Your Neighbours Will Love You for Your Colorbond Fence

This durable, attractive and functional material has become an icon within the Australian building industry. More and more residents are enquiring about Colorbond, and this popularity comes from word of mouth from other customers. It is no wonder that famous Colorbond fencing products in Adelaide are one of the best-selling fencing items on the market. Colorbond fencing has a vast array of unique features which make it perfectly tailored for use between Australian homes.

Part of the Australian family upbringing is being friendly with the neighbours. This idea of ‘mateship’ is central to our Australian identity, and translates into backyard barbeques with the people over the fence, bringing around a cake when someone new moves in, or simply having a chat when you go to fetch a stray ball. The fence is both a barrier and a point of contact. It offers privacy but also a way in to converse with your neighbours. Colorbond Fencing is a solid material, with no gaps which would decrease privacy. That being said, it is not too high so as to be unable to have a conversation over the top.

There can be any number of rifts that occur between neighbours when it comes to erecting a fence. It is rare that there are two fence styles back to back; instead, there is often a compromise with a single material that matches both aesthetics. Of course, paying money towards something that is not what you would have chosen is where much of the tension sources from. The beauty of a Colorbond is in its versatility. People appreciate the muted, flora inspired hues and subtle design which help it blend right in to the garden.

Colorbond Fencing Adelaide

Colorbond fencing does not have a preferred side. There are many fencing options, such as a timber paling fence which have a distinct front and a back, with the back showing more of the joins and structure. This can be especially problematic when it comes to building a shared fence, as someone would have to have the ugly side facing their property. Colorbond by contrast looks fantastic from any angle. It is absolutely perfect for neighbouring fences.

The decision to choose Colorbond is a simple one and even better considering the minimal maintenance required. Colorbond is designed, manufactured and tested in Australia, meaning that customers can be certain that it will last under our specific conditions. It will not need repainting, coating, or upkeep of any kind unlike many other fencing options. There will be no feuds over chores between neighbours because there are no chores to be done.

When it comes to these joint decisions, you quickly find out what your neighbours value most. Colorbond is the clear choice for those that want a durable and lasting solution that is highly practical, and is environmentally responsible. It is a little known fact that Colorbond fencing is 100% recyclable, and modular fencing systems have minimised scrap production during installation. As an added benefit, it is manufactured by BlueScope Steel, meaning that any issues or questions can be dealt with locally in person. This peace of mind is something that goes a long way in the event of a neighbouring tiff.

Colorbond comes protected by a ten year performance warranty, so that your fence will last for at least the lifespan of your acquaintance with your neighbours. It is durable against weather conditions, and knocks and bumps so that growing families can enjoy it at all life stages. To get in touch with the informative Colorbond fencing consultants in Adelaide at Fencing World, please visit our site at http://fencingworld.com.au/.

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