Discover The Versatility Of a Carport In Rural Areas

In Australia, we know that the weather can be unpredictable. This is the main reason why it never hurts to build expansive carports in rural Adelaide properties. These simple structures can provide extra space and shelter when it is most needed.

First and foremost, a carport can provide some much needed shade for your livestock during those scorching heatwaves. Leaving animals in the intense heat for days on end is not only cruel, but could also see them suffer a range of conditions which will make them unfit for your purposes. Much agricultural land is often cleared, dotted only with a couple of trees in the best cases. This is simply not enough shelter for a group of animals. A carport covers an area of cool concrete where your animals can rest and stay cool. Also, the shade will prevent such rapid evaporation of drinking water supplies, so that it will be easier to keep your livestock hydrated. Evaporation of drinking troughs not only loses water, but it also leaves a salty deposit around the rim, and when refilled can make the water saline and undrinkable. Always remember to wash out troughs when you refill them. Hanging wet hessian across parts of your carport structure can help turn the hot breeze into a refreshing one. If you do choose to move your stock, do so at night or during cooler times of the day to minimise stress.

Carports in Adelaide

As well as helping out your animals, a large carport is just the thing you need for extra storage space. While you will most likely have sheds installed with a primary storage purpose, sometimes you need a bit extra room. Perhaps you have had to stock up on supplies in advance, or have just harvested more crops that you expected. Alternatively, perhaps you have some heat sensitive materials which are not suitable for storage in a hot metal shed, and instead require a shelter which allows a breeze to come through. Storage does not only refer to agricultural items, and your carport can also come in handy for sheltering your machinery. Anything from tractors to mowers and sprayers can be housed here, and it all depends on the size of carport you wish to build. Rain is probably the main thing that you want to keep off of your machines; however sun can also be very damaging to the paintwork.

Whether you live on a farm or simply a larger property in the hills, energy consumption is no doubt a common concern. A huge proportion of rural and semi-rural South Australian residents make use of solar panels to harness the sun’s energy. A large carport can provide the roof space that you need for exactly this purpose. Make sure the roof area in question is facing north for best results. If solar power is not your thing, then you might like to consider rainwater. Depending on the size of the roof, you would collect quite a sizable amount. There is no doubt that a little extra water can go a long way in an agricultural setting.

What about when all these things are over with and you are left with a large carport that doesn’t get used? Perhaps you have downsized your machinery, sold your livestock, and are looking to live a quitter life. This does not mean that your carport should be left with no purpose. A carport can quite easily be turned into your very own greenhouse oasis. Simply install some glass walls and voila, an amateur greenhouse.

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