Decorating Your Pergola

A pergola is classically different from a standard gazebo or other type of outdoor structure in that its latticed roof is often covered in plants. Incorporating plant life in and around your pergola is important so that it perfectly blends into its surroundings and becomes a quaint and serene place in which to relax. Learn more excellent Adelaide pergolas tips for decorating.

Pergolas were originally designed to shelter guests from full sun, providing instead a dappled light and a cool breeze. The beauty of it is that in sheltering the people beneath from the sun’s rays, it is placing any creepers on the roof lattice in a perfect sunny spot. A creeper such the Chinese Star Jasmine can be a fantastic choice here. Not only is it incredibly resilient, being able to be placed anywhere from full sun to full shade, but it also flowers year round. This creeper has the added benefit of a beautiful scent. Involving all of the senses in a garden oasis can really help to transport your mind to a place of calm. Of course there is the visual aspect of drinking in a palette of vibrant colour, but you should also think about involving some differing textures and finally selecting complementary scents.

A creeper is an essential part of any picturesque pergola, but the downside is that it can take a few years to get some good coverage, and after that you will need to keep trimming it so it does not become overbearing. In the meantime, hanging plants can be a fantastic instant boost. Choose a bright flower that will spill out over the pot and droop. Flowers such as impatiens can do the trick, and they grow well in the shade which is a factor to consider, depending where under your pergola they will be hanging. Hanging baskets provide a great, dynamic alternative to planter boxes which can take up a lot of the small amount of space available.

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Flowers are nice, but many people who build a pergola are looking for a more relaxed vibe. Ferns are the perfect solution. You can create a miniature rainforest under the confines of your pergola where you can relax with a book or entertain a few friends with a bottle of wine. These plants do tend to need a bit more watering than usual, and here in Adelaide our rainfall alone cannot be relied upon. Opt for a mixture of hanging and ground standing ferns that will catch the most water possible. For the quirky pergola owner, some clever topiary work can look simply stunning. Plant life under your pergola does not have to be a confusing jumble of colours, and sometimes it is the simple shades of green that look best. If you are worried about getting around to watering your plants, then you cannot go wrong with resilient succulents.

Finally, you may like to think about how your plants in your pergola can offer more than one function. Obviously they are there to look pretty, but how else can you use them to your advantage? A grape vine instead of a flowering climbing vine can be a fantastic choice. Pick the grapes when they are ripe, and you can pair them with a nice glass of red. Alternatively, dwarf fruit trees can be a good choice for nearby, but make sure they don’t block the afternoon sun.

There are even some plants that can help to repel pesky mosquitoes on summer nights. Citronella, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass and peppermint are all Mother Nature’s answer. These plants all share an exquisite aroma, which is far preferable to pungent mosquito spray. Of course, the most important part of decorating a pergola is in beginning with a beautiful pergola design in the first place. To browse a range of Stunning Adelaide Pergolas, visit Pergolarific.

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