What Do i Need To Consider Before Organising International Pet Transport Australia?

If you’re visiting or moving overseas, don’t forget your four-legged friend and organise international pet transport Australia. Before you do, there are a number of things you need be made aware of. Here are our best tips for international pet transport from Australia.

International Pet Transport Australia

Before considering international pet transport by air, you need to think is it suitable for your family pet? Some animals simply aren’t suited to traveling by air, so have a quick chat with your local vet. They may also need to do an evaluation of your pet to see if they are fit and healthy enough to be confined in a small space for an extended period of time, and that they are up to date on all their vaccinations.Generally, transporting pets internationally should not be undertaken by animals that get quite anxious or stressed.

If your animal does get anxious, it can be tempting to sedate your cat or dog, however most vets do not recommend sedating your animal prior to international pet transport Australia, as airlines may not accept your sedated pet. Some natural calmers for animals are available, however this should also be discussed with your vet during the pre-flight visit.

Cat and dog passports are specific to each country, so as a pet owner it’s important that you understand these. A pet passport is the collection of all the identifying documents required for entering any particular country. Some countries may also require you to supply a veterinary certificate stating that your animal is fit to travel, and their medical records.

Rabies is one of the most serious diseases that can affect your dog or cat. Before you travel you should check the rabies classification of the country you are leaving from, and the country you are travelling to.

Remember, some animals are prohibited from air travel, and some countries may have strict quarantine rules regarding animals that are allowed into that country. Make sure you do your research beforehand.   Choose the right type of pet transport container. Look for one that provides coverage but has enough ventilation, has a water container to drink from, and will give your pet enough space to stand, lay down, and turn around in. It is a good idea to fit your pet’s transport container with a protective kennel mat which can absorb any liquids and odours. If you are not sure what is best, speak to the specialists at Petraveller.com.au.  Prior to taking off with international pet transport from Australia, get your pet used to their travel container. You can put in their favourite toy or comfort item to help settle them, and encourage them to sleep in it or explore it the weeks and days leading up to your travel. A good tip is to take your pet for some short drives in their travel container so they can get used to travelling in it, and hopefully they won’t be so anxious before take-off.

 To help prepare your beloved animal with international pet transport from Australia, make sure they have plenty of time before boarding to stretch their legs and empty their bladders. You should also ensure they have a light meal before they depart.  Follow these international pet transport Australia tips prior to departure, and you and your pet should have a hassle free journey. To organise your International Pet transport Australia, be sure to visit Petraveller.com.au today.


Cleaning Out And Moving Out

Moving out of one home and into another is a big job. More often than not, families are completely shocked at the amount of trash they have accumulated and want to dispose of. Learn how to tackle this process in the most efficient way possible with convenient rubbish removal in Melbourne.

It is a good idea to first sort things into ‘keep’ and ‘don’t keep’ piles. Most commonly, as you are packing up your boxes, you will come across a number of items which you have little or no use for any more, or simply cannot fit into the new place. Leave these in one area, either in a room where you will sort through them later, or outside under shelter. Be ruthless at this stage about what you do and don’t want. It is a good idea to keep all of your unwanted items together in a pile. This way, you will be able to visually appreciate the sheer amount that has to go. If you only look at things individually, it is too easy to let sentimentality win.

Choose a spot that will be easy for a vehicle to access. Hoarding it in a room can be convenient at first, but keep in mind you will have to transport everything when you want to get rid of it. If it is in your yard, make sure it is near the driveway or other gateway opening to allow best access. Calling a rubbish removalist in advance can be handy, as they can give you the minimum dimensions their trucks need.

Rubbish Removal in Melbourne

Once you have this large pile, then you can begin to go through it a second time, this time dividing items depending on how you will dispose of them. In the interest of recycling and minimising waste, any old furniture and items in decent condition could either be sold at a garage sale, given to friends or donated to charity. Going through all of your possessions intended for disposal a second time can also be very valuable for those things you aren’t quite sure about. Once you bin those old photographs, they will be gone forever. A second chance to reconsider could be a great thing.

When everything is neatly sorted and you have given away/sold/donated whatever you can, hopefully your pile will be a great deal smaller. Now you will want to be thinking about how to get rid of the rubbish you have left. Many people will opt to hire a traditional skip bin which they then load and wait for removal. A far better option for those weary after days of hard work is to call in a rubbish removalist. They will bring with them a skip or truck, and do all of the loading and heavy lifting for you. The cost will be comparable, as your trash will take up less volume when it is packed professionally and you only have to pay for the space that it takes up. Importantly, it is far more convenient than a skip, which often takes almost a week to be collected. During this time the grass dies and your rubbish is creating an eyesore. If you’ve been cleaning out the shed or other potentially dangerous areas, it can be a good idea to leave the loading to someone else. They will likely wear some gloves to avoid sharp edges and splinters.

