If You’re Ready to Buy Winter Shoes Online, You Must Be Ready to Protect Them Against The Cold Weather

When summer turns to autumn, you will find most women at the ready to buy shoes online. It’s a known fact that the change in season gives us girls the green light to do a bit of damage on the credit card because we of course need new shoes. If you are singing in my chorus, you are sure to want to know how to protect these special investments against the elements. Below I have outlined a cleaning schedule every shoe lover should abide strictly by when the weather turns cold.

At the start of the season, it’s important to get all your boots out and give them a good clean. During the colder months, your shoes can take quite a beating. For those who live in snowy conditions, you can experience cracks of salt around the bottom of your boot, as well as those annoying salt rings. Alternatively, your boots could just be marked with regular dirt from the hectic bustle of city life.

In terms of general dirt marks on your shoes, you can rejuvenate them using saddle soap, a cloth and water. All you need to do is dampen the rag and wipe off any dirt. Next, rub some saddle soap into the cloth and lather it up across your boot. Leave it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with the damp cloth. Not only will the saddle soap help remove the marks but it will assist with waterproofing.

When it comes to cleaning boots that are salt stained from snowy weather, then you will have to try a different method. Instead, you will need to raid your pantry for a bottle of white vinegar and then just water and a cloth. Simply mix the water and white vinegar in equal parts, and then using a cloth apply it to the salt stains. Once you’ve applied the mixture, leave the boot to dry and to finish use a cloth to buff it.

Removing scuff marks
There’s nothing more annoying that scuffing your shoe. The good news is, it’s very easy to fix and with things you can find in your pantry. Simply grab some baking soda and a wet cloth and dab the powder onto the scuff market. You should just touch it gently until the mark vanishes. Once you see the scuff go, give the boot a wide down and then to finish give it a quick buff with the cloth.

Prevention is key
Investing in a protective spray is key to keeping your boots in good condition. Make sure you are proactive and spray your boots at the start of each season and also as it comes to a close. This will provide an adequate barrier against the winter weather. Many protective sprays on the market will waterproof your boots and help stop those annoying salt marks in their tracks.

Storing your shoes
When you get your boots wet the first thing to pop into your head is drying them in front of a heater. It seems like a good idea, however, you should actually avoid it. While a bit of heat is good, direct heat can actually result in damaging your boots. In the case of leather boots, the heat can cause them to crack in the future. Instead, dry your boots out in a warm area that is not in direct heat.

Now you know how to protect your shoes against the cold weather, it’s time to begin hunting for the perfect pair. If you want to buy quality shoes online, visit the Shoe Shed website at http://shoeshed.com.au.

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