Smoke Alarm Checks Are Essential

A confident electrician team in Newport can quickly and efficiently perform the job of installing and checking smoke alarms. Checking that the smoke alarms are still working is one of those jobs that we know is really important, but it just completely slips our mind. Perhaps this is because the detectors are located on the ceiling, and so you never really catch yourself looking directly at them which would remind you. Perhaps it is because they are a bit awkward to get to, and you can’t be bothered getting the step ladder out, or are worried that you might trip and fall. Whatever your reason, it is no excuse when one quick could save the lives of your family, as well as your family home from fire.

Checking your smoke alarms when you move into a new property involves more than simply checking the batteries. You will also want to double check that there is an alarm on each floor, and especially outside every bedroom or other area where one might take a nap.  You should also familiarise yourself with what to do if the smoke alarm goes off in a new place. Do you know how to disable it if it is a kitchen false alarm? Is there an automatic signal that is sent out to the emergency services if the alarm is sounding for a certain period of time? Which is the best or most efficient way to exit the building if it isn’t a false alarm?

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There is some confusion as to when smoke alarms should be checked. As a general consensus, they should be checked monthly. This may seem like an inconvenience, but checking them is simply a matter of seeing if a little red light is flashing, for example. Every now and then it is also a good idea to test them by waving smoke beneath them and checking that they do go off. Of course, remember to warn all family members and neighbours before doing this! Changing the batteries only needs to be done yearly, and in fact there is a national day which seeks to remind homeowners to check their alarms and change the batteries. In Australia, this is April 1. If you are a landlord, then it is your responsibility to perform the required checks across all of your properties.

Finally, smoke alarms are not only for homes, but equally as important for businesses too. In fact, for industries which regularly work with flames and smoke, such as restaurants, the installation and regular maintenance of smoke alarms is absolutely imperative. As well as being motivated by a sense of safety, there are some serious fines that threaten businesses and landlords which fail to properly position, install or monitor the performance of smoke alarms. This is so strict because it is widely recognised just how effective these tiny devices can be in preventing serious injury and death.

Smoke alarms that are any older than a decade need to be replaced entirely, not just the batteries. If you are moving into a new place, it can be difficult to know just how old or how reliable your detector is. Ask your landlord about when it was installed or if it has been maintained over the years. If in doubt, then it is worth the peace of mind and enhanced safety for your family and treasured possessions to simply replace it. Then, at least you will know for sure and will be able to chat toy our electrician with confidence. Please have a chat to Electricians On Call, our Exceptional Electrician Business in Newport.

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