The Settings of An Ideal Country Wedding Venues in Melbourne

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated and special events of one's life. A wedding day is a particular day that comes with lots of promises and ever-lasting happiness which will never fade with time. So, we can conclude that a wedding is one function which makes all the other festivals pale in comparison to it. In this digitalized era, those days were gone when we executed the whole event on a particular day at a selected place. In the present day and age, young couples are preferring to experiment with different unique wedding themes and ideas and a country wedding is emerging as a prevailing trend in this era.

Embellished with country theme wedding favours, we can easily transform our same and humdrum knot-tying ceremony into something that accomplishes both the style and sophistication. 

A country wedding idea is simply impressive with all its appeal, the decorations, food and the surrounding ambience. The whole atmosphere will create such an eternal beauty that will last forever in our mind. We may come across many country wedding venues in Melbourne where besides enjoying the wedding people can spend some quality time with their near and dear ones. 

country wedding venue in Melbourne 

Certain unique ideas or settings are required if we want to execute a beautiful country wedding because these days country wedding is not limited to a grassy area along with a beautiful backdrop of trees. If we are seeking for a country wedding, then we need to know a lot of things.

1. The wedding dress: The bride's costume plays a pivotal role in establishing the overall look and feel of the wedding. We should go for a plain dress that has a rustic look along with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Usually, lace and ivory together create this style for the perfect country wedding. The groom can go for cowboy costume like the dress because that will suit the theme and the backdrop.

2. Country themed accessories: While choosing the accessories, we need to keep in mind that the accessories should well-matched with the theme and, therefore. So, we need to choose such jewellery that possesses both elegance and style. The bride can go for handcrafted bridal jewellery and the groom can use cowboy hat because that will be suitable with the theme. 

3. Food: In every wedding, delicious food items are the main attraction for all. For a country wedding, we need to hire such caterers who are specialised in the country wedding theme. We can go for a buffet that includes fried chicken and barbeque along with salads, baked beans, corn, coleslaw etc. For a country wedding, we should select some palatable and luscious homemade pies, cookies as desert items. 

4. Entertainment in country style: It's always a good idea if we can incorporate some music (country songs) in our wedding. A DJ or a live band will definitely uplift the look and appeal of the country wedding. Apart from DJ and band, we may add some country square dancing to entertain our guests. 

country wedding venue Melbourne

Mount Macedon Winery is an ideal place for a country wedding venue in Melbourne where apart from enjoying the wedding people can get a lot of things. The place has everything that can easily entice people to host their wedding here. Moreover, people can’t resist their temptation towards the food and beverages that are usually available here. Mr Dylan and Ms Elisha are the founders of Mount Macedon Winery (MMW).

So, if anyone is looking for a country wedding venue in Melbourne, then MMW would be their utmost choice to execute their wedding in a unique way.

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