. More commonly however we are seeing structures created with four glass walls which really spread the light throughout the entire property.

Because of all of the sunlight, and sometimes water if the top is left open, an atrium can be the perfect spot to grow plant life. This is a smart design choice for those on small locks looking to use the most space possible but still wanting a little outdoor spot to sit. An atrium courtyard can be densely surrounded by thick green foliage to offer privacy and exoticism.

Glass in Adelaide

One of the little problems that can arise with such a cavernous column in the middle of the home is with privacy. You can imagine that with the open plan living we tend to prefer these days, that there could be some issue here with bedrooms or when people come to stay. Also, you never know how much your neighbours can peek in. For these reasons, it is good to add a layer of privacy. As mentioned earlier, some foliage can do the trick, but it can also cut out some of the light that you want to keep flowing in.

One solution to this is to choose the glass you use for your atrium very carefully. Instead of just picking the any old transparent window pane, think about the consequences of adding a twist to your glass. Maybe a slight coloured tinge could be all the obscurity you need. A frosted or dimpled texture could also give just a silhouette shadow which is a big step up in privacy. You will want to talk to your architect as well as visit some glassing suppliers to see the options that are available. Before making a commitment, see if you can see your chosen glass installed somewhere in person, or take home a sample so that you can better visualise the end result.

Now, choosing a dimpled or frosted glass will probably reduce the amount of light that gets through very minimally, but by opting for a double glass or extra thick style you can improve your insulation which will stop the heat and light from leaving. Indeed, even for if you use normal glass; it makes far more sense to use a double thick, insulative glass.

The best part about a glass atrium is that it completely opens up all of the space you have available. By being able to see right through form one end of the house to the other instead of having walls separating everything, the area seems bigger and more appealing to buyers. Get in touch with the resident glass experts in Adelaide at Q Glass and Glazing on http://qglassandglazingadelaide.com.au when you are ready to begin discussing your atrium project.


Make a Tea Cosy For Your Enamelware

A tea cosy for all your favourite enamel cups is the seamless introduction to knitting. This little project is the perfect beginner’s activity.
Enamel MugsEnamel mug 
Often, knitting involves hours and hours of tedious and finicky handiwork. The beginner will take a number of flawed pieces before they can proudly wear their first item out of the house. Knitting is all about uniform stitching, and so the amateur is likely to drop a stitch here or there which will be obvious on the finished product. The beauty of working on a mug jumper is that the entire project will only take an hour or so. Have a few goes, and voila, you’ll have the confidence to become a pro knitter in no time.

As a brand new knitter, there are some things to keep in mind. The first is that patience is a virtue in this craftwork. The second is that your first piece probably isn’t going to be a masterpiece. Work your way up to the top; slow and steady wins the race. And finally, the steps can be hard to get your head around at first, so it is best to be taught in person. Ask around from parents, grandparents or friends to see if there is someone that can teach you first hand. If this is not possible, consider taking a class, or watching a few online tutorial videos. Pictures and words don’t really convey the movement until you already know what you’re doing.

This makes the perfect first knitting idea because there are no difficult shapes or edges to incorporate. In fact, you don’t even need a pattern really, just work off of your Favourite mug. Stitch a row until it is the height of your mug. Then just keep doing this number of stiches in even rows, leaving a small slit for the mug handle. Stitch up the ends when you’re done and that’s that. Once you learn how, you may want to add a base to the design so that you don’t burn your leg while your tea is resting. For your next one, try including a striped pattern with another colour yarn, and gift it to a friend.

Perhaps one of the main complaints with enamel mugs for drinking coffee and tea is that they can have the tendency to lose heat faster than ceramic mugs. Some people in fact prefer this, because they can cool their coffee relatively quickly and gulp it down at once at the perfect temperature. Those of us that like to slowly sip and savour our beverage may find this a bit of a disappointment. Adding a surrounding tea cosy to keep your drink warm is the perfect solution to this problem, and allows you to enjoy hot coffee with all the other benefits of an enamel mug.

As well as keeping your drinks warm at home, your new little friend can come with you anywhere, from the office to picnics and camping. These latter two find a tea cosy particularly useful to keep the liquid from your thermos hot while it rests in your cup. Beware, if you take your new creation to the office you might cause insane jealousy, or have your next several projects lined up by the end of the day. Be prepared for compliments aplenty when you show off your first knitted tea cosy.

If you would rather work from a pattern, there are plenty available online with a quick search. If you want to pick out a brand New Enamel Mug Colour before beginning, then come visit the Ardena Imports team.


Go Back To Basics With Simple Farming Technology

In recent years, overwhelming research in the agriculture industry has stressed the importance of constant innovation and bigger and better technology. Of course, if we are to continue to feed a growing population, we do need to continue to focus on improving our methods and products. Simple agricultural sprayers have been replaced with industrial spraying machines, for example. However, some of the latest, most complex machinery is not without its problems. Sometimes the most popular new trend is not all it is thought to be. It is important to do your research before jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad.

First of all, there is in general far less control with large automatic sprayers. Compared to twenty years ago, more than double the chemical is released per hour due to faster spray rigs. However, the increase in speed has not been proportionate to an increase in efficiency. There is a tendency to use auto steer technology to make night time spraying a possibility. Unfortunately, with no one to adjust the settings for the colder climate at night, there is greater wastage, drift and resulting pollution.

This increase in drift is not only a threat to waterways and the air, but also to more sensitive surrounding crops which would usually require a much softer chemical. Examples are cotton or grapes which can be seriously affected by even minimal harsh chemical spray drift.

Agricultural Sprayers

In response to this increase in drift as a result of newer spraying technologies, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority have begun to more thoroughly label their packaging. Chemicals now include mandatory warnings including no-spray zones, ideal wind speed, spray quality and recommended record keeping practices. These new mandatory regulations are enforceable by law. If there is evidence that you have irresponsibly applied chemical spray, then you may be eligible for a fine, a claim for compensation can be filed against you, and your insurance may be void.

