Make A Bold Design Statement With A Central Glass Atrium

Modern glass in Adelaide homes is a key design element these days. We love to see homes embrace huge windows, balustrading and even skylights. What is less common, though looks spectacular when completed, is the inclusion of a central atrium in new designs.

Some may be surprised to know that the architectural concept of the atrium dates back to Roman times. It seems just like with so many other things, they were way ahead of their time on this one. An atrium is a central column which an open or glass roof which allows natural light to pour into the centre of the home. It forms a central courtyard at the ground floor. The walls of the atrium can be made of normal housing materials like brick, which holes or windows to allow the light in. More commonly however we are seeing structures created with four glass walls which really spread the light throughout the entire property.

Because of all of the sunlight, and sometimes water if the top is left open, an atrium can be the perfect spot to grow plant life. This is a smart design choice for those on small locks looking to use the most space possible but still wanting a little outdoor spot to sit. An atrium courtyard can be densely surrounded by thick green foliage to offer privacy and exoticism.

Glass in Adelaide

One of the little problems that can arise with such a cavernous column in the middle of the home is with privacy. You can imagine that with the open plan living we tend to prefer these days, that there could be some issue here with bedrooms or when people come to stay. Also, you never know how much your neighbours can peek in. For these reasons, it is good to add a layer of privacy. As mentioned earlier, some foliage can do the trick, but it can also cut out some of the light that you want to keep flowing in.

One solution to this is to choose the glass you use for your atrium very carefully. Instead of just picking the any old transparent window pane, think about the consequences of adding a twist to your glass. Maybe a slight coloured tinge could be all the obscurity you need. A frosted or dimpled texture could also give just a silhouette shadow which is a big step up in privacy. You will want to talk to your architect as well as visit some glassing suppliers to see the options that are available. Before making a commitment, see if you can see your chosen glass installed somewhere in person, or take home a sample so that you can better visualise the end result.

Now, choosing a dimpled or frosted glass will probably reduce the amount of light that gets through very minimally, but by opting for a double glass or extra thick style you can improve your insulation which will stop the heat and light from leaving. Indeed, even for if you use normal glass; it makes far more sense to use a double thick, insulative glass.

The best part about a glass atrium is that it completely opens up all of the space you have available. By being able to see right through form one end of the house to the other instead of having walls separating everything, the area seems bigger and more appealing to buyers. Get in touch with the resident glass experts in Adelaide at Q Glass and Glazing on http://qglassandglazingadelaide.com.au when you are ready to begin discussing your atrium project.

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