Choosing From Above Ground Rain Water Tanks in Adelaide Can Be Tricky

You only need to peek in backyards in Adelaide to discover the popularity of above ground rain water tanks. While there is the option to install your rain water tank underground or even beneath your house, above ground has always come out the winner. With a rainwater tank above the ground, it’s much easier to maintain. This is a big advantage if you are looking to use your Rain Water Tank in Adelaide as a source of water to drink.

With above ground rain water tanks so popular, there is a variety of different options to choose from, which we have explored below.

Above ground small plastic water tanks

If you live in a small property where there isn’t too much extra space, a small plastic tank is the perfect option. The tanks come in a range of different shapes including cylinder, square and round. With the capacity to hold about 2000 litres, you won’t be able to run your entire home’s water needs on this type of tank but it will be more than enough to water your garden. Another downfall of this type of tank is it does not have the longest lifespan. As it is manufactured from plastic, the UV can begin to damage the tank. Being proactive and keeping the tank out of the sun or even painting it can help reduce this problem.

Rain Water Tanks Adelaide

Above ground big plastic water tanks
For a home that is looking to substitute much of their mains water supply with rainwater, a big plastic water tank can be suffice. With the potential to hold up to 15k litres, it will definitely fulfill your household needs. As the tank is so large, it must be shipped to the property and must be placed on special sand based pads when installed. Once it is dropped into your property, it’s ready to go. With this type of tank also being manufactured from plastic, is also can degenerate when exposed to UV. They are also renowned for not standing up to bushfires.

Above ground metal water tanks
If you are in the market for a tank that is relatively inexpensive a metal water tank could be the rain water tank for you. Within the tank there are some internal treatments that decrease the effects of corrosion. The tank can hold up to a whopping 150k litres and is relatively inexpensive. However, with the metal acting in two roles as both the water lining and for structural purposes makes the tank vulnerable to breakdown if moved. To combat this problem, the tank is usually mounted on a frame to prevent movement. Another factor that can reduce the tanks lifespan is rusting.

Above ground concrete water tanks
In the instance where you need to access millions of litres of rainwater, an above ground concrete water tank is your answer. This inexpensive option is reinforced and often shaped like a box or a cylinder. There is no need to worry about rusting, however, do keep an eye out for settlement, which can cause cracks to your tank. It’s also important you think carefully about where you want the tank placed, as good luck moving it again in one piece.

Now that you know the difference between above ground tanks, it’s time to contact a professional that can help you make the important decision. We advice talking to the professional team at Greener Housing Solutions or checking out their website at http://www.greenerhousingsolutions.com.au.

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