Build a Thriving And Creative Boardroom Environment

The boardroom is the beating heart of any creative agency or office building. It is a place where ideas are born, and where fully realised concepts either hit the mark or fail miserably. Make your boardroom the best it can be with some smart office furniture choices in Adelaide

Office Furniture Adelaide

There are several items that are fundamental to the effective functioning of a boardroom, and perhaps the most obvious is the table itself. This piece could potentially be the most expensive in your office, but it is worthwhile investing in a quality piece. It needs to convey a sense of luxury and grandeur, and bigger is better. Opt for a polished timber if you are going to be able to commit to regular cleaning and using coasters. A round table or oval table is traditionally employed here to give a sense of equality and openness to collaboration. 

Comfortable chairs cannot be overlooked. Pitching ideas to a client or a boss can be a daunting concept, and so it is a wise idea to keep everyone as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, very often long nights of hard work are spent in boardrooms, and so you want to make sure the seats are as adequately cushioned. You can’t go past leather for a material that is both visually appealing and comfortable. Ensure chairs are equipped with piston features allowing them to be adjusted according to individual preferences. 

A whiteboard is your best friend for keeping up with your brain. Even though brainstorming can be slow to get going, once the ideas do start to come they race at a million miles per hour. Collaboration involves people yelling out ideas and words as they pop into their head, and you can’t overthink these things. Trying to remember the events of a creative session without having taken notes is a lost cause. A whiteboard not only allows you to take notes quickly, but you can also erase whatever you deem unnecessary when you have built upon that idea. You no longer need to fill up the bin with scrunched up paper. 

Room dividers can be very useful for the small to medium business that wants maximum flexibility. A presentation to the board might require a traditional boardroom setting, whereas an employee education day might require more of a lecture style seating arrangement, with the dividers opened to allow everyone to fit into the one space. You might like to consider room dividers which are made from pin up board or lattice material so that they can double as presentation spaces. Even whiteboards can do the job, and help to save space in the long run. 

Finally, there is no excuse not to have the technical equipment that you need on hand. Items such as a projector, laptop that stays in the boardroom and a sound system are essential. These things do cost a bit up front, but you cannot expect a creative business to grow without investing in decent media accessories.  Of course, the exact needs of each business are going to be a unique thing. No two businesses are alike, and so it is important to identify the furniture and tech accessories that will best suit your needs and help to achieve your goals. 

Always try to avoid a sterile and monotonous office space, and instead think about adding a splash of colour to the walls or some indoor plants to bring some life to your boardroom. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Furniture Access for all of your individual office furniture needs in Adelaide.      

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