Focus on Good Plumbing for Your New Residential Development

Starting on a new building project is a highly exciting time. When you are building a block of units, paying special attention to your electrics and plumbing is especially important. Ensure you hire a Reliable Plumber in Point Cook to lend a hand.

Building a block of units to then rent out to a number of tenants can be a highly profitable venture and a very clever way to make money off of a single block of land. However, this unique situation requires special consideration when it comes to planning your plumbing. In a single home, new plumbing is fairly simple. Kitchen bathroom and laundry are the primary areas of concern, and decisions are totally dependent on the single homeowner. By contrast, building a block of flats will require Plumber in Point Cook which is at once connected and divided. Individual tenants will need to pay their separate shares of electricity, gas and water usage bills. However, as keeping costs low is a big concern, you will want to be as economical as you can with your layout. It is not feasible for each unit to have an entirely separate system, as this would be incredibly expensive as well as time-to consume to install.

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The lower you can put your rent price while still making a good profit the better, as it means you will always have a demand from tenants. This means that costs should be kept low and that a thorough understanding of your target renter is required before you begin work and plan your budget.

It is also more important than with a stand-alone house to consider the longevity of your plumbing system. Any issues are going to be a headache not only for you, dealing with all these hiccups, but for your tenants who have to live with them. Tenants living in such close proximity can also mean that little problems turn into big ones. An upstairs water leak, for example, could soon turn into not only damage to that unit but could begin to rot the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor.

Opt for a clean, logical layout of your plumbing completed by a professional specializing in both residential and commercial plumbing. Commercial plumbing fit outs often deal with these kinds of design features, and so someone with experience in this area will be a great help. Finding the source of the problem in a block of units can be time-consuming and complex. A plumber experienced in working specifically in this situation will solve the problem instantly.

As the owner of a multi-resident property, you are responsible for a number of tenants and have to do everything in your power to ensure the units are in a liveable and comfortable condition. There will also be a number of regulations that you must abide by, designed to ensure everyone stays happy and safe. A plumber can help you navigate these and perform your duty properly.

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