Ask some questions to determine that your removalist is going to responsibly dispose of your waste. Some companies send everything to landfill, not bothering to sort out any recyclables. For an Environmental Rubbish Removal Approach in Melbourne, contact Must Collect Rubbish.

What To Look For In The Perfect Real Estate Agent In Melbourne

A great real estate agent in Melbourne should make finding your new home a dream, however a bad experience can leave you not sure who you can trust. At bidRhino.com.au we know what makes a high calibre of real estate agent in Melbourne, so here are our tried and true tips which will help you in choosing a real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Melbourne

Tips for choosing a real estate agent in Melbourne

Look at what their track record has been for the area you are buying or selling.

Your ideal real estate agent should have detailed knowledge of the area you are wanting to purchase in or sell. You can also ask your agent if they live locally, if so they should be able to give you some great information about the community.

Meet your potential agent in their working environment, not the office.

The sign of a good agent is one that spends very little time behind a desk. Ensure your agent understands your property and how long you want to list your property for, or what you are looking for in a property. Real estate agents have your future in their hands, and if they don’t understand what you want, you are sure to end up disappointed with the final result.

Ask your agent about what is their exact advertising strategy.

This is the way they will market a property you are selling. Some agents will have some wonderful and inexpensive strategies for ensuring your property is seen by more people, however some agents will charge you a fortune for doing so. Make sure your potential real estate agent is up front about all marketing and advertising costs. You should also discuss what is their strategy for obtaining the best price for your home

Visit their website, and also do your research by reading any reviews about your potential agent and the real estate agency they represent.

You should be looking for an agent who is web savvy, and they should have professional credentials and membership to the relevant local, state or national real estate institute. Ask yourself, does the agent also give you the honest impression that they have your best interests at heart? If there are any ill reviews or this agent won’t return your calls because they are too busy, feel confident in looking elsewhere for an agent that will give you the time of day.

Discuss their commission rate and what this will get you.

Some agents make promises which they don’t deliver on, yet will still expect their original commission. Also, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your fees. You shouldn’t feel bad about stipulating your own conditions, or negotiating commission and fees, as these are not regulated by law.

Remember, you can have more than one agent.

If your initial one is not getting you results, enlist the help of another and this will push them to work harder for your sale or purchase.

If finding a local real estate agent in Melbourne feels like too much trouble, speak with bidRhino.com.au We can help vendors who are looking to sell, work with one of our partner agents, or to do it themselves. With the bidRhino.com.au solution, you can easily expand your buyer pool, and bidRhino.com.au will make managing the transaction process easy, secure and transparent.

The bidRhino.com.au website and mobile platforms are state of the art, providing easy-to-navigate, secure, transparent and fair online transaction solutions. Whether you are buying, selling or leasing, we have all the tools which will allow you to manage your property with ease. The future of property transactions is here, so when you can’t find the Best Real Estate Agent in Melbourne, talk to the team at bidRhino.com.au


Build a Thriving And Creative Boardroom Environment

The boardroom is the beating heart of any creative agency or office building. It is a place where ideas are born, and where fully realised concepts either hit the mark or fail miserably. Make your boardroom the best it can be with some smart office furniture choices in Adelaide

Office Furniture Adelaide

There are several items that are fundamental to the effective functioning of a boardroom, and perhaps the most obvious is the table itself. This piece could potentially be the most expensive in your office, but it is worthwhile investing in a quality piece. It needs to convey a sense of luxury and grandeur, and bigger is better. Opt for a polished timber if you are going to be able to commit to regular cleaning and using coasters. A round table or oval table is traditionally employed here to give a sense of equality and openness to collaboration. 

Comfortable chairs cannot be overlooked. Pitching ideas to a client or a boss can be a daunting concept, and so it is a wise idea to keep everyone as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, very often long nights of hard work are spent in boardrooms, and so you want to make sure the seats are as adequately cushioned. You can’t go past leather for a material that is both visually appealing and comfortable. Ensure chairs are equipped with piston features allowing them to be adjusted according to individual preferences. 

A whiteboard is your best friend for keeping up with your brain. Even though brainstorming can be slow to get going, once the ideas do start to come they race at a million miles per hour. Collaboration involves people yelling out ideas and words as they pop into their head, and you can’t overthink these things. Trying to remember the events of a creative session without having taken notes is a lost cause. A whiteboard not only allows you to take notes quickly, but you can also erase whatever you deem unnecessary when you have built upon that idea. You no longer need to fill up the bin with scrunched up paper. 

Room dividers can be very useful for the small to medium business that wants maximum flexibility. A presentation to the board might require a traditional boardroom setting, whereas an employee education day might require more of a lecture style seating arrangement, with the dividers opened to allow everyone to fit into the one space. You might like to consider room dividers which are made from pin up board or lattice material so that they can double as presentation spaces. Even whiteboards can do the job, and help to save space in the long run. 