The larger the spraying machine, the more room there is for error and inconsistency. Of course, some properties are simply so large that there is no other alternative than to choose an industrial sprayer. Adjusting boom height, monitoring wind speeds and keeping a steady pace can help to minimise drift. Small to medium properties however can enjoy greater success and efficiency with a backpack sprayer.

The humble backpack sprayer has a number of advantages over self-propelled or pulled spraying machinery. First of all and perhaps most obviously, is that the nozzle at the end of the spraying stem is placed right where it needs to go. Boom sprayers hover over the top of crops, but do not adjust according to the height of different specimens. Not all crops are going to be uniform in height, meaning that while some will get the right amount of product, some will get too little and others too much. A backpack sprayer by contrast puts you right in front of your individual crops, allowing you to spray as you see fit. Adjusting the length of your stem according to your height and what you feel is comfortable will allow you to remain as consistent as possible while still being able to adjust where necessary.

A range of nozzles are available for backpack sprayers, as with larger spraying machines. This means that you can easily adjust your droplet size as you move between crops. The idea is to get the coarsest droplet possible while consistently applying the product to your crop. The finer the mist, the greater the risk of drift. Drift not only adds to pollution, but it also reduces the amount of product that reaches your crop. For Expert Agricultural Sprayers Advice as well as premium products, please visit Green Gorilla.

Reasons To Rely On An All-Day Locksmith

Many locksmiths are only open during traditional business hours, which is 9-5 Monday to Friday. While most businesses can get away with only being open during these hours, when it comes to trades, a bit more flexibility goes a long way. In particular, a reliable 24 hour locksmith in Adelaide offers the best service of all for a number of reasons. 


First and foremost, security problems don’t only happen during office hours. In fact, statistically speaking, break ins and other security breaches are very unlikely to occur during the day time. Sure, in the day time most people are out at their jobs, but there is also very little cover for burglars. They prefer to work under cover of darkness rather than risk being seen by a neighbour. This means that you are most likely to experience a break in in the middle of the night. Should you be woken by the burglar at 2am, or find the damage in the morning at 7 when you start getting ready for work, you will want to be able to contact a locksmith straight away. 

Here in Australia, there is a growing risk of burglary. Reasons cited for this increase have included our relatively well-off economic position and subsequent abundance of affluent homes. We also have a relatively low unemployment rate, meaning many people are out at work for significant periods of the day. And finally, our culture values owning one’s own detached home, rather than an apartment or flat. A detached home has less security in general, and is a bigger target with many unprotected entry points. 

A 24 hour locksmith is also going to be far more urgent compared to your standard service. Time is of the essence when it comes to breached home or automotive security. The sooner you talk to the police about visiting the crime scene as well as a locksmith about securing the premises, the more likely you are to have the case solved. Unfortunately, a huge number of cases go unreported. Over 380 000 cases were reported in one year, and it is assumed that almost half that number again occurred without report. 

After a robbery, a victim will feel totally vulnerable. Smashed glass or damaged locks can also make you an easy target for a second attack in the following days. Any damaged locks or entry points need to be repaired or replaced without delay. It is approximated that one in four burglary victims are re-burgled within the year. Whether this is simply because they remain an easy target or whether the same burglar remembered their property is uncertain. 

Of course, not all locksmith services are about break ins. Sometimes, you may have lost or snapped a key. For your vehicle keys, this is most likely to happen when you go to turn on your car in the morning or afternoon, on the way to and from work. Now, both of these time frames are technically outside of office hours, meaning that a traditional service would make you wait and make you late for work. 

Finally, a locksmith that is always open will have to have a number of qualified employees on hand. A 24 hour service simply cannot rely upon one person, and will likely involve at least two, if not three or four professionals. This means that there will always be someone ready to send out to you in an emergency. Furthermore, if you have a larger scale job, such as installing a complete home security system, you will have access to a whole team of suitable workers to get the job done efficiently. Please talk to Marion Locksmiths about their efficient 24 hour locksmith fleet in Adelaide.


Custom Builds Allow You To Go Green

Beechwood Homes

Energy efficiency is still a bit of a buzzword, being thrown around left right and centre in the building industry. Despite this, the fact remains that this feature is perhaps the most important part of a modern custom home builders’ job in Adelaide.
Most people appreciate that choosing the most environmentally friendly options for household appliances and designs makes sense for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is of course going to help out the greater planet. The environmentally conscious among us realise that there is no longer really a debate about whether the climate is changing or not. The debate swings instead to how much it is changing, and what we can do to curb this change. If we are to make a significant difference, then we each have to do our part to contribute, and making informed choices during the planning stages of your build is a fantastic start.

Home Builders Adelaide
The other big reason for choosing the most Eco-friendly options is that it can save you the big bucks, both in upfront purchase costs as well as ongoing operation and maintenance. The most energy efficient refrigerator on the market for example will reduce your running costs by about 20%. In terms of upfront cost, it will depend on which features you prioritise. Elements such as double doors and a thermostat will help you to keep your fridge at the right temperature and not waste energy unnecessarily. An energy rating of at least 2.5 is recommended, and the higher the star rating, the better the deal.

Retrofitting later is certainly possible, but will mean you have to fork out a small fortune. For those who are motivated to go green for financial reasons, this kind of misses the point. Besides, building an energy efficient home is about far more than just the appliances. The orientation plays a key role in making the most of the natural arc of the sun, and will determine many other things such as passive cooling and whether your home is suitable for solar panels. These are major building factors that cannot be simply added later, and must be considered in the early design stages. You may like to consider aspects such as recycled or reclaimed building materials too.

As well as choosing what you do and do not want, building a custom home means access to the absolute latest in energy efficient devices. Even in the last two years, huge strides have been taken in developing advanced appliances that put older ones to shame. The huge demand for these products drives prices down and so you can expect to pay less for a washing machine that performs 5 times as well and uses less water. It really makes no sense to for anything other than the latest available whitegoods at the time.

