Know Your Vacuum Cleaners Attachments And Your Adelaide Home Will Shine

Did you know vacuum cleaners are the most versatile cleaning tool you can find in your Adelaide home? While most people just utilise its cleaning prowess on their carpets, the vacuum can dominate on many different surfaces from upholstery to even walls. If you want to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner but don’t know how, it’s all in the attachments. Below we outline the different attachments that will revitalize your cleaning schedule.    
 Extension wand

Have you ever noticed dust building up on the top of your curtains? Perhaps you’ve spotted a spider web in the corner of your high ceilings. Whatever the problem area is, it can be impossible to rectify the situation with just your traditional vacuum hose. When you need to clean an out of reach area, all you need to do is attach the extension wand. This attachment is easy to spot and it is long and has a pinched end.

Dusting brush

When it comes time to clean your furniture’s upholstery or curtains, switch to the dusting brush. This attachment is easy to spot, as it’s the one that has the brush feature. It is softer on the upholstery and perfectly manages to suck up all the dust, while giving it a good brush. This attachment is ideal for curtains, chairs and leather couches.

Floor brush

If you want to give your polished or wax floors a good clean then use the floor brush attachment. This is the attachment that appears like a squashed oval, most often with little bristles. In addition to using it our hard surfaces, you can use it on some carpeting, especially those that have thicker fibres that can be troublesome to clean.

Crevice tools

There are a range of hard to reach places in your home that are impossible to clean with your normal vacuum cleaner. Similar to the extension wand, there is another attachment with a pinched end that lets you reach into tight places. Areas that need extra attention are carpet edges, behind the fridge, tracks of sliding doors and in the couch cracks. You can even have a go using this attachment to get the dirt out of dresser drawers and wardrobes.
Vacuum bags

These days there are a range of vacuum cleaners that don’t even use vacuum bags.  Instead they feature a removable container that after a couple of cleans you simply remove and through the contents in the bin. For those with vacuums with disposable bags, however, it’s vital to keep a close eye on dirt building up. When a bag has reached capacity, the vacuum’s ability to perform decreases. A great idea is so always have additional bags at the ready if you need to do a swap over. 

Now that you know the capacity of your Different vacuum cleaner extensions, make sure you own a powerful vacuum. It’s important when purchasing a vacuum to look at its strength. You should also look at the warranty and compare different models. It’s a good idea to select a company that offers a local authorized dealer and repair facility, just in case of any problems.

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