Cleaning Out And Moving Out

Moving out of one home and into another is a big job. More often than not, families are completely shocked at the amount of trash they have accumulated and want to dispose of. Learn how to tackle this process in the most efficient way possible with convenient rubbish removal in Melbourne.

It is a good idea to first sort things into ‘keep’ and ‘don’t keep’ piles. Most commonly, as you are packing up your boxes, you will come across a number of items which you have little or no use for any more, or simply cannot fit into the new place. Leave these in one area, either in a room where you will sort through them later, or outside under shelter. Be ruthless at this stage about what you do and don’t want. It is a good idea to keep all of your unwanted items together in a pile. This way, you will be able to visually appreciate the sheer amount that has to go. If you only look at things individually, it is too easy to let sentimentality win.

Choose a spot that will be easy for a vehicle to access. Hoarding it in a room can be convenient at first, but keep in mind you will have to transport everything when you want to get rid of it. If it is in your yard, make sure it is near the driveway or other gateway opening to allow best access. Calling a rubbish removalist in advance can be handy, as they can give you the minimum dimensions their trucks need.

Rubbish Removal in Melbourne

Once you have this large pile, then you can begin to go through it a second time, this time dividing items depending on how you will dispose of them. In the interest of recycling and minimising waste, any old furniture and items in decent condition could either be sold at a garage sale, given to friends or donated to charity. Going through all of your possessions intended for disposal a second time can also be very valuable for those things you aren’t quite sure about. Once you bin those old photographs, they will be gone forever. A second chance to reconsider could be a great thing.

When everything is neatly sorted and you have given away/sold/donated whatever you can, hopefully your pile will be a great deal smaller. Now you will want to be thinking about how to get rid of the rubbish you have left. Many people will opt to hire a traditional skip bin which they then load and wait for removal. A far better option for those weary after days of hard work is to call in a rubbish removalist. They will bring with them a skip or truck, and do all of the loading and heavy lifting for you. The cost will be comparable, as your trash will take up less volume when it is packed professionally and you only have to pay for the space that it takes up. Importantly, it is far more convenient than a skip, which often takes almost a week to be collected. During this time the grass dies and your rubbish is creating an eyesore. If you’ve been cleaning out the shed or other potentially dangerous areas, it can be a good idea to leave the loading to someone else. They will likely wear some gloves to avoid sharp edges and splinters.

Ask some questions to determine that your removalist is going to responsibly dispose of your waste. Some companies send everything to landfill, not bothering to sort out any recyclables. For an Environmental Rubbish Removal Approach in Melbourne, contact Must Collect Rubbish.

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  1. What a great tip that mentioned about putting all the rubbish together into a big pile then sorting them out. I think this type of tip would be something for to keep in mind after doing the demolition work of my bathroom. Well, later today a friend of mine will be coming over to my house with a bulldozer to help me move all the rubbish together.