Forget Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne

If you've recently pruned your garden, just before you think about calling for garden waste removal in Melbourne, there are an array of amazing DIY projects you can make from branches. Branches, twigs and logs can be inexpensively turned into stylish decorative pieces that can be placed throughout your home. If you're happy to branch out but need inspiration, here are 3 great ideas that can turn the garden waste that you would usually organise removal from your Melbourne home, into something truly special.

Hang in there

If you have an open space and want to great a clever and interesting clothing rack for hanging clothes throughout your home, a sturdy branch will do just the trick. You can do this yourself. Simply find a branch that can fit the desired space and is sturdy enough, and just ensure that it doesn't have any bugs or termites. Make sure the branch is as clean as possible, and use an acrylic-based sealer to help make it indoors-friendly. You can hang the branch from the roof or the wall by hooks, ropes, or poles, whichever suits your current d├ęcor. You can also make a coat rack by leaving some of the smaller branches attached, sticking the base of the branch in a planter pot to hold it up right. Tree branches really are a great way to hang hats, jackets, or clothes.

Stick it in a vase

If you aren't interested in having branches as a focus in your home, you can use them as a neat little decorative accent. Smaller branches either natural or painted look great in a vase or jar instead of flowers or living plants. You can make your own quickly and easily. Simply choose branches that have interesting angles or little nubs (feel free to trim any unwanted bits), and make sure they are dry. If you would prefer to keep them natural, treat them with an acrylic based sealer. If you want to make them match your current home colours, treat the wood with the sealer, and then spray paint them in your chosen colour. Once they are completely covered (you may need a few coats to get even paint coverage), and the paint has dried, you can then arrange them in your vase or

Garden Waste Removal Melbourne

Get creative

There are other great creative ways that you can use sticks and branches instead of putting them out for Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne. You can use larger branches to create a headboard for your bedroom, or use smaller branches to decorate your current bed. Small branches, leaves, and interesting shaped stones can be used to decorate picture frames, candle holders or lamp shades. Hanging branches from the ceiling can look stunning, especially when entwined around a ceiling light. If you don't want to hang a branch from the roof, you can use them as an eye-catching centrepiece on your coffee or dinner tables.

Decorative pieces made from branches are a nice and rustic way to reduce the need for garden waste removal from your Melbourne home. However, there will be times when you do need a helping hand with your unwanted garden waste removal in Melbourne, so in that instance be sure to visit Mustcollectrubbish.com.au or phone 03 9773 0636. 

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