Master the Perfect Cup of Tea with Help From an Enamel Teapot

If you love a good cup of tea, an enamel teapot should be on the top of your shopping list. Owing to the technology, an enamel teapot will keep your tea perfectly warmed so you can serve yourself or guests at a tea party for extended periods of time, without having to get up to make another brew.  

For those of you who can’t go a day without a tea fix, we’ve decided to share some secrets to the perfect cup of tea and break some myths.

How should you store tea?

Tea is often a pantry staple in most households. I have to say, when I visit a home and they offer coffee and don’t have tea, I’m a little shocked. For those happy houses that are in the majority and have teabags in their pantry, it’s very important to store it properly. Tea has the ability to absorb moisture and kitchen smells, which is of course something you want to avoid. The best want to prevent his from happening is to keep your teabags in a sealed tin or jar. This will stop any moisture or kitchen scents running the flavor of your beautiful tea.

How to perfect a cup of tea 

The first step to making the perfect cup of tea is to fill your kettle with fresh cold water. Tea is a big fan of oxygen and needs it to develop the flavor, which is why cold water freshly drawn is ideal. While your kettle is bubbling away, it’s time to get your teapot ready. It’s important to ensure your teapot is nice and clean before you begin brewing the tea. Then when the kettle has reached the boil, pour a little into your teapot and swirl it around the pot.  

The next step depends on the type of tea your are brewing. If it’s black tea you are brewing, you should only pour in freshly boiled water that is not over boiled. Alternatively, if you are preparing green tea, pour the water into the teapot just at the boil.
When it comes to measuring out the tea leaves, one teaspoon per person should be suffice. If you like a stronger brew though, you can strengthen is to your taste. In the instance where you are using teabags, go with the ratio of one teabag per person.
If you are using loose tea leaves, let them brew in the teapot for up to seven minutes before serving. Again, the brewing time does depend on the type of tea leaf being served. For larger tea leaves like Lady Grey and Early Grey, they should be left to sit for approximately 5 minutes. Alternatively, smaller varieties should only take around 4 minutes until they are ready to serve.

If you are serving a teapot with teabags, the tea doesn’t have to brew for as long and should be left for around two to three minutes. In that time the tea will have had long enough to develop its flavor.
With the tea ready to serve, allow your guests to choose whether they would black tea or would like to add milk, lemon or sugar. Sugar is a bit of a controversial addition for some, as many believe it completely changes the taste of the tea. Others like the sweet note and wouldn’t want their tea any other way.
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