Choose Modern Glass Showers in Adelaide for a Sleek Look

Traditional glass screens in Adelaide were typically heavy and clunky. In order to minimise the risk of breakage, these sheets were made of heavy-duty, double glazed material. They were designed primarily in terms of functionality, with little concern for appearance. Showers needed to be resilient, to keep water in, to allow some light in and to offer some privacy. 

Each of these factors is addressed with modern shower design, while offering a far greater flexibility of design. Where screens were once thick, the glass is now very thin without being fragile. Modern technology has come a long way in glass manufacture to ensure that even thin glass can offer premium strength over long periods of time. Furthermore along the lines of safety, modern glass is designed to crumble rather than shatter into shards that could be very dangerous in the bathroom. 

Older Shower Screens in Adelaide were typically frosted of otherwise textured in an attempt to offer increased privacy for the user. This is not really necessary, in that there are plenty of other options for privacy in the bathroom. Frosted or patterned windows can be a good choice, as they are unnoticeable and yet still allow the interior to have that sophisticated chic look. Most couples sharing an en suite are not particularly concerned about privacy to begin with.

Shower Screens Adelaide

In order to efficiently retain water to within the shower area, older designs featured bulky metal frames around the glass. Thankfully, this feature has practically disappeared from more recent designs in favour of the revolutionary frameless glass. Frames are not needed to keep water in when you think creatively. Many showers these days have a lipped base which helps to prevent water spilling over. Alternatively, better drainage design such as a slightly funnelled shower floor also limit the need for a water barrier. Adequate fans and heating in your bathroom will also assist with evaporating water instantly so there are no nasty slips and falls.  

Finally, clear glass allows far more light to enter the shower area compared to a tinted or frosted alternative. A shower is typically a very small space, and so has the potential to become tight and claustrophobic if the screen is too stifling. Showers which do feature dark or coloured tiling or walls tend to have either an entirely open wall or a transparent glass screen so as to make it feel more open. 

Frameless glass does not at all suggest increased risk. In fact if anything, it is safer than older styles. Frameless glass does not have the reinforcement of a frame, and so it is manufactured to be extra strong to compensate for this. Some customers may assume that frameless glass could be sharp on the edges, but this is not the case. The edge of frameless glass is rounded so as not to pose a risk, and could even be better in this sense than sharp metal edges. For more glass information in Adelaide, please get in touch with Q Glass and Glazing at Qglassandglazingadelaide.com.au

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