With a custom build, all of the choices are up to you. By going with a developer rather than an individual builder, you will be able to gain access to the current plans that have enjoyed great environmental success, and tweak the parts you want to change. Building from scratch can be the way for big mistakes to happen if you are not properly experienced in what works and what doesn’t. There is no point in choosing the most environmental aspect and shape of a blueprint if in reality if does not properly serve the needs of your family. Strike a balance between functionality and environmental design.

 Please get in touch with the respected custom home builders team in Adelaide at Beechwood Homes.


Ensure Your Balcony is Child Friendly

A balcony is classified as any platform on the side of a building more than one metre above ground level. By law, this platform must be surrounding by some sort of safety balustrades in Adelaide, also known as railing. As you can imagine, there can be all sorts of hazards for young children on and around your balcony.

Perhaps the biggest factor that parents worry about is the drop to the ground. As mentioned, a balcony is at least one metre from the ground, but more often it is more like two or three metres. A fall from this height could easily cause severe injury, if not death. Unfortunately, the incidence of balcony falls is rather high considering Australian Building Standards insist on a reliable balustrade. Around 140 deaths in children under fifteen years are recorded as a direct result of balcony falling.

The worrying part is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant fall height in order to cause death. According to a recent study, approximately 40% of fatal falls for children under the age of fifteen were from a height of less than three feet, which is about three times the length of a standard ruler. In order to prevent falls, the balustrading must be high enough as well as unclimbable. According to Australian Building Standards, any balcony not surrounded by a wall needs to have a balustrade that is at least one metre in height.

Balustrades Adelaide

The next hazard is little limbs or other body parts becoming stuck in any gaps in the balustrading. The often arises from attempts to climb the structure. Building standards state that any gaps must be no wider than a 12.5cm circle. However, this restriction would still allow other smaller body parts to become stuck. For this reason, various children’s hospitals recommend a maximum of a 10cm gap. They have seen the many cases of injury that arrive on their doorstep, complaining of large balustrading gaps.

Finally, the last major danger when it comes to balconies is the staircase that is often attached. Stairs are dangerous for even the most coordinated people when they are in a hurry or simply have their mind on other things. For children whose motor and hand-eye coordination skills are not fully developed, will struggle even more. Balustrading is a must for outdoor and indoor staircases, for many of the same reasons as it is required or balconies. As well as a balustrade, it is a good idea to include a hand rail that can guide people up and down safely. Families with young children may wish to look at a second rail which is the right height for their children. Correct landings should also be used after a maximum of 18 steps.

Flooring can be a danger on balconies and outdoor stairs, as this can affect the incidence of slipping. While most balconies are under cover, rain and debris can still blow in and become a hazard. Grooved timber or non-slip tiling are popular choices which effectively drain excess water and prevent slipping in wet and dry conditions. You will want to conduct some research on durable and cost effective solutions that will not disintegrate under extreme weather conditions.

Any questions about the legality and best safety tips for your balcony can be answered by either the Australian Building Code website, or by talking to your local balustrading supplier. Of course, balustrades are not solely about safety, and can look extremely attractive if done correctly. Choose from a range of glass, aluminium or Steel Balustrades Options in Adelaide from Fencing World.


Smoke Alarm Checks Are Essential

A confident electrician team in Newport can quickly and efficiently perform the job of installing and checking smoke alarms. Checking that the smoke alarms are still working is one of those jobs that we know is really important, but it just completely slips our mind. Perhaps this is because the detectors are located on the ceiling, and so you never really catch yourself looking directly at them which would remind you. Perhaps it is because they are a bit awkward to get to, and you can’t be bothered getting the step ladder out, or are worried that you might trip and fall. Whatever your reason, it is no excuse when one quick could save the lives of your family, as well as your family home from fire.

Checking your smoke alarms when you move into a new property involves more than simply checking the batteries. You will also want to double check that there is an alarm on each floor, and especially outside every bedroom or other area where one might take a nap.  You should also familiarise yourself with what to do if the smoke alarm goes off in a new place. Do you know how to disable it if it is a kitchen false alarm? Is there an automatic signal that is sent out to the emergency services if the alarm is sounding for a certain period of time? Which is the best or most efficient way to exit the building if it isn’t a false alarm?

Electricians On Call

There is some confusion as to when smoke alarms should be checked. As a general consensus, they should be checked monthly. This may seem like an inconvenience, but checking them is simply a matter of seeing if a little red light is flashing, for example. Every now and then it is also a good idea to test them by waving smoke beneath them and checking that they do go off. Of course, remember to warn all family members and neighbours before doing this! Changing the batteries only needs to be done yearly, and in fact there is a national day which seeks to remind homeowners to check their alarms and change the batteries. In Australia, this is April 1. If you are a landlord, then it is your responsibility to perform the required checks across all of your properties.

Finally, smoke alarms are not only for homes, but equally as important for businesses too. In fact, for industries which regularly work with flames and smoke, such as restaurants, the installation and regular maintenance of smoke alarms is absolutely imperative. As well as being motivated by a sense of safety, there are some serious fines that threaten businesses and landlords which fail to properly position, install or monitor the performance of smoke alarms. This is so strict because it is widely recognised just how effective these tiny devices can be in preventing serious injury and death.

Smoke alarms that are any older than a decade need to be replaced entirely, not just the batteries. If you are moving into a new place, it can be difficult to know just how old or how reliable your detector is. Ask your landlord about when it was installed or if it has been maintained over the years. If in doubt, then it is worth the peace of mind and enhanced safety for your family and treasured possessions to simply replace it. Then, at least you will know for sure and will be able to chat toy our electrician with confidence. Please have a chat to Electricians On Call, our Exceptional Electrician Business in Newport.


Attaching a Carport To Your Existing Roof

There are some serious factors to consider when attaching an attached carports roof in Adelaide. Because you are building onto your own home, you need to consider not only the structural integrity of the new build, but also how this impacts your home roof.