Finally, there is no excuse not to have the technical equipment that you need on hand. Items such as a projector, laptop that stays in the boardroom and a sound system are essential. These things do cost a bit up front, but you cannot expect a creative business to grow without investing in decent media accessories.  Of course, the exact needs of each business are going to be a unique thing. No two businesses are alike, and so it is important to identify the furniture and tech accessories that will best suit your needs and help to achieve your goals. 

Always try to avoid a sterile and monotonous office space, and instead think about adding a splash of colour to the walls or some indoor plants to bring some life to your boardroom. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Furniture Access for all of your individual office furniture needs in Adelaide.      


What Should I Look For in Melbourne Roofing?

When renovating your home, a lot of people wonder what should they look for regarding Melbourne roofing. Melbourne has a spectacular skyline, and when your neighbours are looking out over at your roofing, the last thing you want them to think is that your roof looks a little rough. Plus, the right roof can help with the liveability, energy saving performance, and resale value of your home. For example, grand old Melbourne homes call for roofs that bigger and can be much more awe-inspiring. Smaller and more modern homes are more suited to more functional Melbourne roofing instead of decorative roofs.

To help you decide on the most perfect Melbourne Roofing, our team of experts at C&L Coghlan Roofing have collected the most common styles around to help you decide.

The Hip or hipped style roof

These roofs have shady eaves and offer strength and resistance during extreme weather conditions.

The Gabled style roof

If you want to add an attic to your home renovations, a gabled roof is what you need which will add the extra room you want.

The Flat style roof

Would you love some extra space for an upstairs living, entertainment or garden area. A flat roof is just perfect, just make sure that you take extra precautions with waterproofing.

Melbourne Roofing

The Skillion style roof 

Converted warehouses and recycled homes often choose the ‘skillion’ or ‘shed’ roof because its steep angle allows for plenty of creative designs inside the home like windows, shelving and more.

The Clerestory style roof

If you are looking to add more natural light as well as heating and cooling, the ‘clerestory’ the perfect Melbourne roof for you.

The Mansard style roof

This is the most common style of roof on old historic mansions. These roofs are also great for creating an attic space in your home.

The Arched style roof

If you want to turn your converted warehouse into something unusual and striking, the ‘arched’ style of roof which is typically made from steel could add real value to your home.

The Sawtooth style roof

This style of roof is often associated with industrial or warehouse buildings, however many home renovator are choosing this style because of the natural daylight this Melbourne roof style lets in.

Remember, your roof shape can play a big role in the aesthetics of your home. A new roof shape can completely transform the look of your home and may attract certain buyers over others further down the track. These are just some the most common Melbourne roof styles. When you are looking for Melbourne roof tiling and slate needs for your favourite roof style, visit www.coghlanroofing.com.au, or phone (03) 9873 0963.

Discover The Versatility Of a Carport In Rural Areas

In Australia, we know that the weather can be unpredictable. This is the main reason why it never hurts to build expansive carports in rural Adelaide properties. These simple structures can provide extra space and shelter when it is most needed.

First and foremost, a carport can provide some much needed shade for your livestock during those scorching heatwaves. Leaving animals in the intense heat for days on end is not only cruel, but could also see them suffer a range of conditions which will make them unfit for your purposes. Much agricultural land is often cleared, dotted only with a couple of trees in the best cases. This is simply not enough shelter for a group of animals. A carport covers an area of cool concrete where your animals can rest and stay cool. Also, the shade will prevent such rapid evaporation of drinking water supplies, so that it will be easier to keep your livestock hydrated. Evaporation of drinking troughs not only loses water, but it also leaves a salty deposit around the rim, and when refilled can make the water saline and undrinkable. Always remember to wash out troughs when you refill them. Hanging wet hessian across parts of your carport structure can help turn the hot breeze into a refreshing one. If you do choose to move your stock, do so at night or during cooler times of the day to minimise stress.

Carports in Adelaide

As well as helping out your animals, a large carport is just the thing you need for extra storage space. While you will most likely have sheds installed with a primary storage purpose, sometimes you need a bit extra room. Perhaps you have had to stock up on supplies in advance, or have just harvested more crops that you expected. Alternatively, perhaps you have some heat sensitive materials which are not suitable for storage in a hot metal shed, and instead require a shelter which allows a breeze to come through. Storage does not only refer to agricultural items, and your carport can also come in handy for sheltering your machinery. Anything from tractors to mowers and sprayers can be housed here, and it all depends on the size of carport you wish to build. Rain is probably the main thing that you want to keep off of your machines; however sun can also be very damaging to the paintwork.

