Reasons To Rely On An All-Day Locksmith

Many locksmiths are only open during traditional business hours, which is 9-5 Monday to Friday. While most businesses can get away with only being open during these hours, when it comes to trades, a bit more flexibility goes a long way. In particular, a reliable 24 hour locksmith in Adelaide offers the best service of all for a number of reasons. 


First and foremost, security problems don’t only happen during office hours. In fact, statistically speaking, break ins and other security breaches are very unlikely to occur during the day time. Sure, in the day time most people are out at their jobs, but there is also very little cover for burglars. They prefer to work under cover of darkness rather than risk being seen by a neighbour. This means that you are most likely to experience a break in in the middle of the night. Should you be woken by the burglar at 2am, or find the damage in the morning at 7 when you start getting ready for work, you will want to be able to contact a locksmith straight away. 

Here in Australia, there is a growing risk of burglary. Reasons cited for this increase have included our relatively well-off economic position and subsequent abundance of affluent homes. We also have a relatively low unemployment rate, meaning many people are out at work for significant periods of the day. And finally, our culture values owning one’s own detached home, rather than an apartment or flat. A detached home has less security in general, and is a bigger target with many unprotected entry points. 

A 24 hour locksmith is also going to be far more urgent compared to your standard service. Time is of the essence when it comes to breached home or automotive security. The sooner you talk to the police about visiting the crime scene as well as a locksmith about securing the premises, the more likely you are to have the case solved. Unfortunately, a huge number of cases go unreported. Over 380 000 cases were reported in one year, and it is assumed that almost half that number again occurred without report. 

After a robbery, a victim will feel totally vulnerable. Smashed glass or damaged locks can also make you an easy target for a second attack in the following days. Any damaged locks or entry points need to be repaired or replaced without delay. It is approximated that one in four burglary victims are re-burgled within the year. Whether this is simply because they remain an easy target or whether the same burglar remembered their property is uncertain. 

Of course, not all locksmith services are about break ins. Sometimes, you may have lost or snapped a key. For your vehicle keys, this is most likely to happen when you go to turn on your car in the morning or afternoon, on the way to and from work. Now, both of these time frames are technically outside of office hours, meaning that a traditional service would make you wait and make you late for work. 

Finally, a locksmith that is always open will have to have a number of qualified employees on hand. A 24 hour service simply cannot rely upon one person, and will likely involve at least two, if not three or four professionals. This means that there will always be someone ready to send out to you in an emergency. Furthermore, if you have a larger scale job, such as installing a complete home security system, you will have access to a whole team of suitable workers to get the job done efficiently. Please talk to Marion Locksmiths about their efficient 24 hour locksmith fleet in Adelaide.

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