Decades ago, any additions of this sort were much smaller in size and so therefore did not impact the existing structure as much. However, as people demand more and more space, carports are becoming bigger. It is now common for a family to have two or three or even more cars, all of which they are looking to house under their new carport. They might even want a brand new outdoor living or entertaining area that would be even larger than this.

These growths are compounded by the fact that roof frames tend to be made from either prefabricated timber or steel. This frame using this material is carefully designed to manage the weight of the house roof, but not any additional weight. It is possible to successfully add a carport to your home without doing damage, but there first needs to be some reinforcement procedures performed. For example, the fascia is often made if thin and flimsy metal, and cannot really act as a distributing beam. The fascias clearly need to be firmly attached and reinforced to ensure that this border is not a point of weakness.


When you are certain that they are firmly secured, then the next problem involves counteracting the immense weight of the carport that will drag down the edge of the house roof. Depending on the depth of the eaves, you may find that the downward pull of the carport could force the house roofing material to bow. The roof section between the edge and the first truss node are particularly at risk of this. The simple solution is to add a strengthening support which reinforces this section and ensures it stays rigid.

Adding additional weights onto a corner of a roof is particularly dangerous, as these are the weakest points of the structure. This is because of shallow roof space, large cantilever and discontinuous rafters. A carport addition here can be done, but it does need some very special and expert attention. As well as pulling down, the huge roof area of your carport has the potential to cause a massive uplift as it catches the breeze. Tie downs are required of the roof to the supporting walls, and these can be retrofitted rather easily by a qualified roofing technician.

These are the main structural considerations when adding a carport to your home. There will also be other minor changes to be done, such as moving gutters and drainage pipes from the edge of the house roof to the edge of the carport roof. Homeowners with solar panels, or perhaps those who have thought they would never have enough space for them, may like to consider the possibility of using their carport roof for this purpose.

An attached carport offers endless flexibility and opportunities for entertaining, from work dinners to kids’ birthday parties. This valuable space will no doubt get used, and can be dressed up or down to suit the circumstances, as well as of course housing a car or two at other times. It is highly recommended to use reliable steel brands when creating a carport, as timber is known for rotting and warping in different weather conditions.

If you are looking for an experienced and Capable Adelaide Carports Team, then you can get in touch with the exceptional team at Pergolarific.

Spot Spraying Large And Small Areas

Spraying is an important part of growing at any level, from gardening enthusiast to agricultural farmer. The scale of the area in question will determine whether an agile backpack sprayer or industrial sensor sprayer is required.

Large areas are best attacked with weed sensing machinery that allows a thorough elimination of weeds without wasting product or putting crops in danger. This highly advanced technology only sprays chemical when the nozzle senses that it is about to travel over the top of a weed. Depending on the weed density, you may be able to cover a huge area without using much product at all, and ensuring your crops are safe. The costs involved are proportionate to the area and weed density, which makes a lot of sense for a farmer. This low wastage means that more expense can be spared on investing in the best quality chemical and novel spraying mixtures.

Particularly important is this method for tackling weeds that have developed a resistance to traditional weed killers. These resilient specimens can pose a serious threat to farmers, as they often go under the radar, and the damage is not known until it is too late. For example, Western Australia is currently experiencing difficulty with Wild Radish and Annual Ryegrass exhibiting frustrating resistance to a range of classes of chemicals. Walking around and manually spraying these plants, depending again on the density, could be painstaking.

The ease and low-waste nature of this weed sensing machinery allows for cost effective and efficient experimentation with a wider range of chemical alternatives. Better yet, the weed sensor technology eliminates the risk of resistance developing in the first place. Plants only become resistant once they have been exposed to some of the chemical, though not enough to kill them. This comes from inefficient large scale spraying.

Backpack Sprayer
This technology is invaluable for the modern farmer, with some estimates predicting that this could cut herbicide costs by up to 75%. With popular herbicides costing around $20 per hectare, this proportionate model uses only what is needed and offers a dramatic saving. While this large machinery is needed for professional farmers, it is hardly fathomable for hobby farmers and gardeners to justify such an investment. Smaller areas are still best serviced manually, however even manual spraying techniques have developed significantly over the years.

Several years ago, hand held sprayers were so bulky and heavy that they needed to be awkwardly dragged around as the user walked between crops or around the garden. These days, the design has been well refined. They are lightweight and shaped so that they can rest on your back without discomfort. Pumping is a simply lever at the waist, and so there is no need for constant bending over and pumping when the tank is on the ground. The tank is auto pressurised, meaning that you will have the perfect stream so long as the tank is properly calibrated first. The range of attachments is far bigger now, so that it is simpler to get the best droplet size for your intended use. This eliminates pollution of chemicals and better targets your weeds or crops.

Just because you are not a professional or large scale farmer does not mean that you should have access to less sophisticated equipment. Anything from thick, dense weed spread to a very sparse population can be actively and effectively targeted by both of these techniques in their relative context. Talk to your supplier about correct calibration, nozzle fittings and walking pace for your particular project. Please do not hesitate to visit Green Gorilla at Latest Backpack Sprayer Equipment


Choosing the most thermally efficient roofing product

When it comes to reroofing, Australian customers have access to the two main steel brands including durable Colorbond roofing and Zincalume. As well as deciding between these two brands, there are a number of other important decisions which will help to achieve the most environmentally friendly roof possible.

Choosing a roofing material that is good at reflecting the heat and rays of the sun is highly advisable. Your home will remain cooler in the height of summer, and you will really appreciate it when we no doubt experience a 40˚C+ heatwave next summer. However, roofing is also a very important aesthetic choice, and the wrong decision can bring down the value and first impressions of a home. Striking this balance between appearance and function is one of the difficulties that homeowners undergo when redoing their roof.