Whether you live on a farm or simply a larger property in the hills, energy consumption is no doubt a common concern. A huge proportion of rural and semi-rural South Australian residents make use of solar panels to harness the sun’s energy. A large carport can provide the roof space that you need for exactly this purpose. Make sure the roof area in question is facing north for best results. If solar power is not your thing, then you might like to consider rainwater. Depending on the size of the roof, you would collect quite a sizable amount. There is no doubt that a little extra water can go a long way in an agricultural setting.

What about when all these things are over with and you are left with a large carport that doesn’t get used? Perhaps you have downsized your machinery, sold your livestock, and are looking to live a quitter life. This does not mean that your carport should be left with no purpose. A carport can quite easily be turned into your very own greenhouse oasis. Simply install some glass walls and voila, an amateur greenhouse.

To chat about the Stunning Carports Range in Adelaide available from Pergolarific.


Reconsider Your Cleaning Routine This Winter

The winter months can spell disaster for the cleanliness of your office or workplace. Wet weather means that employees track water and mud through the building, not to mention leaves and other debris. Prepare yourself with these helpful industrial cleaning tips in Adelaide before next winter

Your floors will be subjected to all kinds of harsh treatment during the winter time. For this reason, it is so important to take some extra protection measures. For hard floors, such as tile, timber or linoleum, ensure that any faults in the flooring are repaired professionally. Things such as cracked tiles or eroded grout can be the perfect trap for moisture carried in the door on the shoes and umbrellas. Once moisture reaches these nooks and crannies, it is often impossible to fully remove. It makes cleaning effectively very difficult, and mould and grime will build up quickly. Inspect your flooring closely and have a tiler or flooring specialist come in and fix any damage you find. Those with timber floors might like to consider having a coat of polish or varnish applied if it has been many years since the last application. This layer will help to protect your timber from both moisture absorption and dents and scratches. 

Industrial cleaning Adelaide

Carpets are also at risk over the rainy months. Where many workplaces go wrong is in adopting the ‘it will only get dirty again’ mentality, and avoiding cleaning carpets regularly over winter. It is true that your clean carpets will not stay clean for long, but if anything this means that they should be cleaned more often. When water and dirt are left to soak in to your carpets, then it can do irreversible damage. Instead of just dirtying the top layer, the damage is pressed deeper and deeper into the fabric as more and more people trample the area. By the time your spring clean comes around and you go to hire a professional carpet cleaner, they return with the result that little can be done. Make sure that you at least vacuum your carpets more frequently, and organise a deeper clean, such as a shampoo, every couple of months in a busy office with high foot traffic. To help with keeping inside mess to a minimum, every office should also have both indoor and outdoor doormats, umbrella stands and coat racks near the door ways. 

Many commercial settings such as factory floors will need to thoroughly consider how their cleaning routine may need to change throughout the year. Certain chemicals or products may liquefy in the heat of summer in a hot warehouse, for example. Other products may congeal when the temperature drops. Specialised cleaning machinery may quite possibly also be affected by the weather. Food and beverage operations will in particular be concerned with how they can keep their site hygienic and sanitary in all weather conditions. This will often mean increased cleaning commitments. You will need to talk to a cleaning specialist about these kinds of issues, and the unique cleaning requirements and conditions of your business. 

Finally, keep in mind that in winter the office can get very stuffy. Because of the cold, we rarely open the windows and instead rely on the heating system for our fresh air. Cleaning helps to keep the indoor environment fresh and pleasant, and is especially important when there is no breeze flowing through. Always give the air vents a good wipe down at the beginning of winter to avoid unnecessary spreading of dust and allergens. If you would like some assistance with your Specialised Industrial Cleaning Routine in Adelaide, please contact SA Sweepers & Scrubbers.


Drama Classes For Kids

 Your child will thank you later for enrolling them in drama classes

Drama Classes For Children

Drama is an exceptional yet frequently undervalued aspect of learning. It teaches important lessons while not being in the strict academic and classroom format. Learn all about the wonderful benefits of fun drama classes for kids.

First and foremost, there is no denying that drama teaches confidence. It is quite remarkable how shy children can be when first introduced to a class, yet by the end of the hour they are chattering, sharing ideas and interacting with others. There are no wrong answers and no embarrassing ideas in drama class, and everyone is treated with equal respect. These are such important lessons to be instilled early on. On that note, it is also renowned for sparking creative thinking. Improvisation is a major part of any drama class. While at first this could be intimidating, it soon teaches children to let go a little bit and to adapt to the situation at hand. This ‘creative’ thinking is not just in terms of acting and movement, but can also be readily applied to general problem solving. Having an open and versatile mind will help your child tackle all of life’s problems.

On stage, the role may call for laughter, tears, anger or boredom. Emotional range is one of the most valued features of a promising young actor. Learning to express emotion is a vital part of growing into a healthy and well-rounded adult. While in acting we may not be channelling real emotions necessarily, talking about them and acting them out helps children to understand them. Children learn valuable communication skills through drama. Not only do they learn to articulate and project their voice, but they also learn those subtle body language cues. Body language is a learned phenomenon, and getting it right can help with everything from making new friends to succeeding in a job interview in later life.

