Basic Requirements For Pergolas In Adelaide

A pergola is a garden feature which includes structures like a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars.  These pillars are usually supported by cross-beams and have a sturdy open lattice. It may include some woody wines upon its structure.

The pergolas can be developed using various materials such as  brick, stone pillars, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminium, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), etc.

Each of which has its own beauty and properties. Any of the material can be selected for building depending on the type of pergola to be built and the look that is needed.

Types of Pergolas:

There are various types of pergolas available which have different styles. The type of pergola to be built depends on the requirement as each of the type of pergola has its own aesthetic appearance and also has various different practical advantages.

The various types of pergolas include: -
  • Steel pergolas,
  • Sail pergolas 
  • Pitched pergolas
  • Gabled pergolas
  • Open top pergolas
  • Solar power pergolas, etc.
Need to build Pergola:

The pergola can provide a garden or a landscaped area which bring a lush green and vivid beauty to the home. This can enhance the look by providing colourful and refreshing environment.

Pergolas provide a good outdoor area for relaxation or any social event. It also adds extra space to the home and thus increases the value of the property.

Basic requirements for Pergolas:

There are many professional builders who help to set up the pergolas in Adelaide. But before hiring any professional, following points should be taken into consideration to decide what kind of the pergola is to be built.


Pergolas are very flexible structures thus it can be built on any space depending on the requirement. The pergola can be located in the centre of the backyard as well as near the house for ease of access.

Professional builders can help by giving suggestions regarding  best place for building  pergola; they can even suggest the direction depending on the position of the sun.


There are various designs of the pergolas from which any suitable design can be selected to suit the surrounding. The traditional pergola had overhead climbing plants.

Various different roof options are also available to select from which include fully enclosed roofs and thatched.


These can be build depending on the function for which it is to be used. Generally, the pergolas are built for extra outdoor space for entertainment, beautification of the garden, relaxation, etc.

One can include garden into the pergola design and incorporate various flowers like roses to give a delightful view and fragrant smell.


Size of the pergola can be small or large depending on the person. If the person plans to use it for personal relaxation purpose then it can be a small pergola but if he plans to organise some social events then the size can be large.


Traditionally, pergolas were built from timber but now various other materials are also used for the building purpose like steel, aluminium, wood, wrought iron, polycarbonate, etc.


Permission from the local authorities needs to be taken for building pergolas in certain places.

These permissions are to be taken before starting the construction work.

Conclusion: Everyone wants to have a beautiful home entrance and pergola is the perfect choice for the same. There are various types of pergola developers available in Adelaide, always choose the one that meets your needs and helps you to develop a wonderful one.

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