Run a Tight Ship In Your Office

Would you like to know how some simple steps like enlisting the help of a reputable commercial cleaning group in Adelaide could significantly improve your business?
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Inefficiency is often cited by organisational psychologists and workplace management professionals as being the leading area that needs improving in Australian workplaces. We as a culture are known for being laid back, and most of the time this image is a positive one. So how do we get everyone to shape up when it is needed?

First of all, you need to create a positive and inspiring environment for your employees. Part of this comes down to cleaning, though you may also like to talk to an interior decorator about how you can make your space feel most open and inviting. A daily or at least weekly clean is essential for any office. You are making a statement about your professionalism and your approach to business in your workplace, and so a dirty office will communicate to clients that you don’t care about their business, and to employees that you don’t care about their effort.

Some businesses handle this task by delegating it to some of their existing employees. This is generally a poor choice. Not only are your employees likely not going to know a whole lot about the best and most thorough cleaning procedures, they are also not going to be motivated to do a good job. Someone who has been employed to perform a specific role is going to feel insulted at being asked to do a rather menial job such as cleaning.

The other great way that cleaning is directly related to productivity is in health. An office space that is regularly cleaned is less likely to harbour germs that can spread disease. It also minimises the amount of dust in the air, which is a big factor for anyone who suffers from asthma. By investing in a good cleaning company, you will essentially be minimising the number of days that employees take off sick, which is a clear benefit.

A clean office, and a clean desk, can help us get into a better headspace. If you sit down at your computer only to be faced with a desk covered in dust, stains and bric-a-brac, you might begin to wonder why you bother working for a place like this. A spotless desk, however, can help you organise all your belongings, and better keep track of client documents. Tidying up so that the cleaners can best do their job will also force you in a way to remain tidy and clean up at the end of your work day.

A clean and open space can encourage you to move around the office, rather than staying sitting at your cramped desk. The top experts all agree that taking a few minutes as a break every couple of hours is a wise choice. After you’ve been sitting for an extended period of time, a two minute walk, be it to say hello to someone or go make a coffee, can be very valuable. You get the blood pumping, readjust your posture, and come back to your desk with a fresh set of eyes to get back to what you were working on. Spending a couple of minutes out of your day doing this simple exercise will save you more than that much time in increased productivity.

Of course, to enjoy all the benefits of a clean office, you will need to find an outstanding company to take on the job. Trust the immaculate commercial cleaning work in Adelaide from Ascott Solutions.

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