Individual Factors Which Determine Your Heating Needs

Solar pool heating systems in Sydney are a fantastic addition which will make your pool more comfortable year round without relying heavily on electricity. That being said, there are many factors to consider before going ahead with your installation. There is no one size fits all approach, and instead your heater will depend on factors such as pool size, your home orientation and sun capturing capabilities, and the use of a pool cover.

First of all, you will want to consider how much sun your home can reasonably capture. Larger roof space surface area will mean greater space for panels or ribbon systems, whichever you go for. This means that if need be, you can capture more heat and either heat your pool to a higher temperature or heat a larger size pool consistently. If you have a smaller roof space but a larger pool, you might want to think about placing solar panels on the roof of your shed or carport if they are appropriate. Did you know that solar panels absorb both direct sunlight and diffuse solar radiation? This means that even if you are not in a necessarily particularly sunny spot, but have large unshaded areas at the right orientation, then you could still have adequate solar resource for heating your pool.

Solar Pool Heating Sydney

In the southern hemisphere, a north facing roof angle is ideal for capturing the most sun throughout the year. In summer the sun goes virtually straight overhead, and this is hardly the time when you need to make the most of the sun’s heat. It is in the peripheral months through autumn and winter which are the important ones. In these seasons, there is some sun but the temperatures have dropped. The sun’s trajectory is lower and to the north. In order to make your pool warm enough to swim in for longer, a north facing system will get the most sun for longest.

People will vary in their preferred temperature, and what they consider as too cold for swimming. This means that some homeowners will only want to raise the temperature by two degrees or so, which is in itself a noticeable difference. Others, however, who intend to use the pool not for exercise but for leisure, may desire a growth of ten degrees or more on those autumn mornings.

Finally, using a pool cover will naturally help to increase the temperature of your pool while using no energy at all. This plastic material heats up very quickly, transferring heat into the water and retaining it. Simply remove the cover after several hours on a warm day and you will notice the difference. Most people choose to boost the effects of a solar heating system with the use of a pool cover, however if you only require a slightly warmer pool then the cover alone may do the job for you. For a Tailored Solar Pool Heating Discussion in Sydney, please get in touch with Sunlover Heating.

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