Colorbond is characterised by a distinctly matte finish. This comes about from the pre-painting process, where the paint is baked on so that it never chips, cracks or fades. By contrast, Zincalume is a bare, non-painted metal. It is naturally shinier and more reflective in finish, which is considered a natural advantage in reflecting the sun. It appears that Zincalume may be better and reflecting heat. However, while this shiny silver may reflect the heat, many people hate its appearance. It can look appropriate on some modern houses, but will be totally out of place on older style properties.

CL Roofing

It is the colour range of Colorbond that makes it so popular, both for aesthetic and functional reasons. Everybody knows that black absorbs a lot of heat. Animals have adapted in the wild to take advantage of this fact. Polar bears have black skin under their white furry camouflage for example. And we have learnt to adapt human homes in a similar fashion based on this one universal concept. In Australia, we don’t want to absorb heat, and so we tend to go for lighter coloured roofs.

In fact, The Building Code of Australia has created a basic measuring system which categorises Colorbond colours into light, medium and dark. Paler colours have a light absorbance whereas darker colours obviously have a ‘darker’ absorbance. Light colours are considered anything which absorbs less than 40% of incoming heat, whereas dark is over 60%. Mediums are in between. Classic Cream and Surf Mist are two examples of Colorbond roofing colours that are classified as light by the BCA. Building which use these attractive colours are sometimes eligible for concessions due to the increase insulative benefits.

While most people think of Colorbond’s distinctive matte finish, there are also other, more reflective options. There is a metallic roofing range from Colorbond which is far more reflective, and two of these colours receive the BCA light rating, as well as one from the Colorbond Coolmax range.  The Thermatech feature unique to Colorbond goes further in ensuring that this steel is well suited to cooling the home in harsh Australian heat. This technology has in particular been incorporated into some of the darker materials, so that even these can be considered impressively energy efficient. This means that there is nothing stopping you from choosing your favourite tone that goes with the rest of your property, without the restraints of choosing only a light tone.

However you look at it, Colorbond is the clear winner in both appearance and energy efficiency. Ensure you put this job to a trusted and experienced roofing team backed by a strong reputation. If you would like to learn more about the popular Colorbond Roofing Range available.

What’s The Catch With Free Vending Machines?

In this day and age, we are very sceptical when we see a deal that seems too good to be true. Nothing comes for free these days, which is why many business owners that are offered free vending machines packages in Melbourne immediately assume a scam. While it is certainly a great deal for business owners, the reason that it is free is because the company is getting something out of it.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing. Essentially, the company just wants to make their products accessible to a larger number of people. Supermarkets are becoming increasingly competitive such that it is near impossible for local or lesser known brands and products to be stocked. Even if they are in demand from supermarket buyers, the rates for this service are still incredibly high. From the candy or beverage seller’s point of view, they are looking for a cheap (or free) place to locate their stock and sell it.

Unusually, this space would be rented in a high traffic area. However, small to medium sized businesses are hardly high traffic areas. The vending company is only going to make money from what employees buy, which may be a couple of items per day. So, this is why they don’t in fact pay you to house their vending machine. Keep in mind that the vending company will also pay for service, maintenance and restocking, as well as of course the original product costs.  The price margins are rather minimal, so you and your employees are still getting a good deal.

Vending Machines Melbourne

In fact, it is a great deal. With no large mark up of product prices like in some monopoly vending machine locations, you will pay close to supermarket prices.  You will enjoy the increased convenience of not having to duck out of the office in heavy traffic and waste valuable time every time you need a sugar hit or a drink. There are also vending options which stock healthy choices for bars and drinks if you are conscious about your brand image or hyperactive staff. Consistent peer reviewed consumer research studies have found that employees who indulge in the occasional vending machine treat are more productive at work. One such study suggests that consuming items we consider to be vices or naughty, increases a measure called vitality, which is essentially an energy boost. Of course, the sugar doesn’t hurt either.

If productivity if your main concern, then perhaps you might consider a coffee vending machine. This one would no doubt get a work out several times over the course of the day. Recent research conducted on a digital media company found that the installation of a coffee machine, and subsequent increase in employee coffee consumption, lead directly to a massive 19% increase in productivity over the course of three months. Clearly this is not simply a short term fad result, and these results are quite staggering. As well as increased productivity, coffee also correlated with decreased anxiety, higher mood, motivation, concentration and performance. This level of improvement is something that is dreamt about by any company. 

So, in all, there is no catch. Yes, someone else is making money off of you, but it is money your employees would be spending elsewhere anyway and you receive the benefit of the extra convenience and hassle free operation. If you cannot decide between drinks and snacks, or sweet or savoury, then talk to your local supplier about combination machines or a package deal. To begin discussing with a Registered Vending Machines Supplier in Melbourne about how you could take advantage of this excellent package.


How to Heel Your Feet After Wearing Your New Online Shoes Purchases From Australia

I think the ease of purchasing online shoes in Australia has a lot to answer for. These days my wardrobe is full of shiny new pumps waiting for a night out. With so many new heels to wear in, I’ve noticed after a big night out my feet are particular sore. As I keep wearing my new shoes, it seems my feet always take a bit of beating. If you have struggled with sore feet inflicted from high heel usage, below are five tips to help sooth your poor, abused feet.

Go barefoot
After a night on the town with your favourite heels, it’s important to give your feet time to heal. Going barefoot is an extremely important part of the healing process. Blisters, swelling and bruises heal best when they’re not enclosed in shoes, so let your feet breath easy on their own.

Treat any open blisters
If you’ve awoken to a nasty blister on your foot after a big night out in your hells, make sure you attend to them. In no situation is it ok to pop the blisters. While you may think it will help, it actually makes it worse. In fact, a blister is actually like a natural bandaid, and is created by the body to make sure the skin underneath stays nice and clean. Instead, disinfect the area and pop a bandaid on top.