As mentioned earlier, drama is often a fantastic creative outlet and learning environment for kids who struggle academically. Traditional behind-a-desk schooling is still a huge part of our current education system, but can be really tough for kids who simply don’t think that way. Drama is simply another way of looking at things. Plays studied and analysed in English may be incomprehensible, but when words on the page are spoken and given movement, it all comes together. From a different perspective, participating in acting classes has actually been associated with higher school grades and more standardised scores.

Of course, drama is not all fun and games (although most of it is). It can be a significant time commitment depending on how dedicated your child is and how much they like it. If followed as a career, or even amateurly into adult life, there can be more than a couple of disappointments along the way. Not everyone can be the lead role. However these are potential issues that accompany any other hobby or extra-curricular activity. It could be argued quite easily that participating in an out of school activity such as this actually promotes good time management skills and strategies to deal with disappointment, reacting constructively instead of negatively. 

Clearly drama teaches a range of life lessons which can provide your child with a firm foundation. It teaches growth within oneself, relationships and communication, movement skills, and problem solving and creativity. As a parent, it is a great idea to float the idea of a drama class with your children. Perhaps they have a friend that would like to tag along so that the first session is more comfortable. Get in touch with a nurturing drama Classes provider for kids at Stage School.

Run a Tight Ship In Your Office

Would you like to know how some simple steps like enlisting the help of a reputable commercial cleaning group in Adelaide could significantly improve your business?
Commercial Cleaning Adelaide

Inefficiency is often cited by organisational psychologists and workplace management professionals as being the leading area that needs improving in Australian workplaces. We as a culture are known for being laid back, and most of the time this image is a positive one. So how do we get everyone to shape up when it is needed?

First of all, you need to create a positive and inspiring environment for your employees. Part of this comes down to cleaning, though you may also like to talk to an interior decorator about how you can make your space feel most open and inviting. A daily or at least weekly clean is essential for any office. You are making a statement about your professionalism and your approach to business in your workplace, and so a dirty office will communicate to clients that you don’t care about their business, and to employees that you don’t care about their effort.

Some businesses handle this task by delegating it to some of their existing employees. This is generally a poor choice. Not only are your employees likely not going to know a whole lot about the best and most thorough cleaning procedures, they are also not going to be motivated to do a good job. Someone who has been employed to perform a specific role is going to feel insulted at being asked to do a rather menial job such as cleaning.

The other great way that cleaning is directly related to productivity is in health. An office space that is regularly cleaned is less likely to harbour germs that can spread disease. It also minimises the amount of dust in the air, which is a big factor for anyone who suffers from asthma. By investing in a good cleaning company, you will essentially be minimising the number of days that employees take off sick, which is a clear benefit.

A clean office, and a clean desk, can help us get into a better headspace. If you sit down at your computer only to be faced with a desk covered in dust, stains and bric-a-brac, you might begin to wonder why you bother working for a place like this. A spotless desk, however, can help you organise all your belongings, and better keep track of client documents. Tidying up so that the cleaners can best do their job will also force you in a way to remain tidy and clean up at the end of your work day.

A clean and open space can encourage you to move around the office, rather than staying sitting at your cramped desk. The top experts all agree that taking a few minutes as a break every couple of hours is a wise choice. After you’ve been sitting for an extended period of time, a two minute walk, be it to say hello to someone or go make a coffee, can be very valuable. You get the blood pumping, readjust your posture, and come back to your desk with a fresh set of eyes to get back to what you were working on. Spending a couple of minutes out of your day doing this simple exercise will save you more than that much time in increased productivity.

Of course, to enjoy all the benefits of a clean office, you will need to find an outstanding company to take on the job. Trust the immaculate commercial cleaning work in Adelaide from Ascott Solutions.


Tips for Replacing The Glass in Your Greenhouse

Whether you are building your first greenhouse from the ground up, or need to replace some glass that has been damaged, you will no doubt find yourself considered the benefits of different glass types. There has been some recent debate about the comparisons between polycarbonate and glass, but glass proves that it is the better option. Talk to your local glass replacement team in Adelaide about the features that will help to improve your greenhouse’s function.

There are several things you will want ideally in greenhouse glass. You will want it to let in plenty of sunlight while also hopefully helping to maintain a constant temperature. You will want it to be very strong, as the structure is made almost entirely out of glass. There are different glasses for walls and roofs, as these components are under different amounts of stress. Finally, in the event that something does shatter, you will want a glass that keeps you safe from severe injuries.

