Take on a Timber Project This Weekend

Timber is a very sustainable building material when ethically sourced, making it fantastic for using in any project large or small in your home or garden. With conscious buying and some Responsible Waste Removal in Melbourne, you can be confident that your project will be completely eco-friendly.

Timber is a preferable material compared to synthetic materials which use oil and plenty of hours of factory processing. That being said, timber harvesting can also have its downsides and so it is important to source environmentally friendly timber. While wood is a renewable source in that we can always grow more, it still must be sustainably farmed so that demand does not overtake supply. Timber is also a great insulator, so better for the earth in this way, as homeowners will have to rely less on heating and cooling.

Waste Removal Melbourne

As a general rule, it is a good idea to do some research before you start. Be cautious of any timbers that seem particularly exclusive or rare, as they may be an endangered tree species. Using recycled timber is always a fantastic choice. There are plenty of crafty ideas out there for reclaimed wooden furniture and décor. Even if that timber was once not ethically harvested, you are giving it a second life rather than required a fresh tree to be felled. For most DIY timber projects such as decking or fencing, most of us are likely to head for a hardware store to gather our timber, where we can buy and cut timber for a lower price. We should hope that the bigger chains would do the right thing and source their timber in the proper manner, but it may be worth delving into it a little further if you are particularly concerned. The company should be able to tell you where they get their timber from. For outdoor use in particular, you will need to educate yourself about the appropriate treating of your timber. This ensures that your deck will not weather and rot in a few short years, needing to be replaced by fresh wood. Helping to prolong the lifespan of your timber is just one way in which you can be more environmentally conscious in your project.

When constructing your deck, fence or even outdoor setting, there is going to be waste. No matter how prudent you have been with measuring and planning, and how accurate you were with buying and instore cutting, there are going to be some offcuts, sawdust, and of course removal of any old material from a previous deck. Using some small pieces of untreated wood is fine for firewood. Larger amounts will need to be removed however, and it can be hard work finding an honest and green waste removal service that you can trust. Some take the easy way out and send everything, both trash and timbers, straight to landfill.

Always choose Must Collect Rubbish for trusted eco waste removal work in Melbourne, and visit Mustcollectrubbish.com.au.


Individual Factors Which Determine Your Heating Needs

Solar pool heating systems in Sydney are a fantastic addition which will make your pool more comfortable year round without relying heavily on electricity. That being said, there are many factors to consider before going ahead with your installation. There is no one size fits all approach, and instead your heater will depend on factors such as pool size, your home orientation and sun capturing capabilities, and the use of a pool cover.

First of all, you will want to consider how much sun your home can reasonably capture. Larger roof space surface area will mean greater space for panels or ribbon systems, whichever you go for. This means that if need be, you can capture more heat and either heat your pool to a higher temperature or heat a larger size pool consistently. If you have a smaller roof space but a larger pool, you might want to think about placing solar panels on the roof of your shed or carport if they are appropriate. Did you know that solar panels absorb both direct sunlight and diffuse solar radiation? This means that even if you are not in a necessarily particularly sunny spot, but have large unshaded areas at the right orientation, then you could still have adequate solar resource for heating your pool.

Solar Pool Heating Sydney

In the southern hemisphere, a north facing roof angle is ideal for capturing the most sun throughout the year. In summer the sun goes virtually straight overhead, and this is hardly the time when you need to make the most of the sun’s heat. It is in the peripheral months through autumn and winter which are the important ones. In these seasons, there is some sun but the temperatures have dropped. The sun’s trajectory is lower and to the north. In order to make your pool warm enough to swim in for longer, a north facing system will get the most sun for longest.

People will vary in their preferred temperature, and what they consider as too cold for swimming. This means that some homeowners will only want to raise the temperature by two degrees or so, which is in itself a noticeable difference. Others, however, who intend to use the pool not for exercise but for leisure, may desire a growth of ten degrees or more on those autumn mornings.

Finally, using a pool cover will naturally help to increase the temperature of your pool while using no energy at all. This plastic material heats up very quickly, transferring heat into the water and retaining it. Simply remove the cover after several hours on a warm day and you will notice the difference. Most people choose to boost the effects of a solar heating system with the use of a pool cover, however if you only require a slightly warmer pool then the cover alone may do the job for you. For a Tailored Solar Pool Heating Discussion in Sydney, please get in touch with Sunlover Heating.

