Reconsider Your Cleaning Routine This Winter

The winter months can spell disaster for the cleanliness of your office or workplace. Wet weather means that employees track water and mud through the building, not to mention leaves and other debris. Prepare yourself with these helpful industrial cleaning tips in Adelaide before next winter

Your floors will be subjected to all kinds of harsh treatment during the winter time. For this reason, it is so important to take some extra protection measures. For hard floors, such as tile, timber or linoleum, ensure that any faults in the flooring are repaired professionally. Things such as cracked tiles or eroded grout can be the perfect trap for moisture carried in the door on the shoes and umbrellas. Once moisture reaches these nooks and crannies, it is often impossible to fully remove. It makes cleaning effectively very difficult, and mould and grime will build up quickly. Inspect your flooring closely and have a tiler or flooring specialist come in and fix any damage you find. Those with timber floors might like to consider having a coat of polish or varnish applied if it has been many years since the last application. This layer will help to protect your timber from both moisture absorption and dents and scratches. 

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Carpets are also at risk over the rainy months. Where many workplaces go wrong is in adopting the ‘it will only get dirty again’ mentality, and avoiding cleaning carpets regularly over winter. It is true that your clean carpets will not stay clean for long, but if anything this means that they should be cleaned more often. When water and dirt are left to soak in to your carpets, then it can do irreversible damage. Instead of just dirtying the top layer, the damage is pressed deeper and deeper into the fabric as more and more people trample the area. By the time your spring clean comes around and you go to hire a professional carpet cleaner, they return with the result that little can be done. Make sure that you at least vacuum your carpets more frequently, and organise a deeper clean, such as a shampoo, every couple of months in a busy office with high foot traffic. To help with keeping inside mess to a minimum, every office should also have both indoor and outdoor doormats, umbrella stands and coat racks near the door ways. 

Many commercial settings such as factory floors will need to thoroughly consider how their cleaning routine may need to change throughout the year. Certain chemicals or products may liquefy in the heat of summer in a hot warehouse, for example. Other products may congeal when the temperature drops. Specialised cleaning machinery may quite possibly also be affected by the weather. Food and beverage operations will in particular be concerned with how they can keep their site hygienic and sanitary in all weather conditions. This will often mean increased cleaning commitments. You will need to talk to a cleaning specialist about these kinds of issues, and the unique cleaning requirements and conditions of your business. 

Finally, keep in mind that in winter the office can get very stuffy. Because of the cold, we rarely open the windows and instead rely on the heating system for our fresh air. Cleaning helps to keep the indoor environment fresh and pleasant, and is especially important when there is no breeze flowing through. Always give the air vents a good wipe down at the beginning of winter to avoid unnecessary spreading of dust and allergens. If you would like some assistance with your Specialised Industrial Cleaning Routine in Adelaide, please contact SA Sweepers & Scrubbers.

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