A Carports for Every Traditional Adelaide Home

Modern homes can get away with a lot when it comes to adding a carport structure. However, owners of older homes need to take the time to ensure any new addition is in keeping with the existing appearance of the building. Every home, old or new, can benefit from the construction of appropriate carports designs in Adelaide.

The cottage is one of the oldest and most traditional housing styles found throughout Adelaide. Some settler’s cottages date back as far as the mid-1830s, when our state was first settled. Settler’s cottages are very simple in their design, with a classic box shape and a high-pitched, metal roof. This minimalist style demands and equally minimalist carport design, and special care should be taken with these early properties to work around any heritage or partial heritage listings. This may present a good opportunity to reroof or repaint the roof of your home if it is very aged, in order to ensure a consistent colour scheme across the property. Single fronted and symmetrical cottages, most popular several decades later, differ from settler’s cottages in that they feature either a bullnose or a concave verandah. Single fronted cottages have a neat pointed roof, whereas symmetrical cottages have a trapezium shape. Roof shape is one thing which should without question be replicated in the carport, or at least designed so that it flows on from the existing roof.

Villas are another staple around Adelaide and can vary slightly in their design. Bay window and traditional villas are fairly similar in how they would accommodate an attached Carport in Adeliade. Similarly to the cottage, their verandah style may differ so this should be noted when designing a carport for your particular home. A return verandah villa however features a verandah which runs from the front door around the corner. This might present unique design obstacles if the carport is desired on this side of the home.

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Bungalows are very common in the inner north and eastern suburbs of Adelaide. These homes are low and flat, dramatically different from the high-pitched roofs of earlier architecture. The main gable covers the verandah, while a secondary gable forms the front room. Most bungalows benefit most from an attached carport which follows the obtuse angle of one of these gables.

Tudors are characteristic of the 1930s. These iconic designs feature very steeply pitched gables, often at least three, which are ornately decorated with contrasting panelling. Importantly, these homes differ from the previous ones in that they almost always have a tiled roof rather than a metal one. It would be impractical for carports to mimic such steep gables, and so it usually follows the line of the main roof pitch.

There are many more popular home designs in Adelaide which require special consideration, from the austerity homes of the 1940s and 1950s to Deco, Dutch gable or Spanish styles. For reliable carports advice in Adelaide that is uniquely tailored to your home, contact Pergolarific at Pergolarific.com.au.

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