Creative Water Storage For Tight Spaces

A mammoth rain water tank in Adelaide is an effective, Eco-friendly choice for water harvesting. Unfortunately, it has a few downsides, one of which is its enormous size. The good news is that in the last few years, designers have been flexing their creative muscles in an effort to create more appealing, space saving solutions that can be marketed to a broader range of customers.

Slimline Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

Slimline tanks have been around for a while now, and they are still as popular as ever for their sleek design that fits on almost any property. They are often slotted down the side of a house so that they are barely visible and using space that was previously wasted. Remember, it is the roof space that actually captures your water, not the surface area of the tank itself. So long as you have roof space to spare, there is no reason why a slimline tank would be a compromise. Keep in mind that some council areas have restrictions in place concerning how close a rainwater tank can be to a neighbour’s fence.

All properties are different in their amount and shape of outdoor space available. In many cases, a property has a square patch free but the owner assumes that it is too small for a tank. There are new round models that are extra thin and tall which are perfect for these scenarios. They have a domed top for extra strength, as otherwise the weight of the water inside would be too much for the design. Obviously these cannot come in as great a capacity as standard or even slimline tanks, however they can suit some situations. They are fantastic especially if you are looking for rainwater just for use in the garden or to minimise your reliance on mains in summer.

In some instances, a regular large tank would be ideal but the problem is with access to the site. A rainwater tank is a huge item and so you can imagine rolling or lifting it into place would regularly generate some problems. Most of the time, these situations can be rectified with a built on site solution. Instead of craning in a prefabricated tank, some qualified professionals can come to your home and assemble the much smaller pieces for you. This is essentially what they usually do at the factory, just on your property. Talk to your local tank supplier about whether this is an option that might be possible for you. If so, they should send someone to conduct a site visit and confirm that a build on site can take place.

The search for space on a property has become more and more important. Water rates are rising and so people are scrambling for any way that they can collect their own water and avoid the steady rise. Houses are taking up more of the property space, and people who do have a bit of a yard like to cover it with decking or verandahs so that they can entertain outdoors. Have you ever thought about using this to your advantage? There now exists a special water storage bladder that can be installed under a deck or under a house. This material balloon can lay flat in any space under your home, and slowly is filled. After a little while, you will completely forget that you have one, except for when you are pleasantly surprised by your water bill every quarter.

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