What Should I Look For in Melbourne Roofing?

When renovating your home, a lot of people wonder what should they look for regarding Melbourne roofing. Melbourne has a spectacular skyline, and when your neighbours are looking out over at your roofing, the last thing you want them to think is that your roof looks a little rough. Plus, the right roof can help with the liveability, energy saving performance, and resale value of your home. For example, grand old Melbourne homes call for roofs that bigger and can be much more awe-inspiring. Smaller and more modern homes are more suited to more functional Melbourne roofing instead of decorative roofs.

To help you decide on the most perfect Melbourne Roofing, our team of experts at C&L Coghlan Roofing have collected the most common styles around to help you decide.

The Hip or hipped style roof

These roofs have shady eaves and offer strength and resistance during extreme weather conditions.

The Gabled style roof

If you want to add an attic to your home renovations, a gabled roof is what you need which will add the extra room you want.

The Flat style roof

Would you love some extra space for an upstairs living, entertainment or garden area. A flat roof is just perfect, just make sure that you take extra precautions with waterproofing.

Melbourne Roofing

The Skillion style roof 

Converted warehouses and recycled homes often choose the ‘skillion’ or ‘shed’ roof because its steep angle allows for plenty of creative designs inside the home like windows, shelving and more.

The Clerestory style roof

If you are looking to add more natural light as well as heating and cooling, the ‘clerestory’ the perfect Melbourne roof for you.

The Mansard style roof

This is the most common style of roof on old historic mansions. These roofs are also great for creating an attic space in your home.

The Arched style roof

If you want to turn your converted warehouse into something unusual and striking, the ‘arched’ style of roof which is typically made from steel could add real value to your home.

The Sawtooth style roof

This style of roof is often associated with industrial or warehouse buildings, however many home renovator are choosing this style because of the natural daylight this Melbourne roof style lets in.

Remember, your roof shape can play a big role in the aesthetics of your home. A new roof shape can completely transform the look of your home and may attract certain buyers over others further down the track. These are just some the most common Melbourne roof styles. When you are looking for Melbourne roof tiling and slate needs for your favourite roof style, visit www.coghlanroofing.com.au, or phone (03) 9873 0963.

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