Benefits of installing glass pool fencing in Adelaide

Installing glass pool fencing is the perfect option for those Adelaide homeowners concerned about the appearance of their outdoor area. Pool fencing has earned a bad name in the looks department. It is often labeled as ugly and most think it detracts from the overall look of the pool area. The trouble is pool fencing is mandatory in Adelaide and must be installed, even if it doesn’t look amazing.

If you are looking for pool fencing that does not ruin the look of your home, glass pool fencing is the perfect option for you in Adelaide. Below we have outlined the main six advantages of glass pool fencing.

Visual appeal
There’s something sleek and sophisticated about glass pool fencing that you just cannot beat. Most glass pool fencing is beautifully sculptured, featuring perfectly curved edges that look stunning. Unlike wooden or tubular fencing that blocks out the actual pool, glass fencing allows you to see into the pool directly. This not only heightens the visual appeal but ensures you can keep an eye on your children while the splash around. Glass pool fencing is the perfect way to ensure your pool area is safe, while not detracting away from the beauty of the outdoor landscape.

Feels more spacious
Glass pool fencing has the magnificent ability to make your outdoor area look and feel more spacious. With the fencing highlighting the beauty of the pool and allowing it to be fully viewable, it creates the feeling of a large space. Most pool owners will find that when they install conventional pool fencing, like tubular pool fencing, it makes the pool area look cluttered and can actually make the area look smaller. This is why glass pool fencing is preferred for those who are conscious of the appearance of their outdoor area.

Low maintenance
When you look at sparkling, clear glass pool fencing you often think it must take a lot of work to keep it looking so good. Surprisingly though, it is actually considered low maintenance. Unlike wooden and metal pool fencing that rusts and rots over time, you won’t have any trouble with glass fencing. All it needs is a quick clean with a cloth and glass cleaner and it will last a lifetime.

In accordance to South Australia law, all pools must be adequately fenced. The great thing about glass pool fencing is that it not only ensures you meet safety regulations but it also provides you with the best visibility possible to supervise your children. Rather than having to sit within the fencing, you can recline in the remaining outdoor area, while watching your kids swim. Furthermore, with Glass Pool Fencing in Adelaide there is a reduced risk of children gaining entry to the pool by climbing over the fencing. With tubular fencing for example, determined children can climb over using the twisting metal to grasp and pull themselves over. Conversely glass pool fencing is slippery and is very difficult to climb over.

Enhance your furnishings
For many homeowners the appearance of their outdoor area is very important. Many people spend a great deal of money making their outdoor area look good. After having a pool installed and the rest of the outdoor area landscaped, most people want fencing that will enhance the look. Glass pool fencing is the best way to compliment your outdoor area. It allows the natural beauty of your backyard to shine and doesn’t detract away from these visually appealing elements.

Many people worry that their glass pool fencing will break. With kids running in and out, it can be a worry but there’s no need to fear when it comes to glass pool fencing. The glass used in the pool fencing is specially treated and toughened to ensure it is an suitable thickness. The only way glass will break is if the glass is hit with extreme force, which is often very unlikely.

If you would like to install glass pool fencing at your Adelaide home, talk to the professional team at Q Glass. Visit their website to learn more at http://qglassandglazingadelaide.com.au.


  1. I've never considered getting glass fencing for my pool. My initial thoughts are that it would be too dangerous and not as effective as metal or wood fencing. I appreciate you addressing my concern in this article by talking about the durability of these fences. http://www.mermaidfencing.com.au

  2. determined children can climb over using the twisting metal to grasp and pull themselves over. Boresi Glass Pool Fencing