Why Commercial Solar Panels are so Popular?

Commercial solar systems are the custom solar panel grid-tie power systems for commercial buildings which work for providing continuous energy supply.

Need for using commercial solar panels:
  • Money saver: Commercial solar panel system helps the business to save against rising energy costs as it utilizes the renewable source of energy from the sun, thus reducing the power bill. 
  •  Power saving: Setting up of the commercial solar panel system has now become affordable; its use itself pays through saving more energy for utilization and increases the profit.
  • Future investment: Setting up of the commercial solar panel helps with investment for the future as the energy saved can be sent to electricity grid which will help save money.

The Introduction of Feed-In Tariffs:

For the utilization of commercial solar panels in Adelaide, the State Governments for energy generated by solar panel systems has initiated the Feed-in tariffs (FIT). The FIT is the amount that is received by the energy producer against the energy that is generated and made available to the government. 
Commercial solar panels use sun's energy to generate the DC power. This power is fed back to the government’s electricity grid which helps to receive the payment based on the FITs.

Advantages of Commercial Solar Panels:

There are various advantages of using commercial solar panels in Adelaide such as:
  • Environment-friendly: Solar panels generate Electricity using sun’s energy which can be used in homes and helps to fight the greenhouse gas emissions
  • Government rebates: There are generous government rebates available for setting up of the new system.
  • Economic: Initial purchase and installation cost is the only investment involved as it helps to generate free electricity and no further costs needed.
  • Varied applications: Energy can be saved and used in various applications like for homes and commercial uses. It can be used for electricity supply, water heater or for solar powered cars.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Solar panels offer warranty for more than 10 years thus having least maintenance cost. The only maintenance cost is for cleaning of the panels which is also easily affordable.
  • Technological advancement: With growing need for energy and decreasing the cost, solar panels will become a necessity in the near future.
Commercial solar Adelaide
Disadvantages of commercial solar panels:

Every matter on this earth has both advantages as well as disadvantages. It is surprising but solar panels also have disadvantages which are as follows:
  • Unreliable:  This form of energy depends on the sun thus cannot work with good results during some weather conditions like storms, cloudy and rainy days also these are not able to store energy at night.
  • Expensive: The initial cost and installation charges are fairly high. These charges include the cost used for the inverter, panels, and wiring which are costly. Installation may also require certain remodeling of the house which might be expensive.
  • Energy Storage Cost: Solar panels just trap the solar energy but are unable to store this energy, for which batteries are required which are often costly.
  • Space Requirement: If solar panels are to be set up for commercial use, then number of panels will also be high which may or may not be accommodated on the roof. Thus more amount of space may be required for solar panels.
Conclusion: Environment friendly people love to have solar panels at their residence as well as commercial buildings. If you too wish to get solar panels installed at your home or office then get in touch with Tindo Solar, renowned supplier of Commercial Solar in Adelaide so as to enjoy various advantages of the green energy.

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