Online Shoes Australia

Soak your feet
You have most likely put a lot of undeserved strain on your poor little feet after a night of high heel abuse. To say sorry to your feet, draw a warm foot bath and let your feet soak. At first when you sink your feet into the hot water it may sting slightly, but you need to push past the pain. Soon the hot water will start to work and end up soothing your muscles. If you’ve particularly thrashed your feet on a night out, try dripping in some essential oils to provide extra soothing. Essential oils known for their healing power include basil, marjoram and peppermint.

In most cases, if you’re a lover of high heels, you want to be back parading around in your highest pair as soon as possible. The bad news is, wearing heels straight after you’ve already done damage to your feet, will only result in more damage. Trust me, damage on damage is not good. Much patience is needed during the healing time to ensure you don’t cause major damage to your feet. It’s important to stay off those fabulous new heels you’ve just bought, until your feet have stopped hurting and all the wounds are healed.

Get a pedicure
While high heels are pretty, your feet after wearing them for long periods of time are not. To inject a bit of beauty back into your feet, a pedicure is a good idea. While most women think a pedicure is just a new layer of toe nail polish, it’s much more than that. A good beautician will exfoliate your feet as well as pumice the calluses you’ve built up on your feet, away. Lets not forget the beautiful new hue of nail polish that will give your feet a new lease on life.

If your feet are recovering from high heel abuse, sit back at do a bit of online shopping. Check out the online shoes available from Shoe Shed at www.shoeshed.com.au.

Avoid Costly Roof Repairs by Investing in Roof Sprayers

Many homeowners don’t understand the important of roof sprayers. Most likely it’s because their roof is out of sight and out of mind. However, once a problem strikes, they’ll be wishing they kept up to date with their roof’s maintenance. If you haven’t take care of your roof for an extended period of time, keep reading to find out the benefits of keeping up with roof maintenance.

Prevents growth of organisms that eat your roof
When you neglect your roof top organisms begin to grow and actually feed off your shingles. The organisms most common to roofs are lichens, moss and algae. With shingles acting as a viable food source for these organisms, they are sure to stay and keep feeding. This is very bad news for your roof, as over time it will begin to cause a considerable amount of damage. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your roof, roof spraying and cleaning is essential.

Avoid wood rot
When the organisms outlined below begin to eat away at your shingles, over time wood rot can become a problem. Once the organisms have munched their way through the shingles, they then attack the roof deck, which is then how the wood rot occurs. What makes the matter even worse is, once the wood rots it become home to mold growth, which can put you and your family’s health at risk. To avoid this type of serious damage, it’s important to be proactive about roof cleaning and have your roof sprayed and cleaned on a regular basis.

Roof Sprayers

Ensure your homeowners insurance policy remains valid
It’s important to look at the fine print of your homeowners policy to determine the level of care you need to provide for your home. For many homeowners with stained roofs, it’s a part of their policy to comply with regular roof cleaning. Failure to do so actually results in losing your insurance coverage. In some instances, your insurance company can demand you have your roof cleaned in a short amount of time, or they will revoke your policy.

Avoid increases to your energy costs
Many people do not fully understand the consequences of neglecting their roof. Some people would be surprised to learn that a dirty roof covered in moss and algae can actually increase your cooling costs. What happens is the dirt that covers your roof stops it from being able to effectively reflect sunlight. Therefore, the moss and algae end up heating up and radiating this heat into the top of your home. This additional home makes it extra difficult to keep it cool during the summer, resulting in a growing energy bill. By simply spraying down your roof with a roof sprayer, you can enjoy lower cooling bills.

Avoid costly repairs
Some homeowners deem the cost of professionally cleaning their roof expensive, but they have clearly never had to pay for roof repairs. In reality, repairing your roof is much more expensive than maintaining it. Keeping up with regular cleans and preserving the surface of your roof, is much more cost effective than paying for unnecessary repairs later down the track.

If you want to take action on your roof, invest in roof sprayers. The professional team at Green Gorilla have a range of Roof Sprayers.

Cleaning Secrets to Make The Glass in Your Adelaide Home Spotless

Despite your best efforts, the glass around your Adelaide home gets dirty quickly. The surface renowned for showing up streaks needs constant care in order to sparkle and look presentable. Often the job is high on the light of jobs homeowners don’t want to complete themselves, as it is hard work, usually for little reward. Many people find, the more energy they exert cleaning the windows, the less likely they will look any good. If you want to ensure your windows sparkle every time you clean them, follow the simple steps below.

Glass Replacement Adelaide
  1.  The first step to achieving sparkling windows is preparation. Before you start cleaning, assemble all your cleaning supplies you will need. For the clean you will need distilled water, white vinegar, spray bottle, a cloth, cotton swabs and soft toothbrush.   
  2. In the instance where you are cleaning glass windows in your home, you will need to cover the window sills with towels. Do not skip this step, especially if you have wooden windersills, as the water solution will cause damage.
  3. Now it’s time to start making the cleaning solution you will use on the windows. Open up the spray bottle and simple pour inside one part white vinegar and four parts distilled water. Screw the spray lid back on and give the mixture a shake.
  4. Grab your cleaning cloth and spray some of the cleaning solution onto it. There are a few different cloths you can use to accomplish a quality clean. Either a soft lint-free cloth or a micro-fibre cloth are ideal. It’s also a good idea to have newspaper at hand.
  5. With the solution on the cloth, apply it to the windows and rub the glass in circular motions. Concentrate on areas that have built up dirt to ensure you get rid of any marks. Once all the spots are removed, start wiping the entire window with vertical strokes. Next, follow with horizontal wipes to finish up, so the glass looks nice and shiny.
  6. Now it’s time to focus on the corners of the glass, which often get overlooked during a clean. Using either a soft toothbrush or cotton swap, clean the edges so allt he grime that has built up is removed.
  7. The last step is to buff the window. This will ensure any streaks that are currently present will vanish. Newspaper is the perfect thing to use to buff. There is something about the print that makes your windows streak free and sparkling. Make sure before you begin buffing that you wear gloves so none of the newspaper print ends up on your hands.
Now you know how to clean your windows effectively, you have no excuse for leaving them dirty! While hiring a professional to do the job for you can be extremely tempting, the method above is actually very simple and will give you the results you want without the unnecessary elbow grease. 