So firstly, we need to find a glass that allows optimum temperature and light. The point of a greenhouse is to enhance the natural amount of light that plants receive, thus making them thrive. The medium of glass magnifies the effect of entering light, and then traps it inside. Annealed glass, which is the everyday glass we are all familiar with, should be avoided. This very thin, and is prone to shattering when the temperature changes rapidly, something which is a common condition in a greenhouse. When it does shatter, it is into dangerous shards. Tempered glass is a far better choice. This type of glass is made via a specific cooling process so that there is a tension between the surface and internal stress. The result is a very strong glass, almost six times more so than annealed glass in fact. Tempered glass is suitable for roofs and walls.

Glass Replacement in Adelaide

There is one small downside with tempered glass, which is that it can still break. It is a lot safer than annealed glass, as it shatters into little cubes rather than the razor sharp shards, but breaking at all is not ideal. Laminated glass is actually two panels fused together and then covered with a layer PVB. This double layer combined with the plastic coating means that it is great at increasing heat and light inside the greenhouse, as well as insulting it to prevent heat loss. The plastic coating serves to keep the pieces in place, should your glass be struck with something. Car windscreens and windows are typically made from laminated glass for safety reasons.

The choice is up to you, but it is really between tempered glass and laminated glass. There is a slight downside to laminated glass which is that the seals can perish after only five years or so in extreme heat conditions and will require replacement. To minimise this, you will want to apply coating which minimises condensation moisture. It should be said that you can install double pane or single pane tempered glass. Double pane obviously improves the insulation significantly, and so it is a wise choice for larger scale projects which are concerned with keeping heating and cooling bills low. Smaller, amateur, or greenhouses with less fussy plants can get away with the cheaper option of single pane glass for both walls and roof.

If installed correctly, glass greenhouse materials will outlast any other. Glass also looks far more striking compared to polycarbonates, and makes the greenery the hero. Get in touch with the Famous Glass Masters in Adelaide at Q Glass and Glazing


Two Types of RCD Tests

Most business owners are aware that they are required to take responsibility for the electrical safety of their workplace. But do you know exactly how often and what kinds of tests need to be performed? As well as standard testing and tagging, you will need to arrange regular RCD testing in Sydney.

First of all, before you can determine the types of tests you need to have performed and how often, you will need to know a bit about how your business is classified. There are two common types of risk environments: high and low. High risk environments may be entire buildings or just a single room that is considered more dangerous. Kitchens and bathrooms commonly fall into this category as they experience moisture and often have lots of portable appliances being used and shifted around. A boardroom could also fall into this category, especially with frequent presentations which utilise multimedia. Low risk environments are areas such as the majority of the office which is rarely moved or changed. Of course, some offices are flexible in their layout and function, and so will move their equipment and desks about. If this is the case, then this is considered a high risk environment.

There are also two types of RCD tests. A push button test is the simple one, and simply involves pushing a button to ensure that the system trips when it comes into contact with an earth leakage fault.  Because they are so simple to do and not inconvenient to the workplace at all, yet are still incredibly helpful, push button tests are recommended more frequently than the second type, which is operation time tests. This latter test involves measuring the time it takes for the RCD to trip, and to ensure that it trips in time to avert disaster. Remember, RCDs protect against electric shocking as well as damage and fires, and so a second can be the difference between safety and harm.

RCD Testing in Sydney

Once you know the difference between different working environments and different RCD tests, you can begin to decipher the regulations relevant to you. You will need to arrange both types of testing, although the frequency will vary depending on your workplace. All workplaces should engage a technician to perform a push button test at least once every six months. A timed test should be completed yearly in high risk environments, and once every two years in lower risk areas. Testing and tagging is also different, recommended every year in high risk and every five years in low risk workplaces.

High and low risk is a very general classification, and these are not binary terms. There are a number of other types of workplace which require their own rules. Manufacturing/workshops, commercial cleaning, hire equipment, accommodation, and construction/demolition are just some of these other categories. They vary in their recommendations for testing and tagging, push button tests and operation timed RCD tests. Please note that states will also vary in their exact testing times.  Furthermore, portable RCD testing is a new scenario altogether. If your technician is using a portable device, push button tests should be done every three months, and timed tests every 12 months and 2 years in high and low risk environments respectively. If you would like more information on your responsibilities, you can read up on the regulations for your state or consult your local electrical test and tag or RCD testing provider. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at TestCorp at for more information about Responsible RCD Testing Methods in Sydney.


Treat Your Bedroom Carpet To a Pampering Session

Carpet in the bedroom is a great choice. In keeps out feet comfortable and warm in winter, as well as being a fantastic insulator. However, when it comes to deep carpet cleaning in Melbourne, many people do not clean as often as they should. Perhaps the one advantage of hard floors is that they are far easier to clean; simply sweep and mop. 

