Treat Your Bedroom Carpet To a Pampering Session

Carpet in the bedroom is a great choice. In keeps out feet comfortable and warm in winter, as well as being a fantastic insulator. However, when it comes to deep carpet cleaning in Melbourne, many people do not clean as often as they should. Perhaps the one advantage of hard floors is that they are far easier to clean; simply sweep and mop. 

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Your bedroom carpet is exposed to some very specific conditions, and these need to be considered when figuring out the best way to get that amazing clean feeling. Teen carpets will be at worst risk, as this is when all of those beauty products start being introduced. Make up and nail polish are some of the most difficult stains to remove, but boys are not totally in the clear. Sticky hair gels and those overpowering body spray scents can all sink in to your carpet. Any specific make up stains will vary in the best method of cleaning. Black marks, from eyeliner or mascara can often be best approached with simple warm water and dishwashing liquid solution, whereas lipstick can be done with rubbing alcohol. Nail polish, surprisingly enough, can be banished using nail polish remover. Whatever the stain, the rule is always to dab rather than rub, and to try to avoid soaking the area entirely. 

Once you have removed these specific stains, then it is time to give then entire carpet a general boost. In an airtight container, shake some sifted bicarbonate soda with ten drops of essential oils. Once combined, sprinkle over the entire carpet. Leave for an hour or so, then simply run the vacuum over the top. This procedure absorbs all those awful odours and replaces them with a subtle fragrance.
Adult bedroom stains tend to be more commonplace, and they mainly consist of coffee and wine. Most people have their own remedy for red wine, and a few things do work. For those without a go-to plan of action, simply cover the stain in salt, brushing away and repeating until the majority has absorbed. Then, some methylated spirits should lift the remnants. Coffee is a different kettle of fish. This one you can lift even after it has dried, whereas usually the rule is to get to the stain as soon as possible. Mix a tablespoon of each of white vinegar and dishwashing liquid, and combine well in two cups of warm water. The thing with coffee stains is that the middle tends to be slightly paler with a dark outline. To best get rid of this, blot the solution from the outside in.
Families with young kids will know that toddlers and children can be a nightmare for the carpets. There could easily be an article for this alone. Some common problems encountered might be textas and crayons.  Crayons are quite unique in their removal. You can take advantage of the waxy texture and actually remove most of it quite easily. After you’ve carefully picked up any bulky pieces, wet a washer and lay it over the entire area. Iron the area very carefully, making sure not to burn the carpet around the washer. The heat from the steam will melt the wax, whereas the dampness of the washer will lift it toward the iron. When you’re done, carefully peel away the washer and you should find the crayon lifts easily. Removing texta is the same process as for coffee.
If you need some further help, or would like to talk about professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, have a chat to the Total Cleaning Melbourne team.

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