With your windows now so clean, it’s important to act with caution. It sounds silly, but windows that are sparkling clean can become a bit of a hazard. As they look so transparent, it has been none for animals and people to mistake glass for not being actually there, and that’s when accidents occur. In the instance where glass is broken or needs to be replaced, contact the professional team at Q Glass and Glazing. They offer a range of Glass Replacement Services in Adelaide and Swill have your domestic or commercial glass fixed in no time.


Ask An Electrician in Port Melbourne: How Do You Change a Light Bulb?

It’s the age-old joke that I’m sure many an electrician has been asked in a Port Melbourne pub; how many electricians does it take to change a light bulb. The joke obviously varies from participants to blondes, teachers, to different races, but it still stands. The joke makes fun of a seemingly obvious task, however, to some it’s not so simple.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I have never changed a light bulb in my life. I’ve watched my parents change their fair share, however, since moving out of home I’ve had no need. The rental property I live in is brand new and has down lighting, which has not needed to be changed. While a few bulbs have gone out, I just simply call maintenance to get it fixed.

To be honest, the whole messing around with electricity thing, kind of scares me. I know it would be ridiculous to hire a professional electrician to change a light bulb for you, but for me it would be a plausible option because I just have no idea.  I’ve decided to take a stance against my lack of light bulb knowledge and do a bit of research. After checking out in fact how you do it, it seems pretty easy, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much risk of getting hurt. So, for those like me who are too scared to admit that they’ve never changed a light bulb, your secret is safe for me. Next time you get caught in a pickle, stay calm and follow the steps below. You’ll have anyone believing you’re a pro at changing a lightbulb.

Electrician Port Melbourne
  1. Examine the fixture that holds the light bulb that is no longer working. Bulbs come in all different wattages and sizes, so it’s important to know what you will need to replace the old one. The bulb will usually have a label outlining the wattage and amp rating.
  2. The first step to changing your light bulb is to switch the light in question off. This is necessary, as it will stop you from risking electrocution. Safety is paramount, so make sure you carry out this step first before advancing any further.
  3. In the instances where the light bulb you are changing is still functioning, you must give it time to cool down. Generally all it takes is a good 30 seconds for the light bulb to cool down, however, of course this will depend on how long the light has been turned on for.
  4. Twist the burnt out lamp from the socket, which is very simple. Don’t be too forceful, as you don’t want to end up shattering the light within your fingers. Once the light bulb is out of the socket, dispose of it properly. A good idea is to wrap it in newspaper, incase it shatters inside the bin.
  5. Now it’s time to install the new light bulb. Simply twist it into place, making sure you don’t over-tighten it. If you press to hard, the light bulb can get damaged or even shatter within the socket.
  6. The final step it to turn the light switch back on. If these steps have been followed properly, the light bulb should illuminate with no worry. In the instance where, you’ve flicked the switch on and nothing has happened, turn it back off and revist the steps again.

Now you know how to change a lightbulb, you can join in the banter with everyone else. Make sure though that if you need any further electrical help to hire a professional electrician from Electricians on Call.Visit their website for more information at http://electriciansoncall.com.au

Take Care of Your Glass in Adelaide The Right Way

One job that is difficult to execute properly in your Adelaide home is glass cleaning. Despite your best efforts, it can be hard to get your glass looking streak free and fabulous. If you spend a lot of time window cleaning, but struggle to get the results you want, then try the following tips below.

Use distilled water
Many novices don’t realize that when it comes to cleaning glass, it’s all about the tools, rather than the amount of effort needed. Most of the time, people put off window cleaning because of all the reaching and wiping required. The elbow grease required to clean a window, often seems wasted when the result is streaky glass, despite your best effort to clean them. Fortunately, the answer to crystal clean windows isn’t more effort, but actually it’s all about the products you use. Most people blindly use tap water, thinking that is will help with the cleaning process. In reality, these people are wrong. Tap water actually contains a lot of minerals that can effect the clean. The better option is to use distilled water, which will create a nice, clean wash that doesn’t leave any streaks.

Test out the vinegar
You may not realize, but you most likely have a multipurpose cleaning sitting in your pantry. The good old vinegar actually works a treat on a range of dirty surfaces, including windows. Simply mix half water and half vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it on your windows and wipe it. To ensure a sparkling, streak free finish, wipe the windows off with some newspaper. The print on the newspaper has this amazing ability to dry the window perfectly, leaving it crystal clear.

Glass Repair Adelaide

Reduce suds
Funnily enough, an abundance of suds does not equate to nice, clean windows. In fact instead, it does the opposite and leaves the glass full of streaks. If there is a circumstance where the glass is overtly dirty and soap is required, it’s important to keep it to a minimum.

Toss out the paper towel
Many people favour paper towel to assist with the window cleaning process. In fact, it’s often a part of their window cleaning kit. Unfortunately, paper towel is actually detrimental to the glass cleaning process. When it is wiped across the windows it leaves linty streaks, which is what you want to avoid. A much better alternative is a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, or even better newspaper. In the instance where you pick newspaper, make sure you equip yourself with gloves to avoid getting ink on your hands.

Give it a buff to finish off
Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try you are always going to end up with a few streaks. If you have tried all the above steps and streaks have still occurred, try the following solution. All you need to do is finish off the clean with a quick buff. Using a microfiber cloth or chamois that is dry, buff the glass as your last step. This will make those annoying streaks disappear for good.

Now you know how to clean glass effectively, why not upgrade some of the glass in your home or office? The team at Q Glass and Glazing are specialist glaziers that install and Repair Glass Around Adelaide.


