What To Look For In The Perfect Real Estate Agent In Melbourne

A great real estate agent in Melbourne should make finding your new home a dream, however a bad experience can leave you not sure who you can trust. At bidRhino.com.au we know what makes a high calibre of real estate agent in Melbourne, so here are our tried and true tips which will help you in choosing a real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Melbourne

Tips for choosing a real estate agent in Melbourne

Look at what their track record has been for the area you are buying or selling.

Your ideal real estate agent should have detailed knowledge of the area you are wanting to purchase in or sell. You can also ask your agent if they live locally, if so they should be able to give you some great information about the community.

Meet your potential agent in their working environment, not the office.

The sign of a good agent is one that spends very little time behind a desk. Ensure your agent understands your property and how long you want to list your property for, or what you are looking for in a property. Real estate agents have your future in their hands, and if they don’t understand what you want, you are sure to end up disappointed with the final result.

Ask your agent about what is their exact advertising strategy.

This is the way they will market a property you are selling. Some agents will have some wonderful and inexpensive strategies for ensuring your property is seen by more people, however some agents will charge you a fortune for doing so. Make sure your potential real estate agent is up front about all marketing and advertising costs. You should also discuss what is their strategy for obtaining the best price for your home

Visit their website, and also do your research by reading any reviews about your potential agent and the real estate agency they represent.

You should be looking for an agent who is web savvy, and they should have professional credentials and membership to the relevant local, state or national real estate institute. Ask yourself, does the agent also give you the honest impression that they have your best interests at heart? If there are any ill reviews or this agent won’t return your calls because they are too busy, feel confident in looking elsewhere for an agent that will give you the time of day.

Discuss their commission rate and what this will get you.

Some agents make promises which they don’t deliver on, yet will still expect their original commission. Also, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your fees. You shouldn’t feel bad about stipulating your own conditions, or negotiating commission and fees, as these are not regulated by law.

Remember, you can have more than one agent.

If your initial one is not getting you results, enlist the help of another and this will push them to work harder for your sale or purchase.

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