A Pair of shoes for Every Day of The Week

When we look into our wardrobes to choose an outfit to face the day, we are undoubtedly influenced by our current mood, and the same goes when we turn our attention downwards towards our shoe collection. Your shoe wardrobe needs to accompany you through the thick and thin, the soaring highs and the depressing lows of the working week. An expansive collection of beautiful women’s shoes is essential to ensure you find the perfect choice every day.

Monday morning rolls around and you force yourself to crawl out of bed. Your feet are probably still aching from the weekend, and a lack of sleep rules out the possibility of maintaining any form of balance in tottering heels. But Monday is all about starting afresh, looking sharp and getting off to a good start, while still nursing your tender feet. Monday’s shoe is the sophisticated black flat. This choice can be cleverly cushioned with heel grips without looking sloppy. Subtle metallic accents are a nice touch, and a pointed toe gets extra style points.

Tuesday is about easing back into the daily grind. Tuesday is a day to put your head down and get things done. Try a kitten heel or three inch stacked heel for a bit of elegance without the discomfort. A Mary Jane ankle strap doesn’t go astray in terms of additional support. You’ll feel good about yourself, and comfortable confidence is the foundation for a work wardrobe. The Wednesday hump seems to rise and fall every week. The forced pep of the first few days has evaporated and you’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Wednesday is about just trying to get through, which means an emphasis on comfort. Flat boots are a great choice to get over those midweek blues and charge through the rest of the week.

Thursday feels like the end is in sight. You’re gearing up towards 5 o’clock on Friday and your wardrobe should follow suit. Wedges are the perfect step up for the penultimate weekday. You can go a little higher than you would usually dare at work, because the large ground contact surface greatly reduces the chance of a humiliating slip. Try a peep toe for a daring edge to the traditional work attire. You’ve made it to Friday and it’s time to celebrate. Friday is all about the patent stiletto. This classic chic style demands respect in the office but is also perfect to carry on through to after work drinks, whether it is at the pub or a trendy cocktail bar. They’re not the most practical if you’re planning to be on your feet all day, but it’s Friday so everyone knows you’re not going to get any actual work done anyway.

The weekend will no doubt hold at least four or five shoe transformations. On Saturday afternoon you’re super productive as you wait for your big event that night. You’re rushing around cleaning the house to get rid of all of your pent up energy. This is the opportunity for some me-time, whether it is a jog around the block or a yoga class. A good pair of supportive sneakers will help you do your best. Saturday night is time for the strappy heel to match your new party dress. Sunday morning is time for slippers but we’ll disregard that. The rest of your lazy Sunday is suited to sandals or flatforms perfect for brunching with girlfriends.

It’s Monday again, and everybody knowns you can’t be seen outfit repeating. It looks like you’ll need to stock up on your collection. Visit Shoe Shed at http://www.shoeshed.com.au/ to check out their fabulous women’s shoes range.

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