How To Choose a Location For Your Tank

Many Australian properties stand to benefit from the addition of a suitable rain harvesting system. However, before you begin thinking about the tank size and accessories that you will require, you first need to determine whether you have ample space to situate one. There are several aspects to consider when determining ideal rain water tanks locations in Adelaide.

Rain Water Tanks Adelaide

The first thing you should look for is flat and stable ground. Most commonly, tanks are installed atop a concrete slab base. However, you cannot rely on this alone to compensate for any irregularities in the ground. Earth that is too soft will sink over time under the immense weight of even an empty tank, not to mention when it fills with water. Ground which is sloped could mean that your tank is at risk of slanting. The base needs to be completely level, as even a few degrees of slope will mean that there will be pressure on one side of the tank as the water gathers. Next, you will want to find this flat and stable ground near the house. To keep costs down, the best spot would be located next to an existing downpipe. 

If you have found this, then you have found the perfect spot. At some added cost, you can always chat to a guttering company about how you can adapt your existing gutters and pipes to accommodate a tank. Of course, almost any property can accommodate a rainwater tank in some shape or form, and they do not necessarily have to be quite so conventional. Perhaps you don’t have wide, open, flat spaces right next to the house. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have a rain water tank.
One answer is to look into the range of modern smaller tanks. When you think of a rain water tank, most people picture those huge round vessels that take up the space of half a house. However, as more and more people have recognised the importance of a tank on their property, manufacturing companies have adapted and created new designs that suit people with limited space. Slimline tanks are some of the most popular, and are elongated in shape rather than round. The can easily slot down the side of a house beside the fence, and are barely noticeable. There are also some other options of space saving tanks, such as under deck tanks. So many Australian homes these days make the most of our gorgeous weather by building an expansive deck. Beneath this structure is a tonne of space that can easily be used to house a tank solution. Talk to a tank company about how you can go about making use of this area.
Finally, you can of course locate your tank elsewhere on your property and connect it to your gutters via a network of pipes and possibly pumps. This is a common choice for residents living in the Adelaide Hills with plenty of space on their property. It makes sense that if you have land down the bottom of the property that is better suited, then you should use it. The catch is that it will require either a bigger budget of plenty of time on your hands to install all of the pipes that connect the tank to the roof. It will also require some excavation, so if you’ve got any structures between the home and the tank that could be an issue.
Whatever you do, before you get to the real planning stages, make sure you are aware of your specific council guidelines and policies when it comes to rain water tank location. Speak with the friendly and knowledgeable rain water tanks team in Adelaide at Taylor Made Tanks today.

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