You Don’t Need An Electrician To Change A Light Bulb

Are you the type of girl that calls an electrician out to your Port Melbourne house when you need to change a lightbulb? If so, there’s no judgment coming from me. Every since I moved out of home I have been dreading the moment when my light bulbs go out. I have never changed a lightbulb myself and if I’m totally honest I’m kind of scared of the whole process. Unfortunately the moment finally happened last week. The lightbulb in my bathroom sadly faded and it was inevitable I had to replace it. Luckily for those like me, I have shared a step by step guide of how to change a light bulb for first timers.

Step 1:  The first step is ensuring the fixture is no longer live. At first I thought this just meant turning the switch off, however, this doesn’t guarantee the fixture is not live. In some old homes, the electrical workmanship is very bad and the neutral line to the fixture has been disconnected. This means live power is still coursing through and can electrocute you. Fortunately, for new home this isn’t much of a concern. So, in the instance where you are unsure of the quality of your electrics, it’s a good idea to have your live electricity checked by a professional electrician. If you don’t have time to call an electrician to get it all checked out, simply turn the fuse box off in your home. This will cut all electricity to your home that can easily be reinstated when you’re done changing the light bulb.

Step 2:  With the fixture off, wait a few minutes for the light bulb to cool down. While light bulbs don’t generate a huge amount of heat, they can be hot to touch when they have been burning for a long time. While the hot light bulb won’t harm you, it’s not fun to have burnt fingers.

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Step 3: This is the step things actually get real. It’s time to touch and twist the light bulb. Some scary things can actually happen during this process. One thing that is a common fear is that when you twist the light bulb the screw part gets stuck in the fixture. This is more something that commonly occurs outside the house or in particularly humid rooms in the house. Whilst twisting the bulb there is also the worry you may press too hard and end up making the bulb break in your hand. To avoid the chances of cuts, wear a thick rubber glove whilst twisting. It’s also crucial you don’t press too hard, as the glass is very thin.

Step 4:  When you have managed to twist the light bulb out, it’s time to replace it. You will need to find a replacement globe that has the right maximum power rating. Take a look at the old bulb to see what the rating is. It’s essential you don’t fit a bulb that exceeds the rating as it can actually go on to cause a fire.

Step 5:  With the right light bulb in hand, slowly twist the globe into place. Once it’s in, you are safe to turn the electricity back on. For those who turned the fuse box off, you are now able to reinstate power to your house. 

After my first light bulb change I realized it was pretty easy. However, if you are still concerned, it’s a good idea to talk to a Trusted Electrician in Port Melbourne. Give the team at Electricians on Call a phone call to discuss any worries.

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