Avoid Calling an Electrician to Your Port Melbourne Home By Avoiding These 6 Common Electrical Hazards

Any electrician in Port Melbourne will tell you that the modern home is full of potential electrical safety hazards. It is important to eliminate these dangers as much as you can to ensure you and your family is safe. Below we have outlined the six most common electrical hazards around the home and how you can prevent them.

Poor wiring and defective electric wires
It is paramount to ensure your home is fitted with quality wiring by a professional electrician. While it may be tempting to skimp on the price and pay a novice a lot less to perform the job, you are playing with your family’s life. Electrical wires that are improperly fitted are a major hazard that can result in a range of problems including electrocution, power surges and fire. Furthermore, wiring that is damaged, worn or corroded dramatically increases the risk of an electrical accident. Therefore, it is extremely important to be vigilant and have a professional electrician examine your wiring on a regular basis to make sure it is safe.

Outlets close to water
Areas like the kitchen and bathroom cannot function without electrical outlets. They are a hive of activity is any household with electronic devices constantly used in these rooms. The problem with these areas is they utilise water, which clearly does not mix with electricity. Therefore it is extremely important to have the outlets placed as far away as possible from the electrical outlets. If you are building a new home this is something you can talk to your builder about. For those who already live in a house, conduct yourself with caution when you use electrical products in these wet areas. By doing so you will dramatically decrease your chances of getting an electric shock.

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Most people think lightbulbs are harmless and for the majority of time they are. However, problems arise when lightbulbs are placed near flammable materials. It is often overlooked that while lightbulbs cast light, they also generate heat. While the heat is not enough to warm a house up, it can be enough to start a fire, if left near flammable material for extended periods of time. Be vigilant with lightbulbs around plastic, curtains, upholstery and beds.

Covered electrical cords and wires
Electrical cords and wires are known to radiate heat. While often the heat is not enough to cause a problem, when these cords and wires are covered, a potential fire hazard is created. Avoid heavy covering, or covering at all, that is placed over cords and wires. To be extra safe, keep all cords and wires away from any flammable items.

Water and electrical fires
When a fire breaks out in your home, your first reaction is to get water and lots of it. However, this can actually make the problem ten times worse if it is an electrical fire. By pouring water on an electrical fire the flames actually worsen. Instead a fire extinguisher is much more effective, not to mention safer. For this very reason, it is important for all homes to be prepared and equip themselves with a fire extinguisher. It’s easy to purchase mini fire extinguishers that can be kept in an easy to reach place in your kitchen.

Inquisitive little kids
With so many new and exciting things to experience, toddlers and young children love to explore around your home. While this can be a great time as you watch their faces light up when they learn new things, it can be a little scary. As kids don’t know the dangers of electricity there are no boundaries in their explorations. This is why it is extremely important to be tentative and proactive about electrical dangers. Protect electrical outlets with plastic closures, as these are usually in the eye line of young kids and something they will want to play with. The protective devices will stop any little fingers or objects being shoved into the outlet.

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