Focus on Good Plumbing for Your New Residential Development

Starting on a new building project is a highly exciting time. When you are building a block of units, paying special attention to your electrics and plumbing is especially important. Ensure you hire a Reliable Plumber in Point Cook to lend a hand.

Building a block of units to then rent out to a number of tenants can be a highly profitable venture and a very clever way to make money off of a single block of land. However, this unique situation requires special consideration when it comes to planning your plumbing. In a single home, new plumbing is fairly simple. Kitchen bathroom and laundry are the primary areas of concern, and decisions are totally dependent on the single homeowner. By contrast, building a block of flats will require Plumber in Point Cook which is at once connected and divided. Individual tenants will need to pay their separate shares of electricity, gas and water usage bills. However, as keeping costs low is a big concern, you will want to be as economical as you can with your layout. It is not feasible for each unit to have an entirely separate system, as this would be incredibly expensive as well as time-to consume to install.

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The lower you can put your rent price while still making a good profit the better, as it means you will always have a demand from tenants. This means that costs should be kept low and that a thorough understanding of your target renter is required before you begin work and plan your budget.

It is also more important than with a stand-alone house to consider the longevity of your plumbing system. Any issues are going to be a headache not only for you, dealing with all these hiccups, but for your tenants who have to live with them. Tenants living in such close proximity can also mean that little problems turn into big ones. An upstairs water leak, for example, could soon turn into not only damage to that unit but could begin to rot the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor.

Opt for a clean, logical layout of your plumbing completed by a professional specializing in both residential and commercial plumbing. Commercial plumbing fit outs often deal with these kinds of design features, and so someone with experience in this area will be a great help. Finding the source of the problem in a block of units can be time-consuming and complex. A plumber experienced in working specifically in this situation will solve the problem instantly.

As the owner of a multi-resident property, you are responsible for a number of tenants and have to do everything in your power to ensure the units are in a liveable and comfortable condition. There will also be a number of regulations that you must abide by, designed to ensure everyone stays happy and safe. A plumber can help you navigate these and perform your duty properly.

Contact NLK Plumbing at Nlkplumbing.com.au to chat with a helpful plumber professional in Point Cook


A Carports for Every Traditional Adelaide Home

Modern homes can get away with a lot when it comes to adding a carport structure. However, owners of older homes need to take the time to ensure any new addition is in keeping with the existing appearance of the building. Every home, old or new, can benefit from the construction of appropriate carports designs in Adelaide.

The cottage is one of the oldest and most traditional housing styles found throughout Adelaide. Some settler’s cottages date back as far as the mid-1830s, when our state was first settled. Settler’s cottages are very simple in their design, with a classic box shape and a high-pitched, metal roof. This minimalist style demands and equally minimalist carport design, and special care should be taken with these early properties to work around any heritage or partial heritage listings. This may present a good opportunity to reroof or repaint the roof of your home if it is very aged, in order to ensure a consistent colour scheme across the property. Single fronted and symmetrical cottages, most popular several decades later, differ from settler’s cottages in that they feature either a bullnose or a concave verandah. Single fronted cottages have a neat pointed roof, whereas symmetrical cottages have a trapezium shape. Roof shape is one thing which should without question be replicated in the carport, or at least designed so that it flows on from the existing roof.

Villas are another staple around Adelaide and can vary slightly in their design. Bay window and traditional villas are fairly similar in how they would accommodate an attached Carport in Adeliade. Similarly to the cottage, their verandah style may differ so this should be noted when designing a carport for your particular home. A return verandah villa however features a verandah which runs from the front door around the corner. This might present unique design obstacles if the carport is desired on this side of the home.

Carports Adelaide

Bungalows are very common in the inner north and eastern suburbs of Adelaide. These homes are low and flat, dramatically different from the high-pitched roofs of earlier architecture. The main gable covers the verandah, while a secondary gable forms the front room. Most bungalows benefit most from an attached carport which follows the obtuse angle of one of these gables.

Tudors are characteristic of the 1930s. These iconic designs feature very steeply pitched gables, often at least three, which are ornately decorated with contrasting panelling. Importantly, these homes differ from the previous ones in that they almost always have a tiled roof rather than a metal one. It would be impractical for carports to mimic such steep gables, and so it usually follows the line of the main roof pitch.

