Ask an Electrician Before Installing Lighting in Your Werribee Home

A professional electrician can help you select the right lighting for your Werribee home. A sign of good lighting is when it simply fades into the background and does its job. Funnily enough though, it’s when lighting is bad that people notice it. If you want to ensure you pick the right lighting for your home to make it shine, follow the tips below.

Ask yourself what your lighting goals are
There is a range of different lighting options available, which is why it’s important to decide what the aim of your lighting is. Working out the function, as well as the mood you wish to create will dramatically help your lighting purchase. Perhaps, you are placing lighting in a place like the kitchen that requires direct or task lighting, which allows you to focus on the task at hand. Alternatively, there is ambient or indirect lighting that is used for the lighting of your entire home.

Exterior lighting for safety and security
 When selecting exterior lighting for your home it is important to consider the lighting your neighbourhood already utilises. This should provide good guidance for what is necessary and appropriate for your home. It is crucial you choose lighting that isn’t too dim but isn’t too bright. Bright exterior lighting is not only pricey but it can bother your neigbhours. Alternatively, dim lighting can be an invitation to intruders and allow them to enter your property without being caught. You should install flood lighting on the exterior corners of your property, which are motion activated so any burglars are put off from even approaching your home. It’s also a good idea to place lighting around the perimeter of your home, focusing upon the sidewalks and walkways.

Exterior lighting doesn’t have to just be functional
At nightfall, outdoor lighting can create a real feature for your home. Just think about the carloads of people who drive around every year in December, just to get a glimpse of outdoor Christmas lighting displays. If you want to add a decorative effect to your outdoor lighting and make it an attractive feature, try wall sconces. With a wall sconce, the light washed up against the outdoor walls, producing a beautiful look in the night time. You can even try installing directional sconces, which you can point in any position you like to create a focal point in your outdoor area. You may like to point the light towards an architectural feature or special plants around your backyard.

Don’t forget night lighting in your kid’s bedrooms
Now that you’re an adult it’s easy to forget kids have a fear of the dark. As a youngster I always liked my bedroom light to be dimmed because I was fearful of the unknown in the veil of darkness. Taking into consideration your children’s needs before you select lighting, will ensure you don’t endure sleepless nights. The ability to dim lighting is not only useful for scared children but it also allows you to navigate through a dark room, without waking up your child.

High ceilings are often an enviable feature in homes. They create a spacious feel and look very elegant. The only trouble about high ceilings is finding the perfect lighting. If you have a home with high ceilings and modern d├ęcor, recessed lighting is the way to go. This type of lighting is idea, as it doesn’t detract away from the gorgeous ceiling, as it snugs into the ceiling subtly. If required this type of lighting can be directional and can also be dimmed.

Once you have decided on the right lighting for your home, ensure you pick the right electrician. Electricians on Call is a company you can trust with your household lighting. If you would like to hire a Electrician at Your Werribee Home today.

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