The Five Facts Every Adelaide Household Must Consider Before Building Pergolas

All the rage in Adelaide at the moment is pergolas. The once traditional structure, is now growing in popularity. What was once just a timber structure with vines growing throughout, is now a big outdoor living trend. No longer are homeowners restricted with timber pergolas, but the materials used and design options are endless. If you want a piece of the trend and have decided to build a pergola on your property, it’s essential to consider the facts below.

Gain appropriate council approval for your pergola
It is important to check with your council before beginning to constructed your pergola. While many councils do not require pergolas to go through the council approval process, there are some that do. If the approval process is required, there are a range of factors the council considers including the position of the pergola, its size and where you live. It may be that you can avoid the entire length approval process if you change your plans slightly. For example, if you position your pergola away from neighbouring properties or alter the design slightly, it could be enough to avoid review.

When you hire a professional building company to undertake the construction, you will find most actually offer council liaison as a part of their process. Therefore, they will take care of the process, as well as include it within their bill.

Check out other pergolas
Pergolas come in many different shapes and sizes. While originally, Pergolas in Adelaide were solely made from timber and crafted to allow vines and flowers to run through the structure, these days they are quite different. With a range of different materials and designs to choose from, it’s important to ensure you make the right choice. Even though you might love the design of your friend’s pergola, it actually may not be the right fit for you. Make sure you understand all the different design options available before settling on the one you want. That way you are guaranteed to get something you will enjoy and love for a lifetime.

Pergolas in Adelaide

Think about the budget
During the planning process it’s vital you make sure your dreams match up with your budget. It can be easy to get swept up in the beautiful designs you see, however, you must ensure you can actually pay for the structure once it is done. The good news is, if you speak to your builder there are a range of different ways you can alter your design so it’s more affordable.

To DIY or rely on the professionals?
Many people are motivated by the idea of DIY jobs, as they feel it will save them some money. Of course, there are also those individuals who enjoy building themselves and like to achieve the satisfaction of doing something themselves. If you have been contemplating building your pergolas yourself, it’s important to consider all the facts. Being honest and realistic with yourself is the best way to determine whether or not if it is a good idea. For example, if you’re not really a handy man and you are just trying to save yourself money, the DIY project probably isn’t the best idea. In the end, it will most likely end up costing you more and wasting your time. Sometimes for a simple project, it’s best to rely on the professionals. 

Gain several quotes
Make sure you get a range of quotes from different builders. It order to determine if a builder’s offerings are good, you will have to compare them with another quote. Gaining various quotes also allows you to explore your options. Some pergola designers may stay inside the box, while other may come up with some idea that you have never thought of before.

If you are looking for a reputable builder to bring your dream pergola to life, talk to the team at Pergolarific. With years of experience they have earned themselves a trusted reputation as the experts in pergolas in Adelaide. Visit their website to learn more at http://pergolarific.com.au.


Agricultural Sprayers Can Help Make Your Garden Flourish

Utilising agricultural sprayers in your backyard is a great way to grow your own produce. There is nothing better than heading out to your garden and harvesting your own fruits and vegetables to eat. You can be assured that nothing tastes better or is more satisfying then food you have grown yourself. Below we have outlined how to look after a humble lemon tree. Often a lemon tree is a good fruit tree to start on, with lemons a staple ingredient in a lot of foods and drinks.

Weather conditions
When most people think citrus fruits, they often think about summer. Not only are these gorgeous fruits delightful to enjoy in the warmer months, but that coincidentally is when the trees themselves are the happiest. Citrus trees thrive in sunny temperatures between 50-80A F.  When winter arrives and the temperature dramatically drops, there is the option of bringing your lemon tree inside to keep it away from the frosty conditions. 

In the instance where you have to bring your lemon tree indoors, it’s very important to ensure it has enough natural light. A good idea is to place your tree in a sunny window, however, keep in mind that too much sun can actually result in burning the plant, so you must be careful. It is possible to purchase grow lights that will help stimulate your lemon tree’s growth indoors. Shop lights that have one cold and one warm bulb are also effective. Though it is possible to keep your lemon tree thriving by ensuring it gets enough natural light through the window.

Agricultural Sprayers

The period of spring to fall is considered the growing season for lemon trees and is the time you need to feed it. Cirtus plants feed off two types of fertilizers. They first is an all-purpose, slow release fertilizer, while the other is a high nitrogen fertilizer. You can even try additional foliar feeding using a liquid fertiliser. 

For any citrus plant, particularly those grown in pots, adequate watering is the best way to make it grow nicely. You should aim to keep the soil in the pot moist, but not to the point where it is considered wet.  A good way to test that the watering is correct is to push your finger into the soil. Push down up to at least the second knuckle to test. If you can feel that the soil is dry, then it’s time to water. However, if there is dampness at your fingertip, then leave watering for another day. In the instance where a watering is required, keep pouring water into the soil until it begins running out of the bottom of the pot. Make sure you purchase pot feel for your lemon tree, so water spurts out and isn’t left at a pool at the bottom for the tree to sit in all the time. If you are keeping your lemon tree inside, another good tip is to give the leaves a little spritz of water with a spray bottle from time to time. This will work wonders for your lemon tree and stop it drying out if the heating is being used.

The moment fruit starts growing on your citrus tree is extremely exciting. Once is begins to develop, all you want to do is pick it and enjoy the goodness.  It’s important to be patient though because if you pick it at the wrong time, it won’t be as nice as if you waited. A lemon will usually be an egg yolk yellow colour when it’s ready to be picked. When you touch it, it should be slightly soft to touch. For those people who keep their lemon tree inside during the cold period, it’s important to note that fruit can take up to a year to finally ripen. It’s crucial you wait until it’s ripe before you harvest it, as lemons actually continue to ripen whilst they’re still attached to the tree. When it’s finally time to harvest, make sure you don’t pull the lemon from the tree. While this is the most obvious way to remove the lemon, it can actually result in damage to the try. Instead use a knife or scissors to cut the fruit from the tree.

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