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Your bedroom carpet is exposed to some very specific conditions, and these need to be considered when figuring out the best way to get that amazing clean feeling. Teen carpets will be at worst risk, as this is when all of those beauty products start being introduced. Make up and nail polish are some of the most difficult stains to remove, but boys are not totally in the clear. Sticky hair gels and those overpowering body spray scents can all sink in to your carpet. Any specific make up stains will vary in the best method of cleaning. Black marks, from eyeliner or mascara can often be best approached with simple warm water and dishwashing liquid solution, whereas lipstick can be done with rubbing alcohol. Nail polish, surprisingly enough, can be banished using nail polish remover. Whatever the stain, the rule is always to dab rather than rub, and to try to avoid soaking the area entirely. 

Once you have removed these specific stains, then it is time to give then entire carpet a general boost. In an airtight container, shake some sifted bicarbonate soda with ten drops of essential oils. Once combined, sprinkle over the entire carpet. Leave for an hour or so, then simply run the vacuum over the top. This procedure absorbs all those awful odours and replaces them with a subtle fragrance.
Adult bedroom stains tend to be more commonplace, and they mainly consist of coffee and wine. Most people have their own remedy for red wine, and a few things do work. For those without a go-to plan of action, simply cover the stain in salt, brushing away and repeating until the majority has absorbed. Then, some methylated spirits should lift the remnants. Coffee is a different kettle of fish. This one you can lift even after it has dried, whereas usually the rule is to get to the stain as soon as possible. Mix a tablespoon of each of white vinegar and dishwashing liquid, and combine well in two cups of warm water. The thing with coffee stains is that the middle tends to be slightly paler with a dark outline. To best get rid of this, blot the solution from the outside in.
Families with young kids will know that toddlers and children can be a nightmare for the carpets. There could easily be an article for this alone. Some common problems encountered might be textas and crayons.  Crayons are quite unique in their removal. You can take advantage of the waxy texture and actually remove most of it quite easily. After you’ve carefully picked up any bulky pieces, wet a washer and lay it over the entire area. Iron the area very carefully, making sure not to burn the carpet around the washer. The heat from the steam will melt the wax, whereas the dampness of the washer will lift it toward the iron. When you’re done, carefully peel away the washer and you should find the crayon lifts easily. Removing texta is the same process as for coffee.
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How To Choose a Location For Your Tank

Many Australian properties stand to benefit from the addition of a suitable rain harvesting system. However, before you begin thinking about the tank size and accessories that you will require, you first need to determine whether you have ample space to situate one. There are several aspects to consider when determining ideal rain water tanks locations in Adelaide.

Rain Water Tanks Adelaide

The first thing you should look for is flat and stable ground. Most commonly, tanks are installed atop a concrete slab base. However, you cannot rely on this alone to compensate for any irregularities in the ground. Earth that is too soft will sink over time under the immense weight of even an empty tank, not to mention when it fills with water. Ground which is sloped could mean that your tank is at risk of slanting. The base needs to be completely level, as even a few degrees of slope will mean that there will be pressure on one side of the tank as the water gathers. Next, you will want to find this flat and stable ground near the house. To keep costs down, the best spot would be located next to an existing downpipe. 

If you have found this, then you have found the perfect spot. At some added cost, you can always chat to a guttering company about how you can adapt your existing gutters and pipes to accommodate a tank. Of course, almost any property can accommodate a rainwater tank in some shape or form, and they do not necessarily have to be quite so conventional. Perhaps you don’t have wide, open, flat spaces right next to the house. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have a rain water tank.
One answer is to look into the range of modern smaller tanks. When you think of a rain water tank, most people picture those huge round vessels that take up the space of half a house. However, as more and more people have recognised the importance of a tank on their property, manufacturing companies have adapted and created new designs that suit people with limited space. Slimline tanks are some of the most popular, and are elongated in shape rather than round. The can easily slot down the side of a house beside the fence, and are barely noticeable. There are also some other options of space saving tanks, such as under deck tanks. So many Australian homes these days make the most of our gorgeous weather by building an expansive deck. Beneath this structure is a tonne of space that can easily be used to house a tank solution. Talk to a tank company about how you can go about making use of this area.
Finally, you can of course locate your tank elsewhere on your property and connect it to your gutters via a network of pipes and possibly pumps. This is a common choice for residents living in the Adelaide Hills with plenty of space on their property. It makes sense that if you have land down the bottom of the property that is better suited, then you should use it. The catch is that it will require either a bigger budget of plenty of time on your hands to install all of the pipes that connect the tank to the roof. It will also require some excavation, so if you’ve got any structures between the home and the tank that could be an issue.
Whatever you do, before you get to the real planning stages, make sure you are aware of your specific council guidelines and policies when it comes to rain water tank location. Speak with the friendly and knowledgeable rain water tanks team in Adelaide at Taylor Made Tanks today.

Did You Know RCD Testing Looks For Two Main Things?