There are many more popular home designs in Adelaide which require special consideration, from the austerity homes of the 1940s and 1950s to Deco, Dutch gable or Spanish styles. For reliable carports advice in Adelaide that is uniquely tailored to your home, contact Pergolarific at Pergolarific.com.au.

Choose Modern Glass Showers in Adelaide for a Sleek Look

Traditional glass screens in Adelaide were typically heavy and clunky. In order to minimise the risk of breakage, these sheets were made of heavy-duty, double glazed material. They were designed primarily in terms of functionality, with little concern for appearance. Showers needed to be resilient, to keep water in, to allow some light in and to offer some privacy. 

Each of these factors is addressed with modern shower design, while offering a far greater flexibility of design. Where screens were once thick, the glass is now very thin without being fragile. Modern technology has come a long way in glass manufacture to ensure that even thin glass can offer premium strength over long periods of time. Furthermore along the lines of safety, modern glass is designed to crumble rather than shatter into shards that could be very dangerous in the bathroom. 

Older Shower Screens in Adelaide were typically frosted of otherwise textured in an attempt to offer increased privacy for the user. This is not really necessary, in that there are plenty of other options for privacy in the bathroom. Frosted or patterned windows can be a good choice, as they are unnoticeable and yet still allow the interior to have that sophisticated chic look. Most couples sharing an en suite are not particularly concerned about privacy to begin with.

Shower Screens Adelaide

In order to efficiently retain water to within the shower area, older designs featured bulky metal frames around the glass. Thankfully, this feature has practically disappeared from more recent designs in favour of the revolutionary frameless glass. Frames are not needed to keep water in when you think creatively. Many showers these days have a lipped base which helps to prevent water spilling over. Alternatively, better drainage design such as a slightly funnelled shower floor also limit the need for a water barrier. Adequate fans and heating in your bathroom will also assist with evaporating water instantly so there are no nasty slips and falls.  

Finally, clear glass allows far more light to enter the shower area compared to a tinted or frosted alternative. A shower is typically a very small space, and so has the potential to become tight and claustrophobic if the screen is too stifling. Showers which do feature dark or coloured tiling or walls tend to have either an entirely open wall or a transparent glass screen so as to make it feel more open. 

Frameless glass does not at all suggest increased risk. In fact if anything, it is safer than older styles. Frameless glass does not have the reinforcement of a frame, and so it is manufactured to be extra strong to compensate for this. Some customers may assume that frameless glass could be sharp on the edges, but this is not the case. The edge of frameless glass is rounded so as not to pose a risk, and could even be better in this sense than sharp metal edges. For more glass information in Adelaide, please get in touch with Q Glass and Glazing at Qglassandglazingadelaide.com.au


Forget Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne

If you've recently pruned your garden, just before you think about calling for garden waste removal in Melbourne, there are an array of amazing DIY projects you can make from branches. Branches, twigs and logs can be inexpensively turned into stylish decorative pieces that can be placed throughout your home. If you're happy to branch out but need inspiration, here are 3 great ideas that can turn the garden waste that you would usually organise removal from your Melbourne home, into something truly special.

Hang in there

If you have an open space and want to great a clever and interesting clothing rack for hanging clothes throughout your home, a sturdy branch will do just the trick. You can do this yourself. Simply find a branch that can fit the desired space and is sturdy enough, and just ensure that it doesn't have any bugs or termites. Make sure the branch is as clean as possible, and use an acrylic-based sealer to help make it indoors-friendly. You can hang the branch from the roof or the wall by hooks, ropes, or poles, whichever suits your current décor. You can also make a coat rack by leaving some of the smaller branches attached, sticking the base of the branch in a planter pot to hold it up right. Tree branches really are a great way to hang hats, jackets, or clothes.

Stick it in a vase

If you aren't interested in having branches as a focus in your home, you can use them as a neat little decorative accent. Smaller branches either natural or painted look great in a vase or jar instead of flowers or living plants. You can make your own quickly and easily. Simply choose branches that have interesting angles or little nubs (feel free to trim any unwanted bits), and make sure they are dry. If you would prefer to keep them natural, treat them with an acrylic based sealer. If you want to make them match your current home colours, treat the wood with the sealer, and then spray paint them in your chosen colour. Once they are completely covered (you may need a few coats to get even paint coverage), and the paint has dried, you can then arrange them in your vase or

Garden Waste Removal Melbourne

Get creative

There are other great creative ways that you can use sticks and branches instead of putting them out for Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne. You can use larger branches to create a headboard for your bedroom, or use smaller branches to decorate your current bed. Small branches, leaves, and interesting shaped stones can be used to decorate picture frames, candle holders or lamp shades. Hanging branches from the ceiling can look stunning, especially when entwined around a ceiling light. If you don't want to hang a branch from the roof, you can use them as an eye-catching centrepiece on your coffee or dinner tables.

Decorative pieces made from branches are a nice and rustic way to reduce the need for garden waste removal from your Melbourne home. However, there will be times when you do need a helping hand with your unwanted garden waste removal in Melbourne, so in that instance be sure to visit Mustcollectrubbish.com.au or phone 03 9773 0636. 


How to Ensure You Are Receiving Iegitimate Roof Restorations in Melbourne

A working roof is one of the most important things you need for your home, and if yours has a leak or needs urgent repairing, you want to ensure that you are getting proper roof restorations done on your Melbourne home. Unfortunately, the roofing industry has received a bad reputation in the last few years, with bogus roof repair companies over quoting and under delivering on products and service. Many of these are unqualified roofers and overzealous sales people who want to make a quick buck out of your dire situation. So, how do you know you are getting a quote from a legitimate company and that your roof restorations are going to be completed to the highest quality of standards? Here are some tips to help you know what to look out for, ensuring that you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Understand what the problem is

If you know that you have a leak in your roof or damaged tiles, a roofing contractor telling you that they can fix the problem by repainting the roof will not fix either of those issues. Likewise, if you just want to update your roof and they advise replacing the whole thing could end up costing you a lot more money than what is necessary. Also understanding the difference between a roof repair and Roof Restorations in Melbourne, will go a long way to ensuring that you are getting the right services for what you want or need. Keep in mind that roof repairs fix actual things that are broken or not working for your roof. Roof restorations on the otherhand are more about changing the cosmetic appearance of your roof, though some companies may specify repairs and maintenance as well.

Roof Restorations Melbourne

Ensure you have a detailed quote

If you require full roof restorations in Melbourne, make sure that the roofing contractors provide you with a detailed quote of all maintenance that is required and the costs. This is so you know exactly what you are paying for, and you won't be lumped with any added, hidden, or excessive fees at the end. The difficult thing with a roof, is most home owners don't have the safety equipment needed to get up on the roof and check out the problems for themselves. This is why we rely on roof experts to tell us honestly what the problem is. With any quote from a company, they should supply you with a detailed condition report of the roof and photographs of any damage as part of the quote. You should be a bit wary of a roof restorations tradie in Melbourne, that advertises a set price. This could just end up cutting corners and covering up major issues without fixing them.

Look around and compare quotes

Sales people can be very pushy, and this goes for those selling roof restorations in Melbourne. You have every right to get a range of obligation free quotes. As you are getting them from different contractors with photographic evidence of the leak causes, be sure to ask for qualifications, if they are insured, and for examples of previous completed work. If your contractor isn't dodgy, they will be happy to even give you the name and contact details of previous customers so you can ask them if they have had any issues with the work completed. Any company can advertise the cheapest price and then tell you they've done the job in a place that you can't easily get up and check for yourself. Remember, be cautious, do your research, and ask plenty of questions before you hand your home over.

For a trusted company in roof restorations throughout Melbourne, phone (03) 9873 0963, or visit Coghlanroofing.com.au.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home Using Agricultural Sprayers

Most people have a fear of spiders, and if you would rather they stay out of your home all together, there are a few things you can do using agricultural sprayers to keep them at bay. If you share your house with spiders and are tired of crawling, frightening pests, then you really need to act now! Imagine looking around and there are no dangerous spiders lurking around the corner of your home. This is not a dream! You can get rid of spiders from around your home naturally, just using the right products in your agricultural sprayers.  

Mitigate the risk from spiders with mint

Next time you are chewing gum, you might be interested to know that while humans enjoy the taste of peppermint, our arachnid foes detest it. You can use peppermint to help keep spiders from entering your home by filling either agricultural sprayers or hand sprayers with a few drops of peppermint essential oil and water, which you then spray around your home. If you don't have peppermint you can use eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, cinnamon, or tea tree oil. Be sure to use the agricultural sprayers on not just spiders themselves, but the spider's food sources. This will discourage spiders from coming into your home if they are limited to food.

Get vindictive with vinegar

White vinegar is a common treatment for headlice, but you can also use it for repelling spiders. You can use vinegar in the same way that you did with the peppermint oil in Agricultural Sprayers, with more vinegar than water. You should also aim to spray in all the cracks and crevices inside and outside your home. If you can't stand the smell of vinegar, you can also use salt with water. Simply spray outside on bushes and flowers, and do this regularly to prevent spiders returning.

Freak them out with fruit

Fruit is important part of a balanced diet, but before you through away your orange peel, save it to rub around your home. Spiders despise citrus fruits, so peels and lemon scented cleaning products and furniture polish will help to keep them out of your home.

Send them scurrying in fear with cedar

It's interesting that for so many people that have fears of spiders, spiders dislike plenty of things too. Another thing that spiders strongly dislike is cedar wood. You can keep spiders away by putting cedar chips and blocks of wood around your home, near possible spider holes, in your garden, or add a few cedar furniture pieces inside.

Keep spiders at bay with cleanliness and cats

Yes those same furry pets that we love to watch on YouTube, cats are extremely agile and when they see a little spider crawling across the floor, they will very quickly turn it into a play thing. And if your spiders aren't deterred by a feline, you can help keep them out by keeping the outside of your home free from leaves, grass, wood, or any other organic materials that are notorious for housing spiders and other insects. Do your best to turn of front lights, and keep any windows and doors closed so they can't sneak in those ways.

By following these methods, not only will you repel them naturally, you won't be exposing your family to any harmful chemicals. For the best agricultural sprayers on the market that will help you chase away those pesky spiders, visit Green-gorilla.com.au, or phone 0433 703 134.


What to Do When You’ve Locked Your Keys in Your Car and You Need a Locksmith in Adelaide

It’s happened to everyone at some point, when they need a locksmith in Adelaide to help them get in their car. Whether you’ve hopped out of your car to do something and the door has been slammed shut by the wind, or maybe you’re in a rush and you’ve some how misplaced your car keys. Whichever way it has occurred, getting locked out of your car is a real pain. Before you smash in your car window, here are some helpful tips to help you when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle and you really need a locksmith in Adelaide.

Keep cool, calm and collected

Losing your keys or having them locked in your car is incredibly stressful, but getting upset is not going to help the situation. The first thing you need to do is keep calm, this will help you think clearly as you decide what to do next and whether you need to call a Locksmith in Adelaide just yet. If you are going to be late for something important, simply call ahead and explain your predicament. Most people are very understanding in this kind of situation.

Retrace your steps

If you haven’t locked the keys in your car, you just can’t find them, then be sure to do a quick lap around your vehicle as you could have dropped them when you got out of the car. If they aren’t around or under your car, trace your steps back as you might have left them in a store that you were just in. If you can see you have locked them in the car, walking around you might find a window slightly open, or you might be able to get in through your car boot.

Locksmiths Adelaide


Hopefully, you have a plan B

If you can’t find or get to your keys, you need to ask yourself if you have a spare set handy somewhere, or if you have given a set to a family member or friend. If you know they might have your spare set, give them a quick call, or ask if someone can pick them up for you. If you are in a real hurry to get somewhere important, see if you can take public transport or a taxi to get to where you need to go and you can deal with your car key situation later.

Call in for reinforcements

Some insurance companies provide ride side assist depending on the level of cover. You can also call a locksmith in Adelaide directly, and they will help you get into your vehicle in no time at all, or can replace your key or transponder if you need it. To ensure you don’t get locked out again, keep a spare key somewhere safe or with someone you trust so you have access to it when you need it.

Whenever you are in a bind and locked out of your home or vehicle, you can trust Knightlocksmithsadelaide.com.au to provide emergency locksmith services in Adelaide 24/7. Call an expert locksmith in Adelaide today on 8231 5534, and they will get you back inside in no time at all.