Should You Install a Shower Wall or Hang a curtain?

Combination showers are a great way to save space in the bathroom. These designs use the base of a bath, and fit a shower feature at one end. The big choice is whether to get a curtain or glass shower screens in Adelaide.

A shower curtain is a cost saving choice. These items can be purchased in a store anywhere from $20 right up to designer items. They can be easily hung yourself and will need replacing every few years as they wear out. One of the most frequently cited issues with shower curtains is that they can trap moisture which then grows into mould. They need to be cleaned regularly and left to air out on the outside of the tub so that this does not happen. A benefit however is that it only takes a minute to thoroughly clean them, whereas glass showers can be much more stubborn.

Shower curtains don’t have to look average. In fact, you can be more daring in choosing a pattern or bold colour as they are cheap to replace. Shower curtains can get a bad reputation as being tacky and unappealing visually, but this does not have to be the case. There exist all sorts of variations and improvements in design of the humble shower curtain. More durable or quick drying materials can be used, and some people have even installed a track device along which their solid curtain rides. Curtains are also the way to go in extremely tight spaces, as they can be swept aside rather than needing an arc of space to open into. But then again, those concerned about space probably wouldn’t have a bathtub in the first place.

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Unfortunately, Curtains can sometimes leak water into the bathroom, and thus prove to be an inefficient enclosure. Modern curved shower rods can solve this problem to some degree, but not entirely. It is often after months or years of putting up with the faults of a shower curtain that people give up and invest in a screen. They are more expensive upfront, although they will most likely last a lot longer while still looking nice. A glass shower panel will no doubt add a contemporary feel to your bathroom. You can keep it understated, perhaps with a frosted finish, or go bolder with a tinted glass or original shape. These textured surfaces will hide the water marks which are one of the main reasons people avoid glass in the bathroom. Just clean it as often as you clean the rest of the bathroom, rather than after every single shower.

Both curtains and screens can offer their fair share of risks when it comes to slips in the bathroom. A curtain looks like a wall, and even though you know it is not secure, you may be tempted to lean against it or hang onto it for support in the shower. Commonly, people grab the material when they’ve had a minor slip, but this extra weight is enough to rip the curtain from its hooks and end in disaster. Shower screens are made of glass, and glass can shatter if bumped into. However, what many people do not realise is that shower screens are reinforced or made of shatter resistant glass to avoid any disasters. Obviously, glass mixed with a wet and slippery floor is not ideal which is why steps have been taken to reduce the risk.

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