Any business owner will appreciate that they have a very strict Duty of Care to both their employees and their clients or customers when it comes to electrical safety. Testing may include fault finding in individual appliances, testing and tagging all equipment and using heat detecting devices to pick up hidden problems. One of the most important elements of your electrical security is your safety switch, which requires regular RCD testing in Perth.

An RCD switch is just a safety switch, which works by tripping any time it senses an electrical fault. By immediately shutting off the current, it prevents further damage to the faulty appliance, sparking at the plug, electrical shock to the person using the appliance, and even prevents fires. With so many important functions, it is no wonder that the government soon made RCD switches mandatory in all workplaces and new homes. Having one installed is alone not enough to prevent problems, and it must be checked regularly to ensure that it will perform in your time of need. You should note that a circuit breaker and an RCD are not one in the same. While both work to protect electrical equipment from sparks, overheating and fires caused by faults, it is only the latter that helps to prevent electrocution. The next question that follows then is how to tell the difference between an RCD and a circuit breaker. While the actual switch/switches look identical, the RCD can be identified by its (often round) ‘test’ button.

So, what exactly does RCD testing look for? First of all, it looks to see that the mechanism is capable of detecting faults. This is what most people associate with the process. However, it should also have a secondary function, which is to test whether the RCD is capable of shutting off the power adequately and in a timely fashion, so that disaster can be averted. If the RCD can close off power, but is delayed in doing so, then it is hardly helpful and the damage would have already been inflicted. 

RCD Testing Perth

If you are using items that are not connected to your main fuse box, you can either fit a power point individually with an RCD, which shows a ‘test’ and ‘reset’ button between the standby switches. Alternatively, you could make use of a portable RCD, commonly an orange box with a power point attached, which will safely trip any appliances directly connected to it if needed. Each of these types of RCDs needs to be tested by a qualified and capable professional, who is able to interpret the readings of an RCD testing machine. It is up to you as a business or homeowner to arrange regular testing which is in line with your obligations. 

Some people can get confused with how often they are required to test, and this is because partly because there are a number of different tests to be performed at different intervals. A push button test is the simplest, and should be carried out once every three months or so. This is very simple for a professional to carry out, and will not inconvenience your business at all. It simply tests that the switch does trip when an earth leakage is present. Then there is the operation time test, which is exactly what it sounds. This is the one that ensures your switch does its job fast enough to be effective. If you’ve noticed nuisance tripping, then this could be a sign of a greater problem. Offer this information to your electrician and allow them to find the problem.

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Challenges Of Living In a Temporary Home

You may be renting while you search for your dream home, or perhaps you want to purchase a slice of property as soon as possible, and upgrade after you’ve earned some savings. A family home is not an asset on which you want to compromise, and so it can be a smart move to sit back and live in between permanent homes if the time isn’t quite right. Find out how to survive living in impermanent properties for sale in melbourne.

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Perhaps the first challenge of living in a temporary residence is to resist the urge to spend money on the property. It can be tempting to spend money on everything from furniture to artwork when you first move in to make the place feel like home. Unfortunately, these items tend to be bought with a particular space in mind. If you haven’t got your eye on a property in particular, then you may be shocked to find that new couch or fancy art work does not complement your more permanent home at all and was a total waste of money.  Of course, even if you are only living somewhere for a year or two, you still want it to look homely and inviting to an extent. Just avoid spending into the thousands.

This rule applies to decoration mainly. For structural issues or an ugly appearance of the building itself, it may be well worth your while to use this time to do the place up if you are the owner. Some simple and smart renovations could increase the market value of your property by a considerable amount more than you initially invest. 

Exercising restraint when it comes to splurging on interior design also helps with the next common mistake, which is becoming too attached to your temporary property. Moving on can be difficult, so you must keep the idea that this home is only transitory at the front of your mind. If you’re situated in a neighbourhood where you are not looking to buy, then becoming an active member of the local community is probably not the brightest idea. In only a year or two you will have to tear yourself away from a whole new network, which makes the whole process harder. 

When we are living within in-between properties, it is often at a time when we are trying to save for the one we really want. For this reason, no one is going to be splashing out and spending up big on their temporary home, be it a rental or a purchased home. As such, your property is likely to be a little run down, or overly cramped. The idea for many couples is that a little discomfort in the short term can help them reach their goals more quickly. After a few months or a year, however, this can really start to get you down. It seems you work so hard, and are still living in a less than ideal situation. You need to keep the chin up and keep striving. 

Finally, there is a huge temptation to leave boxes unpacked, brushing off fully moving in, because you’re only going to move out again anyway. Boxes in the hallway quickly lead to clothes begin flung around, and before you know it, you’re living amongst mess. If you don’t want to unpack it, put it in storage; just don’t leave it around the house. In fact, it can be a good idea to leave many of your possessions in storage, as you want to be ready to move out if the